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  1. KSI Turkey Bowl Poll

  2. Div Meeting Notes - 09/27

    Weekend Warfare No WW for 09/30 due to Fall Classic 4 O’clock UK members poll - On the 7th of October, we will be hosting a tournament for our UK members. This event will be open to all members but will be at a special time of 4 pm eastern. Please vote for your favorite game and if you don't see what you want to play post up what game you would like to see and we will add it to the list. BO2 FFA Hardcore on the 7th of Oct @ 8 pm est. Sign up under the T&E section on the forums. WW winners will now be winning a Tourney for their Division. More information to come. Division Transfer Section All Div Transfers requires a 7-day hold Both Directors needs to approve all transfers Please post once transfer is completed Mod Apps Are not closed New mods will be announced during Fall Classic Section Mod access list must be updated Any section mod not upholding their responsibilities will be removed AAP OTMs' open until Oct. 9 Please continue to encourage all members to nominate any deserving members for any award they qualify for. It's a great way to recognize leaders and members for their contribution to KSI News Team Rebranded Deadlines are removed, members encouraged to write about what they are passionate for ‎Looking for at least one member from each division Offering teaching and guidance to people who want to learn how to write or have a difficult time coming up with ideas So You Think You Can Write community voting open until 10/07 Signature of the Week voting ends 09/30 Hirings News & History Graphics Production T&E LEAD 101 Week 3 Host by Veriitas @ 8 pm on 10/02 Fall Classic It is time to start getting pumped about our next event: The Fall Classic! This event, for the first year ever, was created to give KSI members more things to look forward to as well as to celebrate our new Twitch subscriber program. It replaces the KSI Anniversary we've hosted the last five years and will take place from September 29th through October 1, 2017. Twitch Subscriber Program With this program, members can subscribe to our Twitch channel, twitch.tv/ksilive. When you subscribe, you may choose to donate $5, $10, and $25 each month in support of KSI. Also, if you or a family member pay for Amazon Prime, you can subscribe to one channel for no charge while Amazon pays the channel $5 a month! All subscriptions and donations are going towards prizes for winning events, so see what you can do! For every $5 that you donate, your name is entered into a drawing for prizes! Also, for the month of September, all Subscriptions are half-off! That means you will only have to pay $2.50, $5, or $12.50 a month! Fall Classic Schedule September 29: Overwatch 3v3 Mystery Hero's Rainbow Six: Siege 4v4 Hostage Rescue Prominence Poker (7s) Forums Challenge September 30: Grand Theft Auto: OT Rumble 3v3 Forza 5 (7s) October 1st: Blacks Ops 2 Kill Confirmed 4v4 Halo 5 SWAT 4v4 Black Ops 2 Party games (7s) ** - Half of the team will be required to be CPLs or PVTs. The winning team's CPLs or PVTs will receive cards for a name change. Point totals will be awarded to divisions like at Spirit Week. The top-three divisions will receive prizes: Prizes 1st - 5 $10 cards for name changes in the division. 2nd- 4 $10 cards for name changes in the division. 3rd- 3 $10 cards for name changes in the division. Also, during the final day of the Fall Classic, there will be a drawing for three $10 gift cards. The drawing will be from all of the people who have donated to the Twitch channel. Only Sub Club members will be eligible for this lottery. Smaller prizes are being offered during this event because it is meant to be a test run of our Twitch subscriber program and hopefully draw more people to subscribe as well as participate! For events, there will be no individual prizes offered to winning teams other than the final day's events with the **. If this event is successful, and there is no reason for it not to be, then larger, better prizes will be offered during our future events. Make sure to keep an eye out for announcements of these events: Turkey Bowl Awards Show Spring Break Spirit Week We hope to see you on Xbox or at https://www.twitch.tv/ksilive September 29 through October 1! Promotions Congratulations to the following members on their promotion to Director KSI Ronin 7 KSI Trendies 7 Congratulations to KSI Badkitty on her promotion to Co-Head of T&E
  3. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    Let's go DM.....
  4. Spirit Week Shout out/200th poster Wins a Prize

    Shout out to @KSI Gary 7 on becoming a FOUNDER.. Shout out to @KSI BadKitty 7 & @BigsBunny7 just for being freaking AWESOME... Shout out to @KSI Gambit 7 even tho you never downloaded that game.. (damn right i am petty AF)
  5. KSI Spring Break 2017 Check-In/Poll!

  6. Merry Christmas 2016 Party Thread!!

    Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays
  7. All hail the mighty W1CKED.

  8. Sign Ups Call of Duty Blops 3 SafeGuard Saturday June 25th

    Division - Demonic Mayhem Team Captain Gamertag - KSI Pibbler Team Members Gamertags - KSI Danger15 KSI Razgriz 7 Alternate 1 - KSI Pitpup
  9. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2016!!!!! Redo

  10. Sign ups Karaoke Night

    Division - Demonic Mayhem Member 1- KSIDemonicWidow ksi_blackwidow (Skype) Member 2- KSI Snow Vamp wolf.angel56 (skype)
  11. Sign Ups Halo Reach Multi Team Friday June 24th

    Division - Demonic Mayhem Team Captain Gamertag - KSI Danger15 Team Members Gamertags - KSI Woolierduck KSI DarkxAngel Alternate 1 - KSI ChickenButt
  12. Sign ups Halo 5 Swat Saturday June 25th

    Division - Demonic Mayhem Team Captain Gamertag - KSI Chickenbutt Team Members Gamertags - KSI LilMonkey1 KSI Fivespirts KSI CJBlack Alternate 1 - KSI DARKMASTER9 Alternate 2 -
  13. Sign ups Rocket League 3v3 Thursday June 23rd

    Division - Demonic Mayhem Team Captain Gamertag - KSI Lilmonkey1 Team Members Gamertags - KSI Fivesprirts KSI WoolierDuck Alternate 1 - KSI Danger15 Alternate 2 - Soccercannon
  14. Call of Duty Black ops 2 TDM Friday June 24th

    Division - Demonic Mayhem Team Captain Gamertag - KSi Karnie Team Members Gamertags - KSI MayoManX KSI RockStar80 KSI OG Tuna Alternate 1 - KSI Fallen118 Alternate 2 - Gamer Luna
  15. I'm new to the website how do I join a squad for ksi