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      Spring/Summer Donation Drive   04/22/2016

      KSI Donation Drive KSI has undergone a transformation during the past few months, and there’s been an emphasis on improving the services and perks members can use and take advantage of. If KSI has made a difference in your life and you want to make a greater difference in the community, please donate here. Every donation that KSI receives is immediately put toward tournaments, events and site upgrades that improve the KSI experience for all members. “We want KSI members to be proud of the community,” Chief of Operations KSI Ragnaroks 7 said. “We’ve pumped a lot of money into server and site upgrades, and we want to keep improving what we have to offer, and we hope the community can contribute to those improvements.” The emphasis on improving the site and server, as well as introducing more prizes for this year’s Spirit Week, has spawned the newest KSI donation drive. However, no donation drive has ever had the rewards and incentives this drive has. During the current donation drive, any member who donates $100 will receive their own customized group on the forums, complete with unique color and sprite image next to their display name. This will allow members to show off the perks of contributing more to the community. “The name and image would be tight,” AAP Head KSI Scotland 7 said. “I’ll have to throw $100 at the community.” As always, despite the rewards for higher-level awards, there are still perks for those who aren’t able to reach that threshold. Any and all donations will be thanked and rewarded with the neon pink “I <3 KSI” member group on the forums as well as forums awards that will be announced soon based upon amount donated. The awards will be “Silver,” “Gold,” and “Legendary.” Thank you, KSI Web Staff
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      Conflict of Interest Policy   06/29/2016

      Conflict of Interest Policy: Proposed changes and expansion over policy Conflict of interest means when the K.S.I™s interest in securing objective performance of instructional, evaluative, supervisory, or other responsibilities, conflicts with the personal interest, in the outcome, of the individual carrying out such responsibilities. Such conflicts of interest arise when an member is involved in a sexual or romantic relationship with a student or another K.S.I. member whom s/he supervises, teaches or evaluates; when an member lives with another member or student whom s/he supervises, teaches or evaluates, whether or not those individuals are involved in a sexual or romantic relationship; or when an member is involved in any relationship with another member or student whom s/he supervises, teaches or evaluates, such that the K.S.I™s interest in securing objective performance of instructional, evaluative, supervisory, or other responsibilities conflicts with the personal interest, in the outcome, of the individual carrying out such responsibilities.   ==== Breakdown for simple explanation for Conflicts of interest policy examples in KSI. (these are not the only examples, just the most occurring) ============================= Dating and the fallout that can occur: disclaimer: KSI DOES NOT condone relationships between its members regardless of age-/-rank. Section 1: Holding rank over a partner-/-spouse. This one is simple If you or your partner hold rank over one another, then the higher ranked person has Zero input on: promotions, demotions, disciplinary actions relating to that individual will be handled by another leader at all times. Why? : Prevents people claiming favoritism and pulling the card of "you two are dating so you clearly promoted them because of that" or "they got away with that because you are dating" Because sometimes people are just jealous morons because you have something-/-somebody they want so they will be determined to exploit any kind of relationship to cause issues to case discord and aggravation between members. Rumors will always be believed by the ignorant without proof which is why its always problematic once rumors begin. == On the subject of Dating and age related issues: IF it is found that a minor (under the age of 18) is in any kind of intimate relationship *adult content included* with somebody  in ksi above and under the age of 18 then those individuals will be removed from KSI since we will not tolerate this course of action. == Section 2: Relationships ending Breakups can be rough and often one of the members of the ended relationship doesn't take the ending well and makes it their personal mission to screw that individual over using any means they can manage from false information to getting friends involved to cause problems for one or both parties to have one play the victim. why: falls down to people using shared personal information ranging from phone numbers, messages and intimate details both parties could have shared and leaking them to the public to "**** shame" one of them to decimate them in the eyes of their friends and members, which will see both parties disciplined ranking from rank suspensions to removal from KSI for their conduct and actions. ================================ ================================ Family-/-family member interactions: part 1 - Family members MUST be declared and listed to division leadership when in same squad and division.  If a member of KSI and they are in either the same squad or division and hold rank and that rank carries the potential to be abused to either hinder or speed up the progress of one of them. Family members are usually split up into different squads and potentially a different division if it becomes an issue early on. == Family member-/-disciplinary-/-promotions: part 2 If you hold rank under or over a family member, then they cannot be involved with the investigation  issues, promotions, demotions and disciplinary actions regarding you or them. - Extreme example: Brother gets on sisters account for the purpose of trolling dudes, aka cat-fishing. Why? : family members fight siblings especially will screw with each other or other people if they have access to each others account and all members are held accountable for any message sent out from their gamertag and squad tag and other media. - General result: members are split up into either different Squads or Divisions if it becomes a issue. ========================== ========================== Interactions with other communities: KSI being such a large presence on xbox live along with other communities means there is going to be friction. Any member found to be purposely causing issues and discord to start trouble between communities will face anything ranging from Rank suspension to anything up to and including Removal from KSI.


