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    Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI Scotland 7 Forums: @Scotland Reasons they deserve this award: Being in departments is hard. Having a leadership role in a department is slightly tougher. Becoming a Co-Head or Department Head is even more challenging. Multiply the stress and workload of all those by 7 or 8 and you get the position of Chief Department Manager. This gentleman is one of couple people I could ever claim as a mentor in KSI. He manages a multitude of tasks every week, puts out fires left and right, is a voice of reason for upwards of 15 Department Heads and Co-Heads. And he still makes time to make sure people know they're important. Scotland is a super-soldier in KSI. It's hard to think of another Senior Leader who has been as involved and integrated in the community this past year. Director Gamertag: KSI BadKitty 7 Forums: @KSI BadKitty 7 Reasons they deserve this award: I only started to get to know BadKitty earlier this year. I'm hoping the trend continues. As far as Directors go, she definitely had to make a lot of tough calls this past fall. Her perseverance and commitment to doing the right thing is well apparent to all who were affected by the FI/CD merge. She continues to be instrumental in the community as a Senior Moderator, Department Head, AAP staff member and T&E Ambassador to the Board. She's one of the most upbeat, exciting people I've met. He contributions to KSI only barely outshine her ability to make people laugh. I'm totally stoked to work with her in 2019. Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Eyonia 7 Forums Link: @KSI Eyonia 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Eyonia could easily be nominated for Division Leader OR Co-Division Leader of the year. She's held the reins in Eternal Souls while in both positions. Eyonia has shown amazing perseverance in 2018 - giving her utmost to protect her squads and support them through many tribulations. She is a determined force wrapped in a kind spirit. I honestly doubt there has been another 7 that has been put through as much hardship and struggle as Eyonia has this past year. But... She's emerged stronger than ever. This is one Leader that should definitely be added to the Hall of Fame. Co-Division Leader Gamertag: KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Link: @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Havoc and I met this past summer. If you can call it meeting. It consisted of me spamming him with messages over the course of 5 days, finally getting an invite, only to sit in a part for 47 minutes listening to him type frantically on a keyboard. At last he stopped long enough to ask me what I wanted to talk about. I told him I wanted to know more about this thing called "Performance Operations". He kinda laughed and said a long, drawn out "Well......." I think that's where it all started. When I think of Havoc, I think of innovation. Clarity. And purpose. He makes plans, he follows through, and he impacts members left and right. If you want an abridged version of what he's done in 2018, look at Performance Operations - KSI's "4th Branch" - and how much it's grown over the past months. Current and ex-Leaders in the community, working together to assist the divisions as they evolve. If you want to see the bigger picture of what Havoc has accomplished, look at Divine Warriors. Look at the entirety of Divine Warriors. The activity, the passion, the legacy they've created this year. His leadership has been an obvious and driving force behind DW's growth. And Havoc has been more than just a leader in his division. He's been a rock FOR his division. The security of knowing he's there and that he cares, in my opinion, is the main reason he's earned the trust of so many. It takes a special kind of person to remain humble and true when their success is so inescapably seen by a community of two thousand members. Havoc is that person. Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI M3NTALIST 7 Forums Link: @KSI M3NTALIST 7 Reasons they deserve this award: The past year I've watched this dude progress through his KSI career with awesome strides. He's risen from Lieutenant to Captain to General to Co-Founder. There's almost no one in his division who hasn't been affected by him in a positive way. M3NTALIST has taken the skills he developed as a successful General and continued to apply them as he mentors and oversees his squads as LS's current Founder. He's made a name for himself as one who isn't swayed by friendships or favoritism. Fairness, dedication and humility are some of the many qualities that have earned M3NTALIST respect in his division, as well as the respect of many members in the community as a whole. I'm very excited to see where this gentleman's path in KSI takes him. General Gamertag: KSI Hatter 7 Forums Link: @Hatter 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Hatter was one of the best 2 Generals Last Strike saw in 2018. (The other would be the gentleman in the previous nomination.) She brings immense passion and dedication to whatever she does. Hatter isn't the epitome of what a General should be. She IS what Generals, Captains and Lieutenants dream about being while they're asleep. On top of that, she's an awesome recruiter, an experienced trainer and a cornerstone of wisdom and loyalty all rolled into one. "Hatter is a multi-squad splitter, a Grifball junkie, a Warlock by trade and a rockstar Mom of 3." Any division that has Hatter as one of it's Generals is guaranteed to have at least one squad that grows, develops and unites as a family. I'm very thankful she's continuing her work in the community as an officer in Eternal Souls. Member Gamertag: KSI FadeZ 7 Forums: @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Member of the Year is a big deal. I'm not nominating FadeZ because he's an awesome member of our community. I'm not nominating him because he's the most dependable and ambitious writer the News Team has had all year. I'm not nominating him because of his kind spirit or his charismatic personality. I'm not nominating him because he'll talk to anyone about their problems, no matter how bad they are or how late it is. I'm not nominating him because he works his a** off to improve himself, his squad, his division and his departments. And I'm not nominating him because he strives to better this community every single day he's a part of it. I'm nominating him because he is and does all of these things. Forums Staff Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 Forums: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award: This dude keeps the forums safe. He's like the big guy in the Thor movies who has the sword that controls the time-warp thing that lets people into Asgard. I forget his name. Anyway. Ever since King became a Forums mod, he's been one of, if not THE most vigilant forums mod we have. He catches issues almost instantly. He keeps the members of our community safe. And his punctuality and dedication as a Join/Rejoin mod is second to none. King is hands down, the "forums guy". #chatboxbanner Department Member Gamertag: KSI Greenday 7 Forums: @KSI Greenday 7 Reasons they deserve this award: This young lady has grown more in 2018 than I have ever seen anyone in KSI grow. Ever. She's transformed from a quiet, reserved department member to a fully developed, insanely driven and intensely dedicated Co-Head. She manages staff, mentors new department hires and continually inspires those around her. Her great love of KSI history has given her a passion for work that is evident to anyone in the community. HSI has steadily grown into an almost brand new department, mainly due to her contributions and work ethic. When I think of the best, most persevering department member I've known this year, it's without a doubt KSI Greenday 7.
