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    Leadership: What Does it Mean to You?- by KSI Widow 7, http://www.ksiglobal.org/what-does-leadership-mean-to-you/
  2. History: 7 of the Month

    Hello everyone! We are starting a new aspect to our History team, and will have a member spotlight on a 7. We are hoping all members from the community will help, and nominate the 7 they think should be spotlighted for the month. These 7s can range from Senior Moderators Admins, Department Heads and Co-Heads, any ranked Co-Founder and above. These have to be currents 7s. Member spotlights break down into a live streamed interview, hosted by fellow members of our News/History Team. It is also followed up by a written article recaping the live streamed interview. Nominations will close January 3rd. Please follow the format provided below to nominate. Gamertag: Division: Nominated Person: Reason(s):
  3. Widows Requests

    Thank you!!
  4. Widows Requests Part 2

    Type of Image/Size: Choose one of the following. - Cover Photo for Forums Profile (2560x423) Image: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/288300813625850500/ Main Text: KSI Widow 7 Subtext (if any): n/a KSI Logo (yes/no): yes Additional Comments: have fun Most recent Past Request:
  5. Widows Requests

    Type of Image/Size: Standard Signature (Artist Preference Size) Image: Main Text: News Team Co-Head Subtext (if any): "I'd rather be completely ridiculous, than completely boring." ~ Marilyn Monroe KSI Logo (yes/no): yes Additional Comments: have fun Most Recent Past Request: Thank you :D
  6. KSI Turkey Bowl Poll

    DM!!! Whoop!!!!! *party dance*
  7. TB: Karaoke - Current Top 100 (November 24th)

    KSI Widow 7 Widow 7 Or cid-(5410525483095698558)@outlook.com
  8. Application to become a minion

    Name? Widow! Reason you feel you can be a minion? Because rawr! What can you bring to being a minion? The perfection on minion hood. Which is developed and cared by a series a minions. It's my birth right in some definitions. Passed on by my mother, and my mother's mother. So on and so forth. Are naps great? Naps are lovely, but they are rarely obtained, sadly. Do you object to wearing Cat ears? Erm... I'd rather be a lioness, or wear me pigtails. Can you prove that you can pull of the cat ear minion look? I suppose so... but I'd be holding back my true potential. Can you ruawr? Oh hells yes. I'm the queen of Queens of the rauwring kingdom Do you wish to learn more about forums usage? Probably, there is probably things that I still have yet to explore. Etc etc....etc Do you want to learn about Luci Usage for effective management of your ass ets? Hahaha haha I just got this. Ha. Hahaha ha that is all Do you lift? Double time Seriously Do you LIFT? All day everyday! LIKE SEROUS DO YOU MOTHER HuckING LIFT? Uh actually... yes. Yes I do. Until I can't lift anymore!! Boom boom fire power!!!! You're welcome
  9. Happy go lucky poetry with Glum

    From the grasps of the vines, I can't seem to be untwined. From the air that I strive for, but my lungs can't take anymore. I fight the waves of resistance, and strive for the compliance. My words buried within a cloud, unable to be heard without being loud. I grow tired, my words shattered. I become a faint whisper. Can I be heard? The world seems blurred. I'm back to where I started, as if I never parted. From the vines that I am latched, will I ever be patched? Like a broken heart, I am still falling apart.
  10. YARG PIRATE APRECIATION MONTH. :lol: walk theeee plaaaank..........>>>>>>points at impy

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      O.o how do you play spot the dog?

      answer: you wait for it to fall asleep then you draw on it with a sharpie

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      KSI Widow 7

      Trick or treat?

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      treat. wheres mah icecream!


  11. KSIDemonicWidow Request

    Type of Image/Size: - Standard Signature Image: Provide a link to an image you want used in the graphic. http://wallup.net/tc1995-military-women-anime-girls-weapon-rifles/ Main Text: KSI DemonicWidow Subtext (if any): KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: Nope, have fun! Most Recent Past Request: First Request
  12. KSI August Town Hall Q&A Question Submission

    Ok! Since I always ask a least ten questions... ill just ask one. Cause honestly I have no time to think of ten!!! Not ksi specific, but I am in need of some advice. Freshman in college, and there is so much to do and like no time. My time management skills are obviously to nooby for college. But just give me all and or any advice and I'd appreciate it!!! Also... could you possibly post this on YouTube or something because I won't be able to watch it live.. because work. But shout out to all you hard working peeps!! Love and miss yall!
  13. KSI July 28 Town Hall Q&A Question Submission

    Pst.... I'm back with... not one... not two... but ten items!! Discuss them wisely!!! hehe... I tried to come up with some tricky ones! You're welcome!! Enjoy!! 1) How do you define success? 2)How would you define your success within the KSI community? 3)Although some have failed would you advise them to keep trying in order to reach success? 4)Is there such thing as absolute truth? 5) With Number 4 being brought up, what is a lie you've told? (Stealing a cookie from the cookie jar?) 6)In your opinion what is the difference between existing and living? 7) If you missed the topic about dreams and goals (:p) what are your dream and goals for KSI? Anything you haven't told us already? 8) I've noticed a few people complaining of not knowing things because it was on the forums. How would you promote the forums? Why we should have one? How some leaders should promote it? (You can add on to this however so. I believe the forums is a great site and those who are not on it are missing out incredibly.) 9) What is an idea you have that you wished could be implemented within the community today? 10) To promote kindness, I challenge you all to say one nice thing to each other. I believe sometimes we get caught up teasing each other that we forget to show we care. It's a rough world, you never know how much your words mean.

    Gamertag: KSIDemonicWidow
  15. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    DM!!!! Boom boom fire power!!!