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    Name: KSI BattleBear8 Award: Ripple Effect Evidence: I have 10 awards Staf award: Ceros Little Helper
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    When will the Best Freinds Gang reunite ?
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    DM for the Dub DM for the win
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    Name: KSI BattleBear8 Link to Forums Account: @KSI BattleBear8 Award-/-Achievement: Legen- Reason-/-Evidence: I currently have 7 awards All Lower Award Tier(s): none Requested Staff Award(s): Rimpyy 2K18
  5. Tournaments and Events Suggestion Box

    I would like to see a fortnite tournament, I think it could work if we did a free for all style type of event
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    DM for the Dub!!!
  7. KSI BattleBear8 Hellborn DM
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    Name: KSI BattleBear8 Award: Spirit Week 2018 Evidence: participated in WW2 4v4.
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    DM for the win
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    Name: @KSI BattleBear8 Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Have completed the required training. Person who ran the workshop: KSI Blood 7.
  11. Favorite NBA Team and Player?

    Bulls: Jordan and Kidd
  12. GandhiRita's Thunderdome

    I have 2 questions for both Ghandi and Rita 1. Is there a ranking structure among the chief officers and the BOD? 2. I am curently applying for a news anchor position. Can I apply for more departments ? As someone who just turned 16, do u think young people could make a huge impact on KSI
  13. KSI April Town Hall Q&A Submission Thread

    oI have 2 questions. 1. How do u keep ur recruits involved in the KSI community when it seems that they don't really care.Because I see a lot of recruits come into KSI and then they don't really care about anything and then 3 months later, they wanna get involved. What's the most efficient way to keep them involved and interested ? 2. I know KSI now is more centered around COD HH teams, but what if we considered making a Halo HH team. I think it would be good if we brought back our old roots and started a HH team for Halo.
  14. Tournaments and Events Suggestion Box

    I would like to see a poker tournament or 6v6 paladins match
  15. Quote -Basic information- Vincent Rubolino Please list your Current GamerTag: KSI BattleBear8 Please list All Previous GamerTags: CheesyBurger14 TimiderMallard0 Gender: Male Age (Minimum age to join KSI is 15): 15 What games do you play regularly and prefer to be playing (any platform)?: Pubg, fortnite, destiny 1, paladins, cod bo3 How many hours per week do you play on average?: 25 Contact Information? *Email-/-skype ect___NO telephone numbers please*: [email protected] In a few short sentences please explain what you are looking forward to in KSI?: I am looking forward to meeting my fellow members and trying to develop a great bond with them. Also, I look forward to building a strong code of loyalty, respect and honesty. What Division and Squad are you interested in joining and Why? Note: you are free to state "Any" division if you have no preference*: Empire CD -Background information- How did you hear about KSI?: LFG post on Xbox How did you hear about this KSI website?: From a fellow member. Have you ever been apart of KSI previously and when?: I have been apart of KSI before. If yes, what was the name of the squad and division?: Genesis DR Why have you left KSI on previous occasions? (NOTE: Please provide an answer for each time if you have left KSI on multiple occasions): I have only left once after my leader and I got into a fight over these 3 recruits that he called weird and mean. Have you ever been denied entry/reentry into KSI? (If so, please specify the date, reason, and provide a link to the application if possible): No Please list ANY and ALL previous clans/communities you have been a part of: IcY clan What time frame were you in the other clans for?: about 1 year When did you leave these clans/communities?: I will leave as soon as I join. However, I do still want to hang out with one of the people because he is my best friend. Are you still a member of any of those clans or communities?: Somewhat Have you ever been Blacklisted-/-Banned-/-Kicked-/-Removed from any KSI Division or Squad or any clans or communities? *separate answers please*: no If Blacklisted, what was the reason?: No If DNH'd what was the reason? No If Kicked-/-removed from Squad or Division Why?: No Would you say you have left past clans on good terms? If I do leave IcY, Absolutely. -Agreements- Can you accept the fact that KSI is a structured organization and requires the ability to work with over 100+ team-mates Yes Are you able to respect leaders who have been put in place, while recognizing that those leaders come from all walks of life and may hold opposing beliefs and/or life choices and stay level headed regarding such? Definetly Do you plan on taking advantage of any of the KSI learning programs? *Graphics - Leadership Development - Web Administration, Etc?: Not at the moment Do you have a history of cheating or boosting on games? NOTE: Does not bar you from joining, length of time since last unethical action considered: Nope Have you read and do you fully understand and also agree to uphold the KSI Code of Conduct along with the XBOX Live Terms of service?: Yes Any extra comments? I am happy to meet my new KSI members and I hope we all get along.