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    Division Leader Gamertag;KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this - Gary has been a staple of DW since its creation. He helped it rise to glory and always had a way of being everyone's biggest motivator. At the Gens meetings he liked to make them fun and interactive and to issue his Gary's(a challenge he sent out to one member of each squad every week.)and really inspired every individual to work hard. Best of all if an individual didn't meet a goal they were met with encouragement that they can still make it happen. Gary has been a motivation and an inspiration to never give up. Co-Division Leader: Gamertag;KSI Havoc 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award- Havoc has always been there for every member possible. I have only recently got to work closely with him on a squad level. Havoc has the ability to harness and notice the natural talent and leadership in a person. He will work with them one on one and help them realize their fullest potential. Through this talent many leaders have risen in our division and he has become a well respected individual throughout each squad and the entire community as a whole. Category:Founder Gamertag;KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link / @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award King has been a Founder in DW for quite some time. He has always been available to answer questions. He has acted as General over many squads and always brings a fun presence to any party. King will pick up slack in any place neccesary and he is always available to offer advice, share experiences and does his best to improve each squad individually. He has always offered support to me and been a mediator when I have had a misunderstanding or disagreement with others. King is dependable and caring and a great leader of this beloved community. Category: General Gamertag;KSI Hatter 7 Forums Account Link / @Hatter 7 Reason they deserve this - Hatter held the General position for quite some time while I was a Performance officer over LS. In that time I gained a tremendous amount of respect for her. She not only ran the squad with a great sense of leadership but, also constantly strived to learn more herself. There are few people who come along in this community that put as much of their own heart and soul into their work as she does. She cares about people as individuals and is always a mother figure to anyone she can reach. She takes KSI seriously and she always makes sure people know they are a person and they matter. Category: Captain Gamertag;KSI xKamikaze Forums Account Link / @KSI xKamikaze Reasons they deserve this award - Kamikaze is what I would call a household name. When I was looking to rejoin KSI he was an inspiration to me that this was still a community of good people and there is still a difference to be made. Throughout my duration in KSI he has always been a rock in this division. If you mention his name in a party everyone automatically recognizes it because he puts a personal interest in meeting with each member and letting them know they matter and that he is there for them. Kamikaze has held many ranks throughout the year yet no matter the rank he always has the motto "Once KSI, always KSI."This is a testiment to how he treats members and how he continuously dedicates himself to retaining members and being a staple in this community. He is the guy you can turn to if you need anything. A friend, information, or otherwise. Category:Lieutenant Gamertag;KSI xMinion Forums Account Link / @KSI xMinion Reasons they deserve this award - I have had the absolute pleasure and privilege to watch Minion grow into a substantial and notable leader in KSI. At first she was unsure if she really wanted to be an officer but, she has always been gifted in the way of speaking to people. She is a person of integrity and you can always depend on her to speak her mind. Minion has a talent for recognizing her peers and absorbing all of the information given to her and using it to inspire others. She is selfless and kind and in spite of how hard her year has been she never lost site of why we are here and what her purpose is in this community. She sticks to her word and is a reliable ally in KSI. Category:Department Head Gamertag;KSI December 77 Forums Account Link / @December 77 Reasons they deserve this award December is the Head of News and HSI. I have been working with him since he joined and he has always been a hard worker in this department. When he was promoted to Editor he hit the ground running on innovating and elevating each section and program to its highest potential. As he became Co-head then eventually the Head of the department he began to implement his ideas and created HSI. Not only did he want to encompass History but, also the Information and statistics to have a counting record of what's happening in our community so years later we can look back and see where we have come on a community level. December continues to be available to each member of News and HSI and always keeps an open to new and innovative ideas. He is always bringing them to the table himself. Category:Department Member Gamertag;KSI Greenday 7 @KSI Greenday 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Greenday has been a constant in HSI. At times she was one of the only members still pushing for this Department to succeed. She went through and completely revamped the History and eventually the HSI sections on the forums. Once the department changed over she got to work and has earned herself the position of Co-head. She is always available to help answer questions for members of the department and has helped it reach its full potential. Senior Leadership- KSI Scotland 7 @Scotland Reason they deserve this: Scotland has always been very involved News and HSI and has been an important part of this community for quite some time. He is always actively engaging and answering any questions members may have and always open to change and innovation throughout KSI.
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    Category: Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link: @Mr. North Forward Reasons they deserve this award: Coming into DW, working underneath Ronin i noticed one thing immediately he talks a lot, I MEAN A LOT, Bringing memories of college and sitting through a lecture the key difference being that a lot of the things that Ronin would say actually had application in my current style of leadership. When Ronin talks there is always something he is trying to explain or get across, even his silly metaphors hold meaning. He is the type of leader who will challenge what you think and flip everything you think you know upside down. While certainly unique when compared to his peers Ronin surly stands out as one of the most thoughtful and forward thinking leaders that the community has to offer. it would be hard to find a leader currently in the community who has not been impacted by Ronin in some way. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI Cherry 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Cherry 7 Reasons they deserve this award: So Cherry i have really gotten to know over the past couple months and she was quickly become one of my closest advisers. Not only do i value her for her knowledge and experience in KSI but also for her many attributes from outside the community, bringing a unique and fresh perspective to any conversation she is a part of. Her words always carry great weight, always ready to jump into any problem and work towards solutions. She is definitely in my opinion one of the most well equipped leaders we have in the community. She will be monumental to the progress made in KSI going forward. Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award: One of the newer leaders within KSI, Gary has certainly made himself a household name. with a positive and upbeat attitude, Gary makes his presence known in everything he is a part of. not only did i get to see DW's growth from one of the smallest divisions in the community to being one of the most successful i also got to witness Gary's transformation as a leader. When i first met Gary i wasn't quite convinced he knew what he was doing, thankfully he was able to change my opinion on this, i soon realized that even Gary was handed a VERY VERY VERY Sh**** situation yet Gary was able to turn it around Not only improving the division but himself as well. If you were to ask him any of this he would probably deny a lot of it but his confidence has grown since iv met him and i am proud to see all that he has accomplished.Divine Warriors would not be the division it is today without the hard work and dedication of the one and only Wild Bill. Category: Founder Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award: who doesn't know who King is? King not only has a strong appearance within DW but in the community as a whole. King and I have not always seen eye to eye and this has nothing to do with the massive height difference between us, but because we have two different ideologies. For most people this would be a bad thing to have two people who have two very different mindsets working together as a team, but against all odds King and I run arguably one of the most Active, energetic, down to earth and enjoyable divisions in the entire history of KSI. The two of us working together because of our different attitudes and approaches make an amazing team. In every regard King is one of the best founders within the community, running the recruiting and training program within DW with a masterful Precision always making sure everything is done up to date and on time. King has had one hell of a 2018 and my one hope for King is that in 2019 that he makes the year his own. