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  1. KSI GrimShot 77 marketing app

    Gamertag: Squad/Division: KSI GrimShot 77, Explosive Outlaws Age:30 Discord: KSI GrimShot 77#8677 What is your Marketing and or KSI experience: I have been in KSI for over 2 years now, took a marketing class in college What are your strengths? Personable, flexible, friendly, attention to detail, organized What activities and or parts of KSI interest you? I'm a big fan of the weekend warfares, the clip/montage challenges and of course our yearly events. What would you do to maximise participation in KSI's forums, departments, and clan ops events? Starting within my own division I will be pushing for our members to be more readily involved in these activities, but do a better job than previous marketing reps, to better inform about the events as well as build hype around it to gain more interest. Are you a creative person or have any creative graphics abilities? (Marketing advertisements, etc.) I have photoshop I enjoy tinkering with. Are you currently in any other KSI Departments? no Do you have any active applications with other KSI Departments? no Any comments or questions:are there cookies in this department?
  2. Head Hunters Season 2019 - Game Selection Poll

    Smite, Joust, 3v3, picks/bans, normal starting gold and levels
  3. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag/Forums Username: KSI LuGnut Award Desired (Train the Trainer Certification/Div Leadership) Any evidence if required (For this, just you posting is the evidence required) I hosted the workshop Link to Forums account: @dclugnut Gamertag/Forums Username: KSI Icey026 Award Desired (Train the Trainer Certification/Basic Training/Squad Leadership/Div Leadership) Any evidence if required (For this, just you posting is the evidence required) I hosted workshop Link to Forums account: @Skyler Gamertag/Forums Username: KSI Moon 77 Award Desired (Train the Trainer Certification/Div Leadership) Any evidence if required (For this, just you posting is the evidence required) I hosted the workshop Link to Forums account: @KSI Moon 77
  4. KSI Skarzx 77 - Outstanding Service 2

    Oh man, here we go again with skarzx, mr forums award saucefest himself. It's funny, when he first learned forums awards existed, he said "i want all of them, how do i get them?" and the rest is well, you guys see the profile. Skarzx has been one of my officers since the time of when I was a gen. He was my 2nd captain during that time and a strong leader then as he is now. He has always been there to bounce ideas off of, when needed to discuss a route where we believed the best way to go for a squad or for the division as a whole he is never one to be afraid to speak his mind and stick up for it. He is usually the first one to want to tackle a problem or take on a new project that would help the division. He has been the forefront of making sure that we get our PO workshops in and asking members if they need them. He strives to make this place home for everyone and make them feel welcome. His work ethic is in a league of it's own when it comes to what he can do and what he has done and it speaks for itself, as Co-head of Productions, Co-Div of EO, Divisional Hall of Fame member, OS 1, rebounder AND resurrection awards to name a few. During his time as Co-Div he has had to face the tribulations of poaching instances, being knocked offline by toxic communities but despite that he was more focused on making sure the members were safe and that the division was taken care of to ensure it didn't happen to anyone else. He has the respect of the division, he has a wealth of knowledge and has a drive to only continue to do more not only for his division that he has had a large part in making successful but all of KSI. I truly believe that Skarzx does deserve this award and I look forward to what more he is going to achieve.
  5. October 2018 Short Clip and Montage Submission

    Gamertag: KSI GrimShot 77 Squad/Division: EO Link to Montage: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ksi-grimshot-77/video/60656010 Short Description of the Montage: Just doing some r6 things with the Gu man, the Thatch man and Alibi. Gamertag: KSI GrimShot 77 Division: EO Game: Forza Horizon 3 Link to Clip: https://xboxclips.com/KSI GrimShot 77/e00c0e6f-787a-4835-9282-407ce689a6c2 Description: enjoying the snow
  6. KSI Trendies 7 - OS3 Nomination

