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  1. KSI January Town Hall Jan 26th

    Which division do think will surprise you the most this year?
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  3. Spirit Week Shout out/200th poster Wins a Prize

    Gotta give shout out to my Co-Div @KSI Ronin 77 for smelling like booty! but on the real, been awesome to work with you and learn as I go. I couldn't really see this Div being ran any other way than how it is, so lets keep this gravy train rolling! next up would be the founder @KSIPrimalrage7, the man eats more booty than he does groceries or maybe those are his groceries... lol but seriously man, I wouldn't be here if you and Ronin hadn't pushed me so damn hard and its honestly been awesome. Slow going at first, but hey, look where we are now! @KSI ECHO 77 this co-fo has been nothing but awesome, full of information and always reliable when needed, appreciate you brother for all the advice and guidance to help me build the squad the way that it is. @KSI Guyy my 2nd cpt, this dude right here, its been awesome watching you make your moves as big, and bold and as fast as you have (maybe not as fast as you would of liked) So lets keep this moving and get our next squad for the div! @KSI R3ap3r 77 my 3rd CPT, man, if it wasn't for this guy i would be lost as Huck! having ran through the hoops and getting here, you were always there to help guide me when I needed it. Lets make my first squad split happen huh? EO BABY! #WEOUTHERE
  4. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    yo EO in the house! #weouthere
  5. KSI Spring Break 2017 Check-In/Poll!

    Herro! EO here! Let's go!