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7 Forums Account Link: @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award: No matter how great of a leader we are the is always more to learn, more to experience, and more work to do and no one understands this better then Venum. it takes a lot to surprise me but during Venum's time as an officer within samurai he did just that. iv had few people during my time in KSI that have approached me in the way that Venum did.not just seeking information, but seeking a better version of himself. what started out as a simple question of "How do i become a better leader?" has evolved into an ongoing dialogue between this individual and myself. as many members of DW could tell you Venum is one of the most compassionate leaders around, not simply just reacting to situations but proactively preparing himself and others to handle very eventual outcome of any situation, never fearing to be the bad guy, but always ready to be the good guy. Venum is a man of many talents always able to adapt to any situation. Venum is always able to do anything that is required of him. Venum is one of my most trusted peers and someone i look at to succeed me when i am no longer here. Venum is truly a leader here for his members. This will always be his why. Category: General Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7 Forums Account Link: @Nebula 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Certainly one of the most tenured generals in the history of this community, I have no doubt Nebula could write a book on his time as General. In my time in KSI I have promoted, demoted, trained, and mentored a large variety of generals throughout the community. While they all varied greatly, Nebula is definitely... unique. nebula has a huge heart he genuinely cares for all those around him. and if ever he does make a mistake he will be the first one to try to repair it. welcoming and kind it doesn't matter where your from or who you are nebula will be there as a friend to you. during his time as general nebula struggled hard to rebuild his squad several times. a few times even having to build an entirely new officer staff from scratch. nebula may be many things but one thing he is not is a quitter. he will continue to move forward even if he doesn't want to. because he knows that his true purpose for himself to move forward is not his own needs and wants but those of the members that he is responsible for . his time as a general molded him into the leader that he is today. while future generations of KSI may forget the long reign of KSI xNebula, i know i for one will never forget. Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI xKamikaze Forums Account Link: @KSI xKamikaze Reasons they deserve this award: Kamikaze has been a staple of this division over the coarse of its run, even members who have not met him know who he is. A lot of this is due to the strength of his voice, and presence within the division. When in samurai has a captain he was diligent, hardworking caring, supportive, and overall a kind individual. Along with the General, KSI VENUM 7, Kam helped bring Samurai to a split and soon after took over as a general of Paladin. During his time as Captain is when I truly saw this individual shine. He went above and beyond, always standing out from others in every situation. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI Artifice Forums Account Link: @KSI x Artifice Reasons they deserve this award: When artifice came into this division we did not like each other. Most times we we're in a party it was an argument or a correction of bad behavior. At that time I thought for sure that he would leave KSI within a month, however it's when the unthinkable happens that people surprise you the most. When his home squad of Elysium fell apart and there was a Mass Exodus if the leadership within the squad Artifice was one of the few who stayed behind. He was certainly the underdog and not the one who people expected to take charge, however I think blew away everyone's expectations. Although he was one of the top recruiters in the division at that time he was certainly one of the most blunt people around. For most people this would be seen as artifice not caring about the feelings of others and certainly that is what I could of chosen to believe as well, but the truth is much deeper. Artifice is one of those people who cares deeply for the feelings of others. For his members and his peers artifice is always willing to lend an ear. He is also vocal, if he sees something he doesn't agree with he will be the first to tell you. His members will never realize that even though they may fear him at times he will always be there biggest advocate when they need his support. While he has since moved past the rank of lieutenant I will always remember the time when I saw this leader begin to form and I cannot wait to see where he goes in the future. Category: Sergeant/Staff Sergeant Gamertag: KSI xMinion Forums Account Link: @KSI xMinion Reasons they deserve this award: whenever your feeling down, whenever your having a day when you may not wanna get out of bed, one message from minion will make your day that much brighter. Coming into this community minion would express her dislike for recruiting but no matter how much she disliked it, if a member asked her for help she would be there at a moments notice. Minion has always had this huge capacity for empathy that goes well beyond her years. Being in tune with others emotions in a unparalleled way, with some sort of mystic sixth sense she is able to tell when someone is not having a good day without them even saying a word ,and she will be there to support you. Beyond her skills for empathy she is also an avid seeker of knowledge always looking for a way to increase what she knows. Everything she learns is not only for the benefit of herself but also for the benefit of others as she will always share everything she has learned with those around her. in her days as a Staff Sergeant many could already tell that this individual carried with her a hope for a better tomorrow. i dont know what the future holds for minion but i certainly hope that DW's future is one with minion in it. Category: Member Gamertag: KSI Hellsknight Forums Account Link: @KSI HellsKnight Reasons they deserve this award: Sometimes you get those members in the community who have a true untapped potential, the potential to be one of the best officers in the community, Hellsknight is definitely one of those members. Hellsknight goes above and beyond in everything that is asked of him, even when he is still learning. When he was only just a corporal, he would help the squad in any way he could. For months he sat as a member within Paladin, just going about his day never complaining, always just being there. When I took over as acting general of paladin I saw so much of my former self in this member, he was quiet, shy, and only spoke when spoken too. However this soon all changed. KSI VENUM 7 and myself took HellsKnight under our wings and trained him in the ways of KSI. he is now easily one of the top officers in my Division and I couldn't be more proud. I will always remember the months that HellsKnight spent being a dedicated member of this community, waiting for someone to simply reach out. Category: Forums Staff Gamertag: KSI FadeZ 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Fadez is one of those people who does not place a lot of value in himself. Day to day he goes about his life and throughout his KSI Career believing that he himself does not make much of an impact, however i can strongly and firmly state that he is one of the few individuals that has had a true and lasting impact on not only how i am as a leader but how i am as a person. Being a Join/Rejoin Moderator requires you to take a step back from everything you have experienced and learned throughout your time in KSI to uphold a neutral position in regards to applicants seeking entry into KSI. now many people would approach this position by saying they are objective and claim to have no biases but this mentality as a whole is false and thankfully Fadez is one of the people that understands this. Fadez understands where he has come from in KSI, the things he has experienced, the things he has done, he knows when approaching a situation if he has to much emotional attachment to it and knows when to take a step back. He will always be able to communicate his experience with individuals and do his best to provide both sides of the story not just the one that benefits him. Being a join Moderator requires you to have true self awareness in order to be effective in your position and in this regard Fadez excels. While it may be one of the areas of KSI the decisions he has made through his job silently resonate throughout the foundation of this community. i dont know if he will ever get the appreciation that he deserves but i truly hope that all will come to realize the time and effort that Fadez puts into this community every single day. Category: Department Member Gamertag: KSI December 77 Forums Account Link: @December 77 Reasons they deserve this award: Ive been around KSI for quite a few years and for better or for worse many of those years i had no clue who the hell December was but thankfully 2018 was the year i finally got to meet December and realize just how much of a powerhouse he is, i dont know if he has a limit on how much he can do but i am certainly gonna find out what that limit is. As a leader in KSI iv always had a hard time sharing my responsibilities with others but December has more then earned my trust in the short time ive known him. I know i can depend on him no matter what the situation is and just like i will always have his back i know he will always have mine. While it may not be commonly known December is the one who created the current performance officer guidelines in use as well as being instrumental in the creation of a new program coming to KSI in 2019. On the human Resources side of my department December has become a huge resource he is Kind, Compassionate, diligent and empathetic, always being sensitive to the needs of others. No matter how much he currently has on his plate, no matter how much stress he is under, even when you think how could he possibly handle more he does, he will always be there in any way he can to to take even just a little bit of the weight off your shoulders, Captain Neck Beard is a leader i will happily follow across the sea.
