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  1. FC: CoD WWII - FFA (9/27/30)

    Participant #1: KSI MeShell 7 Squad/Division: Cruelty DM Participant #2: KSI Soap 7 Squad/Division: Hellborn DM Participant #3: KSI Oddba11 Squad/Division: Hellborn DM Participant #4: KSI Voodoo iTL Squad/Division: Insanity DM Participant #5: KSI Panda 7 Squad/Division: Hellborn DM Alternate #1: Squad/Division: Alternate #2: Squad/Division:
  2. FC: Halo 5 - 4v4 Sumo Pit (9/28/18)

    Team Captain: KSI ninja dm80 Squad/Division: Insanity, DM Teammate #2: KSI Fear Meta 7 Squad/Division: Insanity DM Teammate #3: KSI Pastries 7 Squad/Division: Insanity DM Teammate #4: KSI Skullcru5her Squad/Division: Insanity DM Alternate1:KSI Voodoo iTL Squad/Division: Insanity DM Alternate2: KSI COUNTDUKEU Squad/Division: Insanity DM
  3. FC: Rainbow Six Siege - 3v3 Secure Area (9/29/18)

    Team 1: Team Captain- KSI Kratos18 Cruelty, DM Teammate1- KSI MeShell 7 Cruelty, DM Teamate2- KSI OddBa11 Hellborn, DM Team 2: Team Captain-KSI COUNTDUKEU Insanity, DM Teamate1- Voodoo iTL Insanity, DM Teammate2- KSI Assassin0 Cruelty, DM
  4. DM FC 2018 Div HoF Nomination Thread

    Information on Nominee: Division: Demonic Mayham Gamertag: KSI Joe 7 Link to Profile: @KSI Joe 7 Nominee’s Current Rank: SGT In KSI for 3 + consecutive years Been in DM for as long as I’ve known him which is over a year and a half. Awards: I LOVE ROIT, SPIRIT WEEK 2018, PRAISE BE THY CAT, MEMBER ASSISTANCE, DIVISION LEADORSHIP CERTIFIED, TRAIN THE TRAINER CERTIFIED, SPRING BREAK 2018, OUTSTANDING SERVICE LV1, BASIC TRAINING CERTIFIED, THATS SO FETCH, SQUAD LEADERSHIP CERTIFIED, NEW MEMBER CERTIFIED, CAPTAIN OF THE MONTH: DIVISIONAL, DEDICATED, SQUAD SPLITTER, RUNNER UP OF THE YEAR:17, KSI MENTOR. CO-FO OF THE MONTH, GENERAL OF THE MONTH, OFFICER, MASTER RECRUITER, SPIRIT WEEK 2017, GAMERSCORE HOARDER, TRAINER. Testimony: Where to start with Joe I guess from the beginning. When I first met Joe back in February 2017 he was a Captain in Cruelty DM. Now when I first started coming around I was hesitant to join like a lot of people. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I even found out that he was an officer. When I first met him he was just this really nice guy (and he still is) that made myself and others like me feel welcome and part of a community but it was more than that it was and still is more like a family. Joe was one that never threw rank in your face and was very patient with me to take on rank. Joe always went above and beyond to help out whatever squad he was in. From the time that I met him as a Captain always hanging out with the squad I like several others would always be invited to a party within a minutes of getting online always making everyone feel welcome. A few months later Joe got a much deserved promotion to General. He took me and several other people under his wing taking the time to train us on how to be better officers. He mentored us all which is why he has the much deserved mentor award. All the time that I have known Joe he has done nothing but helped everyone better themselves and motivate people to help others out. Joe soon moved up to Co-Fo shortly after getting a successful squad split. He was my Co-Fo for a while and had a hard time over his other squad because he cared too much about trying to save a squad that was too far gone it was unsaveable no officers hardly any people active. It would have been easier to just start a new squad from scratch. Joe hasn’t had an easy time while being in KSI with real life getting in the way on more than one occasion he was forced to step down which was one of the hardest things he had to do because he worked so hard for that position and he has a constant need and want to help others. A few months later after getting his life back in order he stepped up and became an officer again. If Joe can help someone then he does plain and simple. Joe has been known as a bit of a father figure, a counselor, but above all else a true friend to a lot of members including myself . Joe moved up the ranks again and took over as GEN of his old squad that was dying but this time through hard work and determination with the help of his right hand man KSIxROMEO 7 he managed to not only save his squad but also split the squad yet again not once but twice in a few months time. Once as a LT and the second time after the squad was dying he took over as it’s GEN and the squad flourished and split. All three squads that he split off are still alive and going strong to this day. After that he made it back up to Co-Fo and was doing an excellent job but alas real life came up again and he had to step down yet again. Watching Joe go through this was heartbreaking to say the least seeing someone that has given as much to DM as Joe has. Even though Joe’s not able to be officially an officer he still helps out in ways that make DM what it is today. Reason why this member deserves our Divisional hall of fame. I can honestly say that DM would be a very different place. Even though he didn’t do it alone Joe has done more than his fair share of work to keep DM strong and prosperous. I can’t think of anyone else currently in DM that has had the impact that Joe has made and he certainly is more than deserving of this award due to his past present and future dedication to DM.
  5. FC: 7's Prominence Poker (9/27/18)

    Division: Demonic Mayhem 7's Rep #1: KSI Dragons 7 7's Rep #2: KSI Gruntier 7 Alternate:
  6. FC: CoD WWII - 7's FFA (9/30/18)

    Division: Demonic Mayhem 7's Rep #1: KSI FluffyPup 7 7's Rep #2: KSIxROMEO 7 Alternate: KSI Dragons 7
  7. Destiny 2: HH Roster Signups

    Team Name: Better Devils Division:DM Team Manager: KSI Gruntier 7 Team Captain: KSI God Zeus Team members by rank (Seats 1-4): KSI Orbital JP KSI God Zeus MrDestiny 2 KSI Dragons 7 Team Alternates (Seats 5-8): KSI MooTew KSI Sombra Live it KSIxHappy Updated 8/1/18
  8. June 2018 OTM nominations!