    Oh man, good Ol' Trenders (KSI Trendies 7) I've had the pleasure of working with trenders here on numerous situations while he is enjoying his journey of being a director. When I first had met him, he introduced himself, extremely quiet and then explained he was a really big neverwinter nerd. Well, EO culture had never messed with neverwinter before so at first glance it seemed as tho it was going to be a primarily business style relationship between director and 7's staff. I was pleasantly proven wrong, with such haste that it shocked me. He was literally playing smite THE next day after meeting us and learning about what we played here in EO. Didn't even tell us that he was downloading it during our initial meeting after learning what we played. His willingness to learn the game, learn about our div, and us as individuals within the division is extraordinary. He was always looking to get involved one way or the other. Game nights, workshops, squad meetings, or just randomly party hopping, he was interested in all of EO. While being director over the 7's staff he provided what I believed to be excellent advice and guidance to handle situations varying from poaching, to enticing others to recruit, to member retention or advice pertaining to promotions. He was never one to turn down a challenge or a question and if in the event he didn't know, he was always more than willing to reach out to the seniors and gain clarification for us. When it came time for discussing anything among the 7's he was always the first one asking for an invite to the meeting. He was also normally the last one to offer advice about a situation to see how we might handle it among ourselves and how we discuss it, then chime in with his opinion on the matter. I'm proud to call trenders a friend, a mentor and a nerd. I look forward to seeing him as a senior director one day and the impact of his knowledge help the community more than he is already doing. KSI Trendies 7, to me showed me exactly how a director should conduct business and how to get to know your new division. His interaction with the division will be what I try to be like if/when I become a director and I thank him sincerely for the guidance he has provided. It is for these reasons I believe he deserves this award. Keep on keepin' on trenders.
  7. FC: Rescheduled 7's Prominence Poker (9/28/18)

    Division: Explosive Outlaws 7's Rep #1: KSI GrimShot 77
  8. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

  9. FC: CoD WWII - 7's FFA (9/30/18)

    Division: explosive outlaws 7's Rep #1: KSI GrimShot 77
  10. FC: 7's Prominence Poker (9/27/18)

    Division: explosive outlaws 7's Rep #1: KSI GrimShot 77
  11. FC: For Honor - 3v3 Dominion (9/29/18)

    Team Captain: KSI UNIT3 Squad/Division: Vendetta/EO Teammate #2: KSI Zebraa Squad/Division: Talon/EO Teammate #3: Dragon Regicide Squad/Division: Talon/EO Alternate #1: Squad/Division: Alternate #2: Squad/Division: Team Two: Team Captain: KSI LuGnut Squad/Division: Volatile/EO Teammate #2: KSI Icey026 Squad/Division: Volatile/EO Teammate #3: KSI Eto Squad/Division: Volatile/EO Alternate #1: StaticShazam Squad/Division: Volatile/EO Alternate #2: Squad/Division:
  12. FC: CoD WWII - FFA (9/27/30)

    Participant #1: KSI Foxhound775 Squad/Division: Rogue/EO Participant #2: Deathwhisper455 Squad/Division: Volatile/EO Participant #3: Squad/Division: Participant #4: Squad/Division: Participant #5: Squad/Division:
  13. FC: Rainbow Six Siege - 3v3 Secure Area (9/29/18)

    Team One: Team Captain: KSISwiggityTaco Squad/Division: Rogue/EO Teammate #2: KSI Rin Touka Squad/Division: Rogue/EO Teammate #3: KSI Soup00 Squad/Division: Rogue/EO Alternate #1: KSI BooyahMonk Squad/Division: Rogue/EO Team Two: Team Captain: KSI SHOT ME Squad/Division: Rogue/EO Teammate #2: AlphaTurok Squad/Division: Rogue/EO Teammate #3: KSI Yuna4321 Squad/Division: Talon/EO Alternate #1: KSI Mgacka Squad/Division: Rogue/EO
  14. KSI Jessii 77 OS Level 1

    Jessii, Jessii, Jessii, where do we begin with her. Well, when she first came to this division she was a transfer with a lot of ambition and hunger to not only move up the ranks, but to find a squad to grow and flourish. She is never one to stray from a challenge, see her rise to the head of marketing for example. She started with working with that department and reviving it with Riita, when it started going in the right direction, because of what she had done to push it in the correct direction she shortly became co-head and then after a little more time, she would move on to being the head of marketing. She runs the department with much enthusiasm and excitement. Always welcoming in new members to the staff and openly discussing new ideas to innovate into the department as a whole. When she was pushing her way to the top to run her current squad, Talon she was always at the forefront of getting work done, making sure members were taken care of and felt welcomed and made sure to get them involved with as many events as possible from the moment they were recruited. She has faced her fair share of adversity while gen too. From poaching attempts from TSB and LNT, to officers going up and going down because of real life or other various reasons and even the obnoxious issues we faced most recently with TSB trying to knock people offline. She always remained calm, friendly and up beat reminding her members and the division of how to handle the situation correctly with minimal possibility of getting knocked offline. She's level headed, down to earth, determined, loyal and hardworking, she's very good at taking criticism and rolling with it and improving from it. Overall, she has done a phenomenal job here in E.O. since her arrival and I'm confident that she deserves her OS 1.
  15. Multi nomination

    I was once booyah's gen long time ago, he trained at least 10 while under me. while I was founder and he was an officer in various squads, he trained at least 10 per squad (in total about 40 between 4 squads)