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    Category: Senior Leader Gamertag; KSI Ace 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Ace 7 Reasons they deserve this award - KSI Ace 7 is someone that I was always aware of, but did not personally know. I knew of his legendary conquests, goals and his tax filing skills. However it was not until earlier this year that I finally met Ace properly and started to learn what this man does for this community. He to my knowledge has not even complained about not receiving recognition or credit for the many things he does for us, to date the most notable of which is the G15 Omega! Ace, while he is one of the most laid back persons on the board is an amazing support structure for me. I know that should I need an ear to listen to me, then have me in stiches after words. Category: Director Gamertag; KSI Badkitty 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI BadKitty 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Myself and kitty don’t see eye to eye a lot of the time, however in her time as a director I always knew that when situations arose – and she was involved it would be handled correctly with dignity and everyone involved would know that the decisions she came to were morally sound. Earlier this year she was placed in a situation no Director wanted to be put in, and had to put her foot down on a divisional leadership team. Long story short she held the moral high ground and never let the abuse get to her. While she is no longer a director, I feel in my years in KSI she is one of the best I have seen. Category: Division leader Gamertag; KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Gary. While I feel this is all that needs to be said of this member, I will of course delve into him some more. Myself and Gary have worked together now for many a year, He was my productions head for a long time, and we learnt together, bled together, perhaps shed a tear or two together – however should you ask, I will deny it – KSI Gary 7 has while he was a division leader set a bar very high on standards for how division leaders should be. He kept his distance from being involved in officer staffs, but kept involved enough to know when he needed to coordinate his divisional staff to intervene and get things back on track. He was a model Division leader and moulded his staff below him to ensure smooth transition should he no longer be around the division, and look, he’s now a Director! Category: Founder Gamertag; KSI Havoc 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award - KSI Havoc 7 has always been someone I have been around during my KSI career. He saw my high points and my lowest points and has always stood by me, and numerous others during it. He is the best support structure I have ever seen both in my professional career and KSI. That aside I have seen Havoc go from strength to strength in DW, Providing an amazing environment in which the entirety of KSI strives to achieve. He continually ensures that everyone is happy, developing and moving themselves and their peers forwards! Category: General Gamertag; KSI hatter 7 Forums Account Link / @Hatter 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Hatter has never had an easy time within this community, however she always fights for her members and doesn’t back down where they are concerned. She is always running workshops and training sessions continually to ensure that whether she is there with her members or not, they will be best placed to move forwards and have ensured success should they want it. Category: Captain Gamertag; KSI Greenday 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Greenday 7 Reasons they deserve this award - KSI Greenday 7 has my nomination for captain of the year, not for the dedication and continual push for progress her squad and division but for the determination and passion showed in the face of adversity. Greenday continually shows how much she cares for this community, she has experienced so much strife and hardship that most normal people would get up and leave over. Earlier this year a group of misfits decided that due to a large donation that Greenday had made to the community that had supported and helped her through a very tough time in her life. She suffered immense abuse however she persevered through it and rose above to be the better person. Category: Member Gamertag; KSI VeriiTas 7 Forums Account Link / @VeRiiTaS 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Veriitas is my choice for Member of the year. He is going to be very upset with me for nominating him however he doesn’t choose my nominations! Veriitas is a Senior Director and one hell of one too! He is always involved within his divisions, gaming with the members and teaching and ensuring that everyone is happy and progressing forwards. However regardless of this, the reason I am nominating Riita is for a much more personal reason. During my current tenure as a Board member I have needed a support structure, for advice, idea brainstorming and having someone be there for me. Riita has filled that role for me. He is always on hand when I want to remove the hair from my head. He has also been there for me with my recent issues that I have encountered away from the xbox which, between him and Fuzzy have kept me sane. From the very bottom of my heart, I appreciate you. Category: Forums Staff (Mods, Senior Mods, Admins) Gamertag; KSI Riiot 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI RiiOT 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Riiot is on it. He is always doing permissions, checking things that are going on and making them right. He never misses a trick and is the up and coming admin! Riiot doesn’t get frustrated at my, and others, silly questions. He pushes past the silly and lets us know in our terms what is going on and how he is going to help. Category: Department Head Gamertag; KSI December 77 Forums Account Link / @December 77 Reasons they deserve this award - December is my up and coming superstar. He has ambition beyond his position and isn’t afraid to show it. When I made December my News & HSI Department head after the removal of the previous department head, he didn’t skip a step. He has quickly and efficiently reorganised the entire department and is currently building it up towards the coveted department split. He rebranded the History team to give it a larger function in the community rather than just gathering old information. He has developed and nurtured multiple department members to prepare them for the next step in Department leadership. While he gives me countless headaches and fills my head with more information than my small brain can handle, he ensures that at all times I am filled in on his activity’s, no matter how large or small. Category: Department Member Gamertag; KSI bane 7 Forums Account Link / @King Bane Reasons they deserve this award - Bane has for some time been an undervalued member of this community. He found his place within the productions team some time ago and had remained very quiet within it. However he quickly started to excel when He was given the Happy hour team. He is now working with Skarzx to progress further and prepare to take the team to the next level.
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    Category: Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link: @Mr. North Forward Reasons they deserve this award: So I first met Ronin in December of 2017, he pulled me in a party and introduced himself, he told me of a plan to merge LW with another division ! At firstit seemed like a mountain of a task, but with the guidance and support Ronin provided for me he helped me make DW into a powerhouse division. If you need ro find something out or need to clarity on a situation then Ronin is your man! But let me tell you, when this dude starts talking he starts talking, there is no escape.....but in all seriousness, Ronin along with other leaders really helped shape me into the leader I am today! And i appreciateall the hard work he has put into the community! Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Grimshot 77 Forums Account Link: @KSI GrimShot 77 Reasons they deserve this award: Before becoming EO's Director, i had the pleasure of working with Grim in productions ! So I knew a bit about the dude. But when I became his director I soon realised the dedication and commitment this guy has for his members and the community! No matter how bleak a situation looks, Grim always approaches it with a cool, level head and a positve attitude! If you were to ask any member of EO what they thought about Grim as a Div Leader, I'm 100 percent sure that all they would have to say would be positive things ! Keep up the hard work Grim!! Category: Founder Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award: I first met King when he joined what was LW! Our first interaction wasn't the greatest or most well received. But we moved past it and looked forward. King has proven himself time and time again that perseverance always prevails! He has a major foothold in most areas in the community whether that's in Clan Ops, Department Ops or Web Ops! He always works to a very high standard and provides his members with a fun and proactive environment ! I have no doubt that King will continue to do well in the community in all areas he is apart of ! Keep up the hard work man!! Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI DropShot 7 Forums Account Link: @Mr. DropShot Reasons they deserve this award: So I didn't have much interaction with this dude before I became Director of the Division he apart of. But since then I have seen a guy who has earned the respect of the entire division and divisional leadership! He sets the bar high for himself and always pushes his members to better themselves and acheive whatever they can! He has a really unique attitude and leadership style that really shows in his work. The guy is a court judge aswell as a member of the DLs 7 staff but always manages to find time to do what his needs to do for his division and department ! Category: General Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7 Forums Account Link: @Nebula 7 Reasons they deserve this award: So me and Nebby have known each other for a good while now and we have both watched each other grow within the community together ! When Nebby was an officer the suggestion of making Nebula a General was a bit of a wild card, we wernt really sure how it would play out. But we thought why not let's see what the dude can do! So he was promoter to General and from that moment i watched this young kid turn into a man! Watching Nebula develop on a community level and a personal level has been amazing ! He has changed so much over the past year or so and I honestly thing being General of a squad really helped ! Nebula will find time for anyone whether they are in his division or not ! He has a huge heart and is always there to lend an ear or even a shoulder ! Since being a co founder he has continued to develop even further and I can honestly say he is a different person! Keep up the amazing work man!!! Category: Sergeant/Staff Sergeant Gamertag: KSI xMinion Forums Account Link: @KSI xMinion Reasons they deserve this award: So Minion came into DW early to mid 2017. When she did I was so happy because there was another Brit among us ! Minion is a kind hearted and positive person! She always is there to lend a hand or provide advice ! She is always sending positive vibes to her squad and divisions and doesn't let anything get her down ! Since leaving DW she still seeks me out to provide her with advice and knowledge. That's one thing about Minion is she is always wanting to learn more ! When i first suggested the idea of becoming an officer to Minion, she kind of shrugged it of as she didn't think she would be good enough! Boy was she wrong ! The amount this person has developed over such a short amount of time is admirable! Minion will always try to do the right thing and doesn't have a bad bone in her ! She has a very bright future in this community and i can't wait to watch her grow even more! Keep it up!!
