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  1. Trixie Self Nom On Point

    Name: KSI Trixie Link to forum: @Trixie Award/Achievement: On Point / Staff Award: Imagine Dragons Reason: I have 15 awards
  2. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2019!!!!!!!

    DM is the best !!!
  3. So You Think You Can Write - June 2019

    Gamertag: KSI Trixie Division: DM My Dinner Party Guest #1: Edgar Allen Poe Why: He is one of the greatest, if not the greatest writers of his time. His superlative use of imagery is still emulated today with many writers. I would love to pick apart the mind of a man that could create things so dark as The TellTale Heart. I think he would bring a darker, more emotional side to the dinner party. Guest #2: My Nanny Why: My grandmother passed away a while ago. She was one the most genuine people I have ever known. She did not bring false image to try to impress anyone. She also would be the first one to call someone out on their crap. Even though she does this, she still gets along with everyone that she meets. My grandmother would be the one to make sure everyone was brining their genuine selves to the party. Guest #3: Sacagawea Why: She helped Lewis & Clark with their exploration of new lands. She lived a difficult life being kidnapped and sold unwillingly to her husband. Despite all of that, she still assisted Lewis & Clark so they could communicate with the Native Americans. It would be interesting to hear history from a Native American, and to see how she feels about the way they were treated during this time. She would bring a strong female perspective to the table. Guest #4: Sigmund Freud Why: Freud was the first one to develop and use psychoanalysis when treating patients. He also developed the Oedipus Complex, and ideas about dreams and the unconscious mind. Freud’s ideas are still applied in common day psychology. Since he was Jewish, he was also forced to leave Austria to escape the Nazi persecution. Freud would bring an unparalleled perspective to the dinner party. I am sure he would also have stories to tell about his escape from Austria. I would love to hear from him what he thinks are the motives and drives of each person at the table. Guest #5: Edward Teach (Blackbeard) Why: Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, was one of the most famous pirates of the 1700s. Piracy, as we know it today, was a very different experience in those times. Teach would be able to recount stories to elaborate on what life was really like as pirate in those times. Blackbeard was able to convince numerous men to follow his command, so he must also be a great speaker. He would draw people in with stories of the open water. Guest #6: Ann Boelyn Why: Henry’s VII’s 2nd wife was Ann Boelyn. He was married when he met her, but that did not stop him from pursuing Anne. Anne refused to be “the other woman,” and held tight to her values. Henry finally worked a plan to annul his first marriage, so he could be free to be with Anne. Henry, of course, later moved to another mistress. Anne was found guilty of charges of treason and sentenced to die. I am sure Anne would have some juicy stories to tell about King Henry VII. She knew him on both sides of the coin and saw both the good and the bad of the man. She would bring stories of romanticism, treachery and betrayal to the table. Guest #7: Vincent van Gogh Why: Vincent Van Gogh is probably one of the most widely recognized artists. He suffered from mental illness and even had psychotic breaks. He spent time in mental hospitals because of this. Like many artists, his fame was not fully discovered until after his death, and mystery surrounded his cause of death. Some say he committed suicide, while other call it foul play. To have someone like Van Gogh and Freud at the same table is priceless. Van Gogh could also provide insight as to how he really died and clear up the mystery.
  4. I know we have all heard the saying "read the riot" act. My parents used to say it to me when I was in alot of trouble. I knew it was time to shape up when that happened. This term originates back to the 1800s from England. They actually had a paper called the Riot Act which gave the government the power to declare a group of people as a threat to the peace. They would read this document to the people in question, and then they had a limited amount of time to disband or face punishment. So, came the term "read the riot act."
  5. I have an origin story to share. We all know the saying " saved by the bell." Back in the olden days, they didn't have great ways to test if someone was dead. Quite often, people would get diseases that would put them in a coma and make them appear to be dead. So, unfortunately many people were mistakenly buried alive. In order to avoid this, they started placing a string into the coffin with the other end attached to a bell. They would hired someone to walk the graveyard at night and listen for ringing bells. Then, they could dig them up and save them, hence the phrase "saved by the bell."
  6. Name: KSI WHISKEY82 link to forum account: @KSI WHISKEY Award/achievement: Outstanding Service Level 1 Reason: Whiskey has been a vital part of our squad. Prior to our new general taking over, our squad was riddled with dissension among the ranks, due to lack of communication among officers and a traitor among the ranks. He fought hard to make sure the officers were listened to and their concerns were addressed. Now, we have a well oiled group of officers that communicate regularly and work together to get things done. This is in part to his hard work making sure that someone listened. He has worked to mend relationships that were previously shaky for the betterment of the squad. He consistently works to bring in quality recruits to the squad, and to help make game nights fun and enjoyable for all. The officers were lacking in training, so he worked hand in hand with the general to personally make sure everyone was trained thoroughly and correctly. He puts the squad and officers first to make sure that everything runs smoothly. I think that he deserves this award based on these facts and the way he completely turned himself around to become a positive force in the squad. The other witnesses will be posting shortly.
  7. May 2019 Of the Month Awards