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    Division: Divine Reign Team manager: KSIDarkxAngel 7 Team members names. 1- KSI Itz Brutal 2- KSI NightBloodz 3- KSIAirJordanxII 4- Frostyisajedi Backups 1- KSI Charming 7 2- KSI Sunsinger 3- TBD- to be determined 4- TBD- to be determined
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    1. What can be the greatest downfall of a leader? 2. Is being competitive a good thing or a bad thing in KSI? Due to KSI advertising themselves as a non-competitive gaming community but there are competitive tournaments in KSI. 3. Why are there so many odd extensions to CoC rule #10? Are there stories behind these? 4. How has KSI evolved in the past few years? Has KSI changed for the better or worse? If it is worse then how can we change ourselves to be better? 5. Why did we name ourselves KSI? What's the story behind the name. 6. What is the Major rank and will it ever return? 7. If you could go back to any point in your KSI career, when would it be and what would you change?
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    -Basic information- Please list your current Gamertag: KSI Itz Brutal Please list All Previous Gamertags: KSI JelllyBean, KSI Breakfast, Bronstellar Gender: M Age (Minimum age to join KSI is 15): 17 What games do you play regularly and prefer to be playing (any platform)?: CoD BO3. Xbox One How many hours per week do you play on average?: 30 Contact Information? *Email-/-skype ect___NO telephone numbers please*: kik - KSI_Alfa In a few short sentences please explain what you are looking forward to in KSI?: I’m looking forward to gaming with friends. What Division and Squad are you interested in joining and Why? Note: you are free to state "Any" division if you have no preference*: TI, Cyanide -Background information- How did you hear about KSI?: Found some players on Destiny. How did you hear about this KSI website?: Looked it up. Have you ever been apart of KSI previously and when?: Yes, joined about a year ago If yes, What was the name of the squad and division and when?: Wrath, DM, about a year ago Also, Why have you left KSI on previous occasions? (NOTE: Please provide an answer for each time if you have left KSI on multiple occasions): I haven't left KSI. Please list ANY previous clans-/-communities you have been a part of: KSI.com What time frame were you in the other clans for?: Maybe 6 months Are you still a member of any of those clans or communities?: No. Have you ever been Blacklisted-/-Banned-/-Kicked-/-Removed from any KSI Division or Squad or any clans or communities? *separate answers please*: Was recently removed from ES If Blacklisted, what was the reason?: If DNH'd what was the reason? If Kicked-/-removed from Squad or Division Why?: Improper Recruiting Procedures and Disrespect. Would you say you have left past clans on good terms? Yes. -Agreements- Can you accept the fact that KSI is a structured organization and requires the ability to work with over 100+ team-mates? Yes Are you able to respect leaders who have been put in place, while recognizing that those leaders come from all walks of life and may hold opposing beliefs and/or life choices and stay level headed regarding such? Yes. Do you plan on taking advantage of any of the KSI learning programs? *Graphics - Leadership Development - Web Administration, Etc? Maybe. Do you have a history of cheating or boosting on games? NOTE: Does not bar you from joining, length of time since last unethical action considered: No. Have you read and do you fully understand and also agree to uphold the KSI Code of Conduct along with the XBOX Live Terms of service?: Yes. Any extra comments?
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    I agree with you Pastries, there are 4 Halo 4 squads that I know of. Wrath, Brutal, Zenith, Valhalla, each one roughly has 50 members. So that's 200 members playing Halo 4 vs well idk how many Halo Reach lol
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