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    Category : Director of LS & DM Gamertag; KSI TexAngel 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI TexAngel 7 Reasons they deserve this award – for my years in KSI I have witnessed this great member of this communicate become something that I would never of thought id be able to see from a great member, officer, general, cofounder, founder, co div and now that she’s a director I’ve not heard nothing wrong but goodness out of this person I'm proud to say that she has mentored me while I’ve been through tough times while i was in KSI and out of KSI always there for anyone who needs and that’s what i love about her. Division Leader Gamertag; KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award – Ive met havoc a long time way before i even joined KSI, i never truly got to work under the famous havoc but always seen is work progress over the years. He takes time to dedicated his time for us and spend time gaming with us which back in the old days in ksi it was hard to see a 7 to be able to game and have fun with our their division without working-out problems and stuff but this individual has forever given up time to be with us and get to know us. I recently joined his division and im proud to say that im happy the way things are run in DW when usually i always would have a problem with leadership in acknowledging our errors as lower ranking members than judging them. But im happy to thank havoc for his hard work and motivation in pushing all officers/leadership bellow to push forward and reach our goals. Thank you KSI HAVOC 7 Founder Gamertag; KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link / @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award -well where do i start with this guy? Im pretty sure everyone knows who this one is . Forever busy with his life trying to get day by day just like every single human in this world. KING never disappoints in making everyone in the party have a laugh, i dislike him for making me and others smile on days that we couldn’t even think of smiling. He has earned my respect because i know like he once said to me “respect is earned not given”. KSI xKing 77 is always keeping it at 100 Co – Founder Gamertag; KSI VENUM 7 Forums Account Link / @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award – KSI VENUM 7 has dedicated his time for this community so much that i look up to him as to how he does keep himself all intact and not get pissed a myself and other members but mainly hard members life myself because im not easy to understand but he has take time to sit down and get to know e on a deeper level and understand why i am the way i am and has been able to adjust himself and re teach me everything that i had lost for when i left and re-joined. VENUM is my mentor and im proud of calling him that. Thank you for opening me up like a packet of crisps  im sure there’s multiple people who you’ve helped out in this manner because ive witnessed it to other members too i my point of view.
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    Category: Sergeant/Staff SergeantGamertag: KSI xMinionForums Account Link: @KSI xMinion Reasons they deserve the award: Since joining KSI she has shown me nothing but support making sure i am feeling well and if i am not, offering support. She also offered to help me move up the ladder in KSI. She is a genuinely nice person asking how everyone is and wishing people great days every day
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    Category: Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI VeRiiTaS 7 Forums Account Link / @VeRiiTaS 7 Reasons they deserve this award - For his passion and drive. I appreciate and enjoy his dreams he has for KSI and it's the kind of positivity that inspires me to want to be an even larger part of KSI. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award - His sense of humor and willingness just to hang out means a lot to us lowly officers. He's a great guy, driven, and is another beacon of positivity. Category: Co - Founder Gamertag: KSIxPapi77 Forums Account Link / @KSIxPapi77 Reasons they deserve this award - Because he said I had to or he would spit in my Skittles. No, but really, I enjoy his playful nature and how knowledgeable he is. He's always willing to help you out if you have any questions. He will roast you a little bit, but it's all to make you feel included and simultaneously light a fire under your butt. Category: General Gamertag: KSI Karisaur Forums Account Link / @KSI Karisaur Reasons they deserve this award - There's not enough room to say all of the reasons Karina deserves an OTY. She has been running Defiant by herself for the most part for a very very long time. She's always positive and willing to help. Even when she is flustered or upset, she remains level headed. She cares about EVERYONE and is an amazing person. Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI Karisaur Forums Account Link / @KSI Karisaur Reasons they deserve this award - Too much awesomeness for one nomination. She's supportive and has been not only my Captain/General, but also my support when I was going through stuff in real life. She never made me feel like I was anything less than important. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI MuffinSachen Forums Account Link / @KSIMuffinSachen Reasons they deserve this award - This lady right here is the only Lt. In her squad. She's recruiting, training, and promoting all by herself! I'm not in her squad but I know she's doing a wonderful job and doing it all by herself with about 50 members and no other officers. Category: SSGT Gamertag: KSI Sparklord99 Forums Account Link / @Darkoverlord99 Reasons they deserve this award - Sparks was the first officer I trained. He has learned so incredibly fast on all of the stuff officers have to do and was there and stuck through it while I was away. Is laughter and his positivity or both extremely contagious and he has brightened up Defiant since he arrived. Category: Member Gamertag: KSI Dabbasaur Forums Account Link / @Towely gamer17 Reasons they deserve this award - Dabbasaur has been amazing about being inclusive and making sure everybody is having a good time. He's a positive person to be around and he has been very generous. Without him several people wouldn't have been able to join KSI because they didn't have the games that we play or a headset. He's also funded several different name changes to help support KSI as a whole. He is always willing to lend a helping hand in any way that he possibly can.
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    Category: Dvision Leader Gamertag; KSI Eyonia 7 Forums Account Link / @ @KSI Eyonia 7 Reasons they deserve this award - When I came back to the community. It was no easy thing. I had been followed by some drama from irl. She did so much for me to be here, handling it, and made me coming back easy. Truly made this feel like this community that i can count on and made feel like we truly are a family. Category: General Gamertag; KSI Hatter 7 Forums Account Link / @Hatter 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Generally cared about what was going on. Just had met her and she already demonstrated she cared like she had known for a long time. I wasn't sure if i was going to get back into fully everything. She has motivated me to have game nights and recruiting. She has me wanting to step up and i definitely try. One of my friends who was in the community met Hatter. When he left that party that night. He texted me this, "I'm glad see to more good people are in KSI" He normally doesnt take to people like that. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag; KSI Jynxie Forums Account Link / @KSI Jynxie Reasons they deserve this award - Definitely included me when i came back. Introduced me to some great people in multiple divisions. She toughed out BFV for a couple hours with our shenanigans we were having. She is the other person my friend referenced in his text. Always in a good mood. Always hilarious. She is very committed to the squad and KSI.
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    Category: Division Leader Gamertag; KSI Eyonia 7 Forums Account Link : @KSI Eyonia 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Eyonia is always there to support me as a gen. When I have a question, or need to deal with a situation she is always available, even though she has been very short on 7 staff. Somehow even with being very short staffed she always has a positive attitude . Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI Squeek 7 Forums account Link: @Squeek 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Squeek has a great way of making sure are doing what your need to. You never feel condemned but know you need to do better. She has been a greta mentor to me and taught me how to be a better Gen. Category: General GamerTag: KSI SN1PRB055 Forums account Link: @KSI SN1P3RB0552 Reasons they deserve this award: Snipper has been very supportive of me as a gen. He has helped me with dealing with officers by talking to them and by giving me advice on how to handle specific situations. It's great to have the support of another gen to help me grow in this position Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI LegateShade Forums account Link: @KSI LegateShade Reasons they deserve this award: When Legate first became an officer he proceeded to get 5 recruits in one day. He runs game nights and does the workshops and makes it so there is one less thing on my plate . He has also taem on doing most of the security checks for the squad. Category: SSGT Gamertag: KSI Vulpis Forums account Link: @Angelus Vulpis Reason they deserve this award: Vulpis paid for a rminecraft realm that the whole division takes advantage of. It has become a help in bringing the division together.
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    Category- Captain Gamertag- KSI ninja dm80 Forums Link- @KSI ninja dm80 Reason- Ninja is a captain that I can count on to get stuff done. Despite numerous personal hurdles he has had this year he is still always there for his squad and division. If he can’t be there he communicates and let’s the officer staff of our squad know do we can pick up the slack. If I’m ever unable to make a meeting he is always there to take my place. Basically he’s what you want in a backup.
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    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has supported me this year. It really means alot. Thanks for opening up to me and trusting me
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    Gametag: Crazy Bear52 Link to Forums: @Crazybear52 Gametag: KSI ApexWolf Link to Forums: @KSI ApexWolf Gametag: KSI Barb130 Link to Forums: @barb130 Gametag: KSI Nagisa Link to Forums: @KSI Nagisa Gametag: KSI R3aperDeath Link to Forums: @R3aperOfDeath66 Gametag: KSI RabidWraith Link to Forums: @KSI RabidPrincess Gametag: KSI SN1P3RB0552 Link to Forums: @KSI SN1P3RB0552 Gametag: KSI SouthPark18 Link to Forums: @KSI Southpark18 Award: Basic Training Certified Evidence: Attended Basic Training Workshop hosted by KSI Hatter 7
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    Gamertag: KSI MiniFuzz30 Rank:4LT Date Recruited: 6 26 18 Personal goal(s) in KSI: achieve to rank up to a 7 in a year. How you plan to achieve it or them: learning the steps for every rank Goal(s) for your Squad: i want to have the squad to split How you plan to achieve it or them: go and get strong minded recruits that love to game and more active online. Goals(s) for your Division: more fully trained offices and good recruiters How you plan to achieve it or them: train the staff sergeants to be good train and promoters and be very much active to recruit people and do games night.