    Captain KSI WHISKEY82 DM Discord 3CPT Forums account: @KSI WHISKEY Reasoning: Whiskey has become such a positive force in our squad. He personally volunteered to get all of the officers trained and continues to personally train new officers. He led the squad while our general AWOL was on LOA. Whiskey got people interested in game nights with his posts in our discord squad chat. He made sure the squad ran smoothly in our generals absence. He always makes game nights fun for everyone that attends and makes sure it runs smoothly. He is the right hand man of our general and is always available if a problem arises or if a promotion needs to be done. He really is a shining example of what it means to be a good officer and member of KSI.
  8. Link to forum account: @Trixie Award/Acheivement: 2019 Donor Reason: I have sub for two months to the twitch channel. Proof attached.
  9. Gamertag: KSI Trixie Link to forum : @Trixie Award/Achievement: Gamerscore Hoarder Reason: Pic attached
  10. Name: KSI Trixie Link to forum account: @Trixie Award/Achievement: Ripple Effect Reason: I have 10 awards Staff Award: Winter is Coming
  11. Spring Break Forums Challenge

    DM ftw!
  12. March 2019 OTM Nominations!

    General Gamertag: KSI AWOL Rank /Division /squad: General/DM/Discord Link to forum account : @KSI AWOL Reasoning : AWOL took over our squad after the previous General had to leave unexpectedly. We had very low attendance to meetings and game nights and had very few recruits coming in. He instituted changes which made recruiting quality people a first priority. Since then, we have increased our attendance so much that are squad meetings are full every week and we are considering instituting a second squad meeting to accommodate folks. He had to work through disagreents to make all of this happen, but he was consistent and never gave up (even though I know he wanted to). He is an asset to this community and to this squad. He shows us what it means to be a great leader. Captain Gamertag: KSI WHISKEY82 Rank/Division /squad : 3CPT/DM/DISCORD Link to forum account : @KSI WHISKEY Reasoning: Whiskey suggested and instituted an officer training in our squad to make sure that every officer was intimately familiar with the process of recruiting, training and promoting members. He took time from his own personal schedule to personally work with each and every officer to make this happen. This dramatically increased the confidence and reliability of the system across the board for our squad. He also is sure to handle any issues that arise quickly and effectively and communicates the outcome to people involved. He may take a swifter approach, but he always gets the job done. He is always one of the first to volunteer when people need recruiting or training. He wants what is best for the leaders and members of this squad and it shows in the quality of work he displays. Member Gamertag: infiityhunt Rank/Division /squad : CPL /DM/Discord Link to forum account : @Infinityhunt Reasoning: Inifnity is what a member should be. He is always willing to help out with raids or to help you complete quests. He volunteers to do this consistently without ever being asked. He conveys a helpful spirit in everything he does. He brings a positive attitude to game nights and consistently participates in activities across the community. I have never heard him say a harsh word about anyone or complain about anything. He is polite and considerate of his fellow members. It is impossible to name all the times he has helped out others without asking for anything in return. It is this selfless spirit that makes him a joy to have in our squad.
  13. PubG or Fortnite?

    Pubg!! Who likes fornite lol
  14. Android Or IPHONE

  15. Netflix or Hulu

    Netflix has much better content