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  1. Veteran Section

    This is now pending a special section rules. Please be patient with me and those helping. Feel free to contribute by posting here.
  2. World of Warships Forum and official KSI clan

  3. Veteran Section

    PM me...im going to look at creating a category...sounds like a lot of sections...
  4. Rejoin Case Inquiry

    It is a complaint. If i had to file it, it would be in the 'Complaints' folder. And as an 'Inquiry' it should have been pm'ed. Seeing as the leadership will not talk specifics here. As a former cofo, you should know these things.
  5. Rejoin Case Inquiry

    No, that would encourage division poaching. As for coming back at a rank like cofo, that only happens in very special cases. And those cases involve senior leadership, and a lot of time beforehand making all the rules very clear. As for complaining about it, have you considered that the issue is not the squad and that you are trying to compare reality to your perception of past events?
  6. Agar.io

    No sanic...
  7. Agar.io

    Phone game thats real fun...i fed someone named KSI...lol
  8. Corner of Ban Management

    Be unique and a person deserving of it.
  9. PARTY ON THE 4TH 2015!

    This is my party...1 post per person...and probably an award later when someone makes 1... PARTY ON THE 4TH 2015!!!
  10. Recruiting age by gender

    Ive met some really mature young people, and without fail that maturity burns away the instant they get bored with what they wanted. In our case, it is joining. They get bored of being rank locked or just bored. To them, this is just something fun and who cares if they cause problems. Mom and dad are not going to be upset. The mature ones are not so different from the unmature, they pick their issues better and sadly, we will be the victim of their immaturity.
  11. Recruiting age by gender

    COPPA - fun read. How about we move the age up since a majority of issues are young members? Or one strike policy an age range? And to unstoppable...look at the pot calling the kettle black...
  12. GTA V Squad For The 360

    So, the argument for a gta 5 squad looks like "because you disagree with me, you are wrong and do not understand the game"...the argument opposing is "we have played it, it still is not suitable for our system"...
  13. GTA V Squad For The 360

    ...essentially, the arguments from gta 4 apply to gta 5....
  14. GTA V Squad For The 360

    Did anyone go read the old topic about this?
  15. Director Rank?

    Yeah...it was vacated...not removed...