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    Hello you beautiful people Welcome to the 2018 Of The Year Awards! This is a yearly event which is designed to have members from all over the community come together to tell us, and everyone else how AMAZING your peers have been this year! To Nominate someone for one of these awards they need to have held a rank prior to today. Before you nominate think back throughout this entire year, From January till now, and find the best person you can think of that filled each rank & Position in this community, from Sgt/SSGT all the way to the Senior leaders! Rules are below; 1) No Favouritism i.e - This person is my friend, as such he should get this award 2) You cannot self Nominate! 3) Be as descriptive as you possibly can be! Tell us absolutely everything you know your nominated person has done! 4) Fill as many categories as possible! - Dont be shy! 5) You can only nominate one person per category, and you can only nominate one category per person 6) Please only post once and if you are going to add in nominations, please edit your topic Please fill in the below template for your nominations to be elgiable; Category: Gamertag; Forums Account Link / @ Reasons they deserve this award - Categories For nominating; Senior Leader - (Board members, Senior Directors) Director Division Leader Co - Division Leader Founder Co - Founder General Captain Lieutenant SGT/SSGT Member Forums Staff (Mods, Senior Mods, Admins) Department Head Department Member So to sum up, when you are doing your nominations, select a category from the list above. Then fill in the template. For example: Category - Department Head Gamertag - KSI RiiOT 7 / @KSI RiiOT 7 Forums Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/46-ksi-riiot-7/ Reasons they deserve this award -Reasoning with lots of facts, as descriptive as you can be as to why this member deserves this award! And lastly this will close on the 16th of December! Good luck and happy voting all! KSI RiiOT 7, KSI Kalakoi 77 and the AAP Department
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    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI SouthPark18/KSI SouthPark18 Award: New Member Certified Evidence (If Required - For this certification there is none): new member certified workshop was hosted by KSI Hatter 7 Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI Hatter 7
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    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI ApexWolf Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Completed individual training for New Member Training workshop, @Hatter 7 can witness Link to Forums Profile: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/42270-ksi-apexwolf/
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    Gamertag/Forums name: Crazy Bear52/crazybear52 Award: New Member certification Evidence: Took part in KSI Hatter 7 workshop Person who ran the workshop: KSI Hatter 7
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    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI R3aperDeath Award: New Member certification Evidence: Took part in KSI Hatter 7 workshop Person who ran the workshop: KSI Hatter 7
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    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI SN1P3RB0552/ @KSI SN1P3RB0552 Award: New Member Certified Evidence (If Required - For this certification there is none): new member certified workshop was hosted by KSI Hatter 7 Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI Hatter 7
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    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Nagisa Forums name: @KSI Nagisa Award: New member Certified Evidence: Completed New member training Workshop Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI Hatter 7
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    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI RabidWraith Forums name: @KSI RabidPrincess Award: New member Certified Evidence: Completed New member training Workshop Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI Hatter 7
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    Co-Founder KSIxROMEO 7 @KSIxROMEO 7 Romeo has been there since I first joined and has just been a giant help for me ever since I decided I wanted to be a an officer and helped me out with stuff and I just love the way he runs things because if some one has a problem with something or someone he’ll just pull them into a party and just talk about it until the situation gets resolved or what ever it is and helps people understand things easily. And when I’m hosting game nights he’ll hop into the party making sure everything is going smoothly. He just dose an amazing job at running things. 3CPT KSIDntAskImAwfl @KSIdontask She is just an amazing person. She is always making sure everyone is doing good. She always making sure I’m doing ok and asks for my opinion on things and anytime I have a question on anything she always try’s to give me an answer as soon as possible and I really appreciate it. She’s just such a caring person. And always helps. Member KSI Joe 7 @KSI Joe 7 Ok joe has been there for me since the day I joined he started off as my general / co-founder when I was in Cruelty I he was just so welcoming when I first joined and that’s one of the things I loved about him. When I told him I wanted to be an officer he was the most helpful supportive person about. He was there just about every single day teaching me giving me tips and just went out of his way to help me. And he just knew on days when I was having a rough day he ask me what’s wrong and he’s just the kind of person you can talk to about things. He goes out of his way to help people constantly. And I just really appreciate it.
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    Hatter 77


    Division: Eternal Souls Team Captain: KSI Hatter 7 Teammate #2: KSI xMidnightx Teammate #3: Torch096 Teammate #4: KSI ProminentZeal Teammate #5: KSI SouthPark18 Back up Replacement: KSI RabidWraith
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    Gamertag: KSI Hatter 7 Rank: 1CPT of Banshee ES / News Editor / Senior CDC Staff / Court Judge Date Recruited: Re-recruited 4/28/18 Personal goal(s) in KSI: Personally, I just want to make KSI a more profound gaming community. How you plan to achieve it or them: Working more hands on with the leaders within the community. Spreading the word about the things that we do here. Goal(s) for your Squad: Turn it into a family like place. How you plan to achieve it or them: Activity and communication growth throughout the members. Goals(s) for your Division: Growth, better understanding of the community How you plan to achieve it or them: Expand knowledge through workshops and first hand experiences. By making the squad goals, we show that KSI is indeed the place to be, thus growing the division. Goal(s) for your Department: News - to grow with writers. CDC - expand the workshop area How you plan to achieve it or them: News - explain to people that you don't have to be a journalist to be on the team. You learn as you go! CDC - continue to take ideas from the community and write up workshops. This will give members a better understanding on how to do things.
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    KSI Akame 7


    Division: Last Strike, Dark Legions, Demonic Mayhem Team Captain: KSI Akame 7 Teammate #2: KSI WANT A TAC0 Teammate #3: KSI MFLSwagg 7 Teammate #4: KSI Follow (DL) Teammate #5: KSI Freckles (DM)
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    KSI Nagisa

    Nagi was here 

    Nagi was here
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    Gamertag: KSIDntAskImAwfl Rank: 3CPT Date Recruited: 02/24/18 Personal goal(s) in KSI: I am a very shy person when it comes to doing new things. I want to become more outgoing so that I can be of more help. How you plan to achieve it or them: I set for myself now a goal to step out and do 3 things a day that make me nervous and/or I am afraid of. I strongly believe that courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to do the right thing in spite of fear. I wish every day not to be nervous or scared of screwing up and looking like a total idiot. I can wish all I want but until I challenge myself in this area I will never change. I WANT TO CHANGE!!!!! Goal(s) for your Squad: I really want to be able to connect with each member on their level. I would love the ability to find each ones strength and helping them develop it for the betterment of them and of KSI. How you plan to achieve it or them: First, I have to get past myself. Get past my fears. Second, I must invest in each one on an individual basis. Dedicate the time. Third, I can not have pre conceived ideas of the member before I actually get to know them. Fourth, I must keep myself thinking positive and take care of myself so I can be the best I can be for them. Goals(s) for your Division: I would love to incorporate the goal for my squad into my division. How you plan to achieve it or them: Same as squad just on a much larger scale. There are so many incredible officers and members in DM and some are shy like myself and some are working overtime. It would be great to tap into each individuals purpose for the squad and div and get us working all together. Goal(s) for your Department: I really want to learn how to help more on a department level. How you plan to achieve it or them: I must get past a lot of my fears. Also I spent most of 2018 getting to know the inner workings of my squad. I really would love if I could do that on a departmental level in 2019.
