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  1. KSI Sinikon Legen

    Legen - Yes
  2. KSI GamerJohn OS Lv.1

    Ill be dropping my right to vote, I have been in SL for going on almost a month which granted is not enough time. But when I tell you John is an amazing officer, I cannot stress that more. You name all the things you expect out of an officer and he does ALL of that and then some. For a non-General , he is the first one to post all promotions and trainings that need to be done and damn near does all of them . October's Top Recruiter for SL , and if he is needed he makes himself available. I believe this member deserves outstanding service for being an outstanding member and one of the best officer's I have seen in a long time.
  3. Nebula Meta Award Hobbyist Nomination

    Legen - Award Hobbyist - Yes
  4. KSI VENUM 7 Mentor Award

    Mentor 5/5 = Yes
  5. KSI xKamikaze Master Recruiter

    Based on Witness Statements - Master Recruiter - Yes
  6. Swagg 7 Meta Awards

    Award Hobbyist - Yes
  7. Head Hunters Season 2019 - Game Selection Poll

    Black Ops 4 with a combination of game modes such as TDM, Domination and Search & Destroy to appease everyone. I think Core and Hardcore should be optional
  8. Multiple Nominations

    GS Hoarder - Yes to Both Member Assistance - Yes
  9. KSI December 77 Member Assistance Nomination

    Member Assistance - Yes
  10. KSI Havoc 7 Multiple Nominations

    Good KArma - Yes Friendly & Approachable - Yes
  11. KSI xKamikaze - Meta Award Self Nomination

    I <3 Awards - YEs
  12. KSI Harmony 7 Self Nominations

    Good Karma - Yes Friendly - Yes Approachable - Yes Pave the Way - Yes
  13. Multiple Nominations

    Verified GS Hoarder - Yes to ALL
  14. KSI Jynxie Good Samaritan nomination

    Good Samaritan - 4/5 Keep them coming
  15. TB: Uno (11/23/18)

    Sovereign Legacy KSI Skarzx 77