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  3. KSI Turkey Bowl Poll

    CD 4 the win
  4. TB: Halo 5 - Swat: 2v2 (November 24th)

    Team Captain: KSI Breakfast 7 Gamertag: KSI AlphaWulf

    Gamertag: KSI AimBott

    Gamertag: KSI Breakfast 7
  7. Destiny HH season 2 roster signups

    Division: Divine Reign Team manager: KSIDarkxAngel 7 Team members names. 1- KSI Itz Brutal 2- KSI NightBloodz 3- KSIAirJordanxII 4- Frostyisajedi Backups 1- KSI Charming 7 2- KSI Sunsinger 3- TBD- to be determined 4- TBD- to be determined
  8. Friday April 28 KSI Town Hall Q&A

    1. What can be the greatest downfall of a leader? 2. Is being competitive a good thing or a bad thing in KSI? Due to KSI advertising themselves as a non-competitive gaming community but there are competitive tournaments in KSI. 3. Why are there so many odd extensions to CoC rule #10? Are there stories behind these? 4. How has KSI evolved in the past few years? Has KSI changed for the better or worse? If it is worse then how can we change ourselves to be better? 5. Why did we name ourselves KSI? What's the story behind the name. 6. What is the Major rank and will it ever return? 7. If you could go back to any point in your KSI career, when would it be and what would you change?
  9. KSI Spring Break 2017 Check-In/Poll!

    DR for the win!
  10. Spirit Week Prizes, Read to Collect

    ES Halo Reach 1. KSI Itz Brutal 2. KSI Skittle9078 3. KSI Magenta
  11. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2016!!!!! Redo

    ES for the win!
  12. The 7's History

  13. LW Member Histories

  14. Halo 4 - Spirit week 2016?

    I agree with you Pastries, there are 4 Halo 4 squads that I know of. Wrath, Brutal, Zenith, Valhalla, each one roughly has 50 members. So that's 200 members playing Halo 4 vs well idk how many Halo Reach lol