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    Category: Co-Fo Gamertag; KSI Venum 7 Forums Account Link / @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Always able to help no matter what the problem is. Every time I've had a problem I've been able to go to @VENUM 7 he has helped me out with everything! Outstanding CoFounder in my opinion!!!!
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    FadeZ 7


    Gamertag: KSI FadeZ 7 Rank: SGT/Join Mod/Senior News Writer/HSI Staff/Court Judge. Date Recruited:10/26/12 Personal goal(s) in KSI: to one day hold a spot on the Board Of Directors, and to really leave a lasting mark in the community and get my name in the official hall of fame. How you plan to achieve it or them: I plain to achieve this by continuing to contribute to the growth of the community in every aspect I am involved in. By helping improve my respective departments and by elevating those members around me that I can to their full potential here. I feel at the end of the day helping a member find their place and passion here is the best way to do that. It starts with one but is finished in the end by many. Goal(s) for your Squad: to assist in it being a safe haven for those who need it. How you plan to achieve it or them: by being friendly, loving and caring. By creating a fun place without toxicity that people can truly be themselves and feel appreciated and wanted. Just being the friend they need and Ally always in their corner. Goals(s) for your Division: for it to be the best Division in the community. How you plan to achieve it or them: by being helpful and hands on throughout the division. Being hands on and getting to know the members and helping them find themselves here. Building each member up is building the division and by proxy the community. Goal(s) for your Department: to really help each one I'm in reach their max potential. How you plan to achieve it or them: by helping and assisting my peers to maximize their potential. By helping revamp and improve anything that can be Improved on and all around just helping in any way possible. Overall growth and refinement are my goal.
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    Category: Division Leader Gamertag; KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award: When i joined KSI, Gary was the division leader of DW. I believe he deserves this without a shadow of a doubt as when he was div leader he made sure that he made time for all his members both professionally and socially, he’s always positive and is forever making light of bad situations and even though he is no longer of DW anymore he still makes himself available for advice and guidance. He handles all issues tactfully and respectfully and is very approachable. He has great leadership qualities and i believe that because of that he is where he is today. Category: Co-Division Leader Gamertag; KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Where do i start? Havoc is the definition of KSI. He is always sharing his fountain of knowledge with everyone whenever he can, and will take the time to make sure you understand things no matter what he’s doing. He really is the true definition of caring and compassionate. He handles issues immediately and always looks at the bigger picture exploring all outlooks rather than taking the easy option. He is a born leader and mentor, treating everyone as equals rather than numbers. Havoc is full of nothing but positivity giving you the assurance and motivation you need when you’re full of self doubt. Category: Founder Gamertag; KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award: King is the reason i am where i am today. Back when i first joined i had absolutely no interest in being an officer as i had severe self esteem issues but it was through his guidance and mentoring that i found my courage and motivation to start recruiting and found my feet as an officer. It’s through Kings encouragement that i found my voice within KSI and his leadership skills are those that i aspire to portray myself. He always has the communities best interest at heart and always brings positivity and entertainment to the table. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag; KSI VENUM 7 Forums Account Link: @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Venum is a fierce leader. He is always positive and cares deeply for everybody. One of his best qualities is his compassion and the care he shows everybody individually. Whenever i have doubted my ability to succeed as an officer he has always been at hand to encourage and listen. He is fair and just and when you are wrong he will tell you and help find a resolution to your problem. Venum has helped to remind me of my Why on countless occasions. He treats everybody as equals showing preferential treatment to nobody. He is honest, loyal and trusting, all great attributes of a great leader. Category: Captain Gamertag; KSI Bane 7 Forums Account Link: @King Bane Reasons they deserve this award: Anybody that knows Bane knows that he’s all about fun. Whether he is promoting community events, streaming or just hanging with members in general everybody knows him as light hearted and upbeat. He is entertaining, funny and free spirited. These are all qualities that make him the great leader that he is, because despite all of this, he is a team player. he is all about equal opportunities and working together to achieve together. Recently becoming General of Samurai, Bane has shown great leadership skills by communicating effectively with our squad. He takes the time to listen to the needs and ideas of the members giving everybody equal opportunities to voice their opinions and suggestions. He’s not afraid to act a little silly and joke around but he always steps up and takes his role seriously handling issues in a professional manner. He is always positive and fair and that is why i believe he deserves this OTY nomination. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag; KSI Majesty Forums Account Link: @KSI Majesty Reasons they deserve this award: Since joining, Majesty has always strived to achieve greatness for both our squad and division. She always has the best interest of the community at heart and is headstrong and fearless. she isn’t afraid to call you out when she believes there is room for improvement. She is honest and fiercely loyal. She is a both great partner and an admirable officer. She is fair and makes time for all members of the squad. Majesty is approachable and sweet natured and it is because of this that all members feel they can go to her with any issue they have, whether it be KSI related or otherwise. Although we have had our fair share of clashes we always come through stronger and better than before. Majesty motivates me to be better and do better and we each compliment each other’s weaknesses. With her integrity i can see her having a bright future in KSI Leadership. Category: Member Gamertag; KSI FadeZ 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasons they deserve this award: it’s no huge secret that when i met FadeZ i wasn’t his greatest fan and kinda held him at arms length but boy did he prove me wrong. he has proven himself to be a great trustworthy ally and a strong support system, he is honest and true and always willing to share his insight and wisdom. FadeZ is all about honesty and is very easy to communicate and talk to. Though he is not overly huge on talking he is always there to listen and advise. His wit and light humour are admirable qualities and he is respected throughout the community. I truly appreciate him for his loyalty and people skills.
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    Gamertag: KSI ShaynePain Rank: SGT Date Recruited: 11/17/18 Personal goal(s) in KSI: To become a 7 and to be able to run my own squad and to become a Dep. Head one of these days! Be able to build bigger bonds with people I've never met before so I can one day possibly met them! How you plan to achieve it or them: Keep doing the work that I am doing and keep pushing for more work to be put in front of me, so I can show people that I am a speedy worker and able to get things done faster than others Goal(s) for your Squad: To split by the end of February!!!! My main goal is to have a squad split for everyone make sure that everyone gets up to at least 2 recruits and to make sure people aren't inactive. How you plan to achieve it or them: Have everyone in my squad go out in recruiting party's on all the games we play! Then making sure that they are the ones to recruit them and then once they have there two on to the next. Goals(s) for your Division: To become better as a whole! How you plan to achieve it or them: Have more gamenights go on in between the squads and just have more communication in general. Goal(s) for your Department: My first department which is Graphics my goal for that one is to become a Graphic Artist as of right now I am a Applicant. And in the Department CDC I plan to become a PO which I will have to wait for me to become a CO-FO! How you plan to achieve it or them: I plan on picking up as many request that I can pick up and making sure there done to there best effort! And for the second the CDC I want to keep grinding so I can become a officer than a gen the a co-fo so I will be able to become a PO in the Dep. CDC!! And just keep getting my name out there!
