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  1. Video opener

    Okay thanks. I'll hit you up later today
  2. Video opener

    I am still waiting. No one got with me @HuntrX
  3. Division Meeting Notes 1/10/18

    Tournaments & Events: Weekend Warfare: Halo 5 FFA (1/13/18) Event: Minecraft build-off (1/13/18) Event opens at 8 p.m. eastern All teams will use the same world seed, "Underwater" theme Team size of 1-4 members per team, no limit on teams per division Event will last 1 week (ending 1/20/17) and will close at 8 p.m. eastern for judging So the Minecraft build off since it was over last year? Lol
  4. Video opener

    I'm requesting a special video opener for like youtube it a custom video. If someone could get with me that be great
  5. Whoever see this someone fix this man's days! He has not even been in ksi for a full year!

  6. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    LW for my boy Chicago!
  7. KSI Spring Break 2017 Check-In/Poll!

    #forcedtovote #Dr_for_the_win