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  1. Forum issue/solutions workshop

    most solutions arent the forums...its the users browser...
  2. Tech Support

    Yeeah...not so good with 24/7....
  3. New Rank?

    This probably needs to go through your divisional leadership...
  4. Veteran Section

    This is now pending a special section rules. Please be patient with me and those helping. Feel free to contribute by posting here.
  5. World of Warships Forum and official KSI clan

  6. Revamping the Marketing/PR Team

    Pm it to me to...i just like reading...
  7. Who is more Scary?

    ...just remember...worstplayer scares most of your leaders...so me....forever...
  8. Revamping the Marketing/PR Team

    ^and he is the boss...go forth and follow his orders...
  9. Revamping the Marketing/PR Team

    ...you do understand the phrase 'do not suggest'? ...just saying...following the rules might be in everyones best interest...
  10. Revamping the Marketing/PR Team

    *** Note I understand this is in the do not suggest section but its mostly here to get direct community input of my plan subject to changes, and by no means is a final non negotiable plan *** It was placed in the 'Do not Suggest' because as of that time we were not considering ANY proposals for it...
  11. Veteran Section

    PM me...im going to look at creating a category...sounds like a lot of sections...
  12. Game type forum section

    This is kind of interesting...if you had a few more points i would just do it...
  13. Rejoin Case Inquiry

    It is a complaint. If i had to file it, it would be in the 'Complaints' folder. And as an 'Inquiry' it should have been pm'ed. Seeing as the leadership will not talk specifics here. As a former cofo, you should know these things.
  14. Rejoin Case Inquiry

    No, that would encourage division poaching. As for coming back at a rank like cofo, that only happens in very special cases. And those cases involve senior leadership, and a lot of time beforehand making all the rules very clear. As for complaining about it, have you considered that the issue is not the squad and that you are trying to compare reality to your perception of past events?
  15. Tags

    You can quote people...or tell them...