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  1. Name/Gamertag: KSI WHISKEY82 Link to Forums Account: @KSI WHISKEY82 Award: Basic Evidence: I have participated in the Twitter Blitz the past 2 months (July & August).
  2. Was going to watch football all day, but with half my teams key players injured or sick, I think I'm going to pass.
  3. @KSI JonahAlex12 @KSI RezMeIn5 @KSI Siren82 and @LadySatan Huge shout out to the best officers anyone could ask for. Always down to learn and make themselves available for classes. Expedient in promotions, fun gamenights, and a willingness to spend hours a week recruiting. Yall are fantastic friends and great to work with. Looking forward to the rest of this year with yall
  4. Excellence in our community abounds. Hard working staff and outstanding members of clan-ops, dept and web ops that work hard to keep us all together and moving forward. Heres a cool place to promote some positivity. Tag someone who is doing great things in KSI, let us all know how they contribute and why your proud of them. Appreciating value doesnt need to have an OTM or a forums award attached to it. Those things are fantastic and build the community, but so can we! Tag a friend or someone you appreciate and let them know why! I'd like to be the first to tag a fellow deserving of recognition. I choose @December. Probably the most committed guy I know to KSI. He works long hours in a few departments and still takes the time to uplift members and even run workshops on a moments notice. Hes personally taken the time to teach me so much about the News Dept and helped me refine my skills as a writer, as well as encouraged me to press on in Clan-Ops on the occasion that I was frustrated. He keeps things fun and casual however he also asks ppl to tow the line according to their abilities. December is a man who appreciates growth and understands the value of uplifting and building this community. His ideas are never selfish and are often designed to benefit multiple departments and parts of KSI. He is a great mentor and a patient listener guiding ideas and encouraging KSI to evolve. Huge shoutout to you man. Thanks for all you do.
  5. Gamertag: KSI WHISKEY82 Link to forums: @KSI WHISKEY82 Awards: Forums Newb Round of Applause Jack Of All Trades Staff Award: Support Group Reasons: Forums Newb: I have 100 or more posts on the forums Round of Applause: I have more than 20 awards Jack of All Trades: I have completed and passed all of the community workshops, and have completed the 101 class.
  6. It's almost that time again. What is everyone up to THIS weekend? I'm hoping to be playing some Borderlands3 and chilling
  7. KSIxROMEO 7 @KSIxROMEO 7 Outstanding Service LVL 2 Romeo Romeo, where art thou,, answer = everywhere. Literally. The mans Gen of two squads while performing all his duties as Div Lead. Romeo was an integral part of helping Discord split and Wrath being born. He never failed to take the time training both new Gens over each squad and is ALWAYS available to answer questions and help out in any way necessary. Heres the really cool thing though, not only is the man approachable, direct, honest, trustworthy and an excellent mentor, He also is awesome at maintaining the integrity of each roll he performs. Ive spoken with Romeo in each capacity he fulfills. Sometimes he gives me advice as a Div lead, sometimes as my Co-Fo, Sometimes as my Gen. Even just shooting the proverbial Poop member to member is awesome and a good time. Romeo will be at work and on that xbox app just building up members and making time for the community. He is a solid man and a huge asset to DM and an integral part to DMs success. DM would likely not be where it is at today if not for his unwavering sense of duty and Knowledge Strength and Integrity. He is the embodiment of KSI.
  8. These are my favorite votable activity,,, thats a word now lol , and, and, and, oxford comma. @December also , pineapple belongs on pizza
  9. General KSI Trixie @Trixie DM Discord Trixie deserves this award because even as a new General she is extremely diligent and dedicated at the position. She is constantly making time for our members and striving to learn. She is the farthest thing from stagnant or placative in all of her endeavors and seeks to grow her squad in both knowledge and members. Retention of her members is important to her as well and she is very giving in both her time and approach-ability. She may be new to the position but she already excels and will always excel in any position here in KSI as she moves on up.
  10. That sleep can be an elusive vixen! I'm covering one of today's Donor events ( Uno ) then I think I'm going to watch some movies with my children. Nice relaxing Saturday for me lol
  11. I remember my first bike. Nobody ever forgets that. I hope its a magical weekend my friend
  12. Hibachi sounds excellent! And Donors weekend is gonna be STELLAR! Im covering one of the events so Im stoked about that
  13. We gonna need pics when ya get em!
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