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    Gamertag: KSI iSToNeD JAM Rank: Staff SGT Date Recruited: 10/26/2018 Personal goal(s) in KSI: Be a good role mode and always stay learning. How you plan to achieve it or them: My personal goal in KSI is to reach out further and participate in more activities as well as workshops. I want to climb the ranks and learn more about the community as a whole. There is a lot more and you’ll always be learning. I want to be successful in KSI and prove my worth. I want members to be able to come to me for advice, help, or just for fun. Goal(s) for your Squad: Ambition, members, and more activities as a whole. How you plan to achieve it or them: My goals for our squad is to recruit more members with quality who have that ambition and drive to help out the community. To bring the squad as a whole who know their roles further as well as go above and beyond. A little extra care can go a long way. I want our squad to gain more dedicated and fun members. Goals(s) for your Division: Recruit, Community Events, and interaction among the squads. How you plan to achieve it or them: A lot of members stay within their inner circle. We are all guilty of it. As a gaming community we need to expand and meet new members as well as recognize the current members inside. This can be achieved through posting events, having those weekend warfares, splitting game nights between squads, and reaching out to all members in KSI. Love your squad but we are all members of KSI here. Goal(s) for your Department: I have no department. How you plan to achieve it or them: Join a department that fits to what I bring to the table. I am ambitious and easy learning. I hope to find a department when the times comes.
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    Category: Senior Leader - (Board members, Senior Directors) Gamertag: KSI FuzzyMeep 7 Forums Account Link: @I am FuzzyMeep™ Reasons they deserve this award: KSI FuzzyMeep 7 deserves this award for holding this community together we call KSI. When first coming into KSI I first met him as a Lieutenant in LW in my Game Night I was running and didn't even know he was so high in the ranks. He has never let the 7 and his rank go to his head. When I have had questions in the past he has answered them for me in a timely matter. I'm literality sitting in a party right now and he is going above and beyond to listen to a member and giving his feedback. Member Retention and care like this member of this community is very hard to come by and appreciated. Thank You for also being there for me as well during hard times and joining parties I've invited you too. My hats off to you my friend. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link: @Mr. North Forward Reasons they deserve this award: KSI Ronin 77 has done a lot for KSI from Member Retention to coming up with new ways to make the community better. I will speak for what I know. When I returned to LW in 2017 he was coming up with a plan to merge DR & LW. This Merge went over very well and made one of the strongest divisions in KSI. Even after the merge was complete his great diligence with DW shined through and through. He made sure he was at all the meetings and even made appearances at game nights to find the strong members he believed that could make DW thrive. He did everything in his power, while also juggling work and everyday life to be there for the members of the division. He spent a great deal of time writing up the Ronin Shocklord's Recruiting 101 and Training notes and I for one found these notes a valuable tool. Running Lead 101 classes was one of the best experiences I had with him because he didn't just read from the notes. Thank You for all you do for the community Mr. Conversation Era. Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Gary 7 Forums Link: @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award: I will start this off with the reasons I believe KSI Gary 7 deserves the "Of The Year" award. His consistent positive attitude in this community we call KSI followed by the kind of morale building attitude that anything in this world needs to be successful. I have seen him come up the ranks from Captain all the way to Director where he sits in KSI at the moment. He has never let the 7 in his gamertag go to his head either. He is always hanging out with members trying to instill the ways that have made him so successful. I have claimed this member of KSI as my mentor and for good reasons. I don't believe there has been a situation that he hasn't thought of a great way to handle and always followed to rules with great diligence. My hats off to you for your time and commitment to this community Sir. Keep up the great work. Category: Co-Div Leader Gamertag: KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award: This member of DW is to true definition of member retention. He is always around to answer any questions and always meeting new members of the division in Gamenights/Workshops. KSI Havoc 7 is the reason why I succeeded in the community by always giving me new ways to challenge myself when I thought I couldn't do it any better. There have been many times he has helped me in the community when everything was falling apart and I couldn't balance KSI and my everyday life anymore. Above all he does in KSI I will always admire him for the help he gave me when my Aunt and Mother passed away this year. He was one of the reasons I recovered quickly. Always reminding me the SGT rank is just as important as his and to take care of myself first. Keep up the great work you do for this community Sir. Thank you for always treating everyone equal. Category: Founder Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 Forums Link: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award: KSI xKing77 is the biggest reason why I came back to KSI when it was still LW. King is always around when I needed him in different situations when we needed him the most. It didn't matter if he was at work or not. He would jump into parties on his lunch break and make sure everything in the division he was over was doing ok. Always available to teach to anyone who wanted to know the in and outs of KSI and the grey areas. He helped the squads he was over achieve total greatness and I truly believe without him that DW wouldn't be half as successful as it is now. This member always tried his best to make it to gamenights, meetings, and workshops to the best of his ability. Thank You for all you do for the community in Clan Ops and Web Ops. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7 Forums Link: @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award: When I first really got to know this KSI member I was just coming back into the community. He really knows when its time for business and when its time to joke around. As I moved up the ranks with him I had the pleasure to work with him on a daily basis to the first ever squad split in DW. If I ever needed someone to talk to about what the squad needed, who to promote or mentor next he was there. He worked diligently to make sure the squad was having fun with his great member retention. If the squad ever had a question he didn't know the answer to he made sure to find the answer in a timely matter. Once he mastered being a General he moved on the be a Co-Founder which is his current rank in the community. Keep up the great work that you do for the community and don't let anybody stand in your way. Thank You for the experience. Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI Bane 7 Forums Account Link: @King Bane After transferring over to Paladin from Hannibal this KSI member really showed the me what being a Captain is all about. Anything I ever asked him to do, he did it without even giving me a hard time. He hosted squad meeting when I couldn't and was a all around great addition to the officer staff. Honestly this member doesn't get the credit he deserves and you truly have to work next to him to see. It's the little things. When we went on lock down and we had to follow the rules he was always making sure that everyone was abiding by them to keep the squad safe. Recently this member got promoted in productions to the Co-head spot and General of Samurai. I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve. Keep up the great work Sir. Category: SGT/SSGT Gamertag: KSI xMinion Forums Account Link: @KSI xMinion Reasons they deserve this award : From the first moment KSI xMinion came into the community she has had the drive to do great things in the community. When she was promoted to SSGT she has hosted game nights to get the squad together. She is also always there for the members of the squad to make sure they are having a good day and if not she is willing to go the extra mile to brighten up their day. She has learned a lot by asking questions on how the community works and has never gave up. Now she holds the rank of 4CPT and I for one can't wait to see the things she brings to the table in the coming months. Thank You for your work in Samurai and all the party invites to keep Member Retention in DW. Category: Department Member Gamertag: KSI Harmony 7 Forums Account Link: @Nikki Cola Reasons they deserve this award : KSI Harmony 7 has worked very hard on the News Team coming up with new articles to write. She brings a new light to the department with new innovative ideas and it wouldn't be the same without her. The article she wrote "PubG: A Day In The Life" was one of my favorites and after reading it I knew the department had something great. Then she took on the challenge of doing member spotlights and these articles are more difficult to write because you have to get the exact details correct. She didn't stop there, she blew it out of the water with the articles interviewing our new CEO and going on to representing KSI and its departments. Keep up the great work its always a good read! Category: Department Head Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7 Forums Account Link: @Nebula 7 While I was in the marketing department and working together with this member he came up with great ideas to get participation to a new high in DW. Honestly to department wouldn't have taken off the way it did without him. Hosting workshops within KSI and teaching members how then can participate in these events. With the help of KSI Nebula 7 DW found ways to connect to each other and bought Member Retention to a new high. One of the greatest moments is when I found myself competing with him and it was great because it just benefited the community. Trying to out do each others posts or just trying to get the word out about something first. Thank You for the great experience Sir. Keep up the great work! DW Division of the Year!