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  1. Divisional Cup

    In terms of the Productions Clips for social media, we have really seen a huge decline of people actually sending in their clips, so that really needs to be marketed alot better within productions, from myself and my team, because at the current rate of clips getting submitted there will be no division with any points. So myself personally, once the word has got out a little bit more about the Clips for social media we should hopefully see some more participation. :D but other than that it looks awesome, lots of exciting things for divisions to look forward too! I also like the fact the growth helps towards the points, i think that will really help people be encouraged to recruit and get new members in !!
  2. Call of Duty - World War II: HH Roster Signups

    Team Name: Evolution Division: Divine Warriors Team Manager: KSI Gary 7 Team Captain: KSI Taipan4 Team members by rank: KSI Eternal God KSI TheD3adShot KSI Unfolded KSI X Silenced KSI Skychild Team Alternates: KSIxNebula KSI Bane
  3. "A Touch of Class" YouTube Thumbnail

    Wonderful! Thanks @Dragons
  4. "A Touch of Class" YouTube Thumbnail

    Just one thing, could we drop the 7's from our names, that's my bad lol
  5. "A Touch of Class" YouTube Thumbnail

    Wonderful !!
  6. is on xbox productions application

    Through Xbox
  7. is on xbox productions application

    Hello there! I'm KSI Gary 7 and im the Head of the Productions Department! Firstly I want to say thank you for expressing an interest in the Productions Department! Myself or my Co Head @KSI Skarzx 77 will get with you within the next few days to interview you. And just the clarify, Clan Ops is the Division and squad you are in. Look forward to talking with you
  8. So You Think You Can Write: Gamertags!

    Hello everyone! Firstly, many people in this community always ask me the same question " Is your name really Gary" they always seem blown away when I say "Actually no it's not " Anyway.... When I first came to Xbox all those years ago, I initially couldn't think of a gamer tag, so I stuck with the lame one they gave me. A few months past and I read an article on the internet talking about how a whole generation went without naming anyone Gary! I thought god dayuuum this cannot happen! Gary such an awesome name so I became Cozmic Gary! And to me that looked awesome ! Then the day came where I had earnt my 7 and I needed to decide on a new name.....the answer was clear, a no brainer, it's gotta be Gary! I mean I have never ever seen anyone else with their gamertag as Gary or something similar so I feel like im different and people are more likely to remember me ! I dont think I will ever be able to call myself anything else in the online world ! So there you have it ! (Don't tell anyone)
  9. "A Touch of Class" YouTube Thumbnail

  10. "A Touch of Class" YouTube Thumbnail

    https://wallpaperscraft.com/download/whisky_ice_cigar_ashtray_44583/1920x1200# Would this be more appropriate?
  11. Type of Image/Size: Specific Pixel Size: 1280x720 Image: Main Text: "A Touch of Class" Subtext (if any): With Fuzzymeep 7 and Gary 7 KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: As always please work your awesome magic! Most Recent Past Request:
  12. Productions Team Roster

    Updated 1/7/17
  13. Divine Warriors Division Forum Banner

    If that can be done then I am set on the first option
  14. Productions Team Roster

    Updated 01/01/18