    Co-Fo KSI FluffyPup 7 Co-Fo DM Cruelty/ Discord http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/40633-ksi-fluffypup-7/ KSI Fluffypup 7 he's fairly new to being a CoFo but Kyle go's above and beyond to help out his members. Kyle is consistently hanging out with not only his squads but other members also. He is always hosting game nights he stays on top of his Gens making certain that they are doing there jobs correctly and that everything is running smoothly while letting the Gens do their jobs so that they can learn from their experiences. Whenever anything is asked of him he doesn't hesitate to do it. He's gone out of his way during spirit week and E3 to create channels on discord to help out everyone in DM and has helped make Discord more secure for its members. Kyle is one of those people that truly cares about his fellow KSI members and it's a big reason why I promoted him up to Co-Fo because one of the most important quality's a leader can have is truly caring about people and Kyle has that in spades. I look forward to seeing him climb through the ranks. GEN KSIxROMEO GEN venom DM @KSIxROMEO KSIxROMEO is one of my best Gens month after month because he always not only does his job consistently but he goes above and beyond. This last month he went out of his way to make certain not only his people but other people from different squads participated in spirit week and that they were having fun. He also constantly surprises me with the different things he does sometimes in a good way for instance he wrote this beautiful little speech about why Gens should want to vote in the AAP's in the Generals chat. I myself couldn't have written it any better than that. His words and actions prove that he doesn't care about the rank but he definitely cares about his people and in my opinion deserves GEN of the month. CPT KSI AWOL 4th CPT discord DM @KSI AWOL KSI AWOL even though he's been a caption for a short period of time he more than deserves this award because he's been doing the job of captain while being a LT. Awol not only has been doing his job as an officer but he's also co-head of the welcoming committee which has been a huge success in DM and is continuing to be so. One of the reasons why he's good at both jobs is because he's not afraid to ask questions if he doesn't know the answer which is really great to see because how else are we supposed to learn. I can see Awol climbing up the ranks pretty high if he continues doing the great work that he does. LT KSIDntAskImAwfl 3rd LT Venom DM @KSIdontask KSI Dontask Even though sometimes she's limited on time to help out her squad the time that she's on more than makes up for it. She spends a lot of time on the forums doing inspirational stories and on discord she's online playing games with not only her squad but with others as a member of the welcoming committee she's always reaching out to inactive members and new ones trying to integrate them. And as I've stated before She's kind of the life of the party people love hanging around with her because she enjoys hanging out with them. Member KSI MeShell 7 SGT Hellborn DM @KSI MeShell 7 KSI MeShell 7 is a recent transfer from CD and even though she doesn't want to take on rank for a while due to schooling she is still going out of her way to not only fit in to her squad but to integrate new members and old. She was put in a squad that was struggling having several inactive members but she's been going out of her way to invite these members around and get them playing games. Not only that but I've seen people come to her and ask her questions and she's more than happy to answer them. Even though she's not an officer she's still doing most of the work of one and I'm really happy to have her in DM. Submitted on mobile device more to come in a minute
  9. KSIxROMEO- Trainer Award

    I have personally seen Romeo train more than 30 people.
  10. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Go DM time for us to represent. Show that KSI love.
  11. SW: CoD BoPs 2 - 4v4 SnD (6/21/18)

    Team Captain: KSI Blood 7 DM Team mate: KSI Meshell 7 DM/ Hellborn Team mate: KSI Kratos18 DM/Cruelty Team mate: GoofyDoofer DM/Insanity Alternate: KSI Gruntier 7 DM
  12. SW: Donors Event - Uno (6/24/18)

    KSI Gruntier 7 DM
  13. SW: Destiny 2 - 4v4 Control (6/23/18)

    Team Captain: KSI Breakfast 7 Squad/Division: Insanity, DM Teammate: KingxBryxon Squad/Division: Discord, DM Teammate: KSI JP ORBITAL Squad/Division: Creulty, DM Teammate: KSI ninja dm80 Squad/Division: Insanity, DM Alternate 1: RICKY ROSEA 78 Squad/Division: Discord, DM Alternate 2: KSI MooTew Squad/Division: Discord, DM
  14. SW: Karaoke (6/22/18)

    Gamertag: KSI xxXGhostXxx Skype Username: [email protected] Squad/Division: Venom, DM Gamertag: KSIxHappy Skype Username: [email protected] Squad/Division: Venom, DM
  15. SW: Halo 5 - 7's FFA (6/21/18)

    Division: DM 1. 7's Rep: KSI FluffyPup 7 2. 7's Rep: KSI Gruntier 7