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  2. KSI Nebula 7 OS LVL 2 Nomination

    I will say this. I've been dealing with alot of things in my personal life lately and some of it has effected my experience in KSI but nebbi has been someone who has been reaching out to me when he sees it effecting me and being very supportive with that. He has gone out of his way to try to get me more involved and has been making sure I don't feel left behind or excluding which has been really awesome. Having a co founder go out of their way like that for a member in my opinion is super outstanding and honestly having a member around like that has been some of the motivation iv needed to keep it going here and for that I feel in my opinion he deserves this award. Thanks nebbi
  3. AAP Staff Applications

    Name/Gamertag: KSI FadeZ 7 Rank (If applicable): SGT Time spent on the forums (Daily): on constantly throughout the day Experience and Time in KSI: been in on and off since 2012 overall 3-4 years as an active member. I have been a successful general in multiple divisions and the highest rank iv attained in clan ops was Co founder. I am currently a Join area moderator and a writer for the news team and I have also in my previous stretch as a member held the position of T&E Co Head. I've also been in charge of the welcoming committee in FI before the full scale roll outs. Are you apart of any other departments? If yes, which one/s? I am currently a writer for the news team and also currently hold a position as a Join area moderator. Do you have any pending applications for other departments? If yes, which one/s? I have a current pending application with the Community Development Committee. Why you feel you are the right person to join the AAP (Please provide details): I feel I am the right person for the AAP because I am very dedicated to what I become a part of. I have a huge drive to progress in the Web/department ops side of things and learn all I can. I am on the forums constantly throughout the day as I am a join mod so I am always active and checking the forums and then running checks on information of applicants and checking them out which I feel having that skillset would be beneficial in my duties I'm the AAP staff to follow up on and check the validity of award nominations. As a join mod iv also learned just how important factual information and the ability to be unbiased is which I believe are required to be a productive member of any department especially AAP. Are you able to meet deadlines set for you? Absolutely as a news writer and join mod I have to keep track of several deadlines to meet at a time and have executed these requirements successfully. Are you willing to undergo an Interview in addition to this application? I absolutely would be. What do you wish to get out of this application? - (Please do not answer to get on the staff, think about it). I wish to broaden my horizon in KSI. I've always wanted to get more into web/department ops specifically the AAP because we have this awesome program that is part of getting members recognized for their achievements and I honestly really want to be a part of that experience for the members and assisting any way I can. I also think it would be a learning experience for me to develop mysel as a member and my skillset and would give me the opportunity to become more involved in this community. Is there any further information you would like us to know, to put forwards towards your application? I have no other relevant information that I have not already shared in the app. My final thing to add would be thank you for the consideration at the very least.
  4. No one is answering me

  5. KSI Officer pup OS 1

    I've known pup since 2012 back in DR. One thing that has never changed is her dedication to this community. She goes out of her way for any member with anything they need help with. Forums help, clan ops help, gamenights, recruiting etc she goes above and beyond for the members even with personal issues she will be there for you in full capacity as long as you need her to be. She is a stellar officer and currently in productions as well as being the newest addition to the news team she is always looking for ways to get involved so she can progress and help. Her dedication is honestly inspiring and it's good to see the spark in a member who has been around or and off aslong as she has. I can't speak for anyone else but in my opinion I find her service outstanding.
  6. What about KSI stands out for you?

    For me it's that we are a huge melting pot essentially. So many people from so many walks of life connecting to enjoy this hobby we all have.i love being part of creating this awesome environment

    Gamertag:KSI FadeZ 7 Rank:SGT Time in KSI: originally recruited 10/26/12 and have been around either as a member or friend of the community since. Opinion: well i used to love recruiting back in the day. Not to say I dislike it now but back then when I was a young teenager and joined this community it honestly changed my life. All I wanted to do was bring people in to our safe haven and help them anyway I could. My personal recruiting experience was actually a bit odd. I was referred by a KSI LOONEY 192 who was a personal childhood friend of mine and was recruited by a person I knew from a previous community. I came into a squad and div going through a tough time from a BL community hitting them yet everyone was so friendly and happy and didn't let it get to them. So I ended up trying to use that positivity and try to approach recruiting with that same style. Member retention and recruiting was honestly really solid in that div then. So I always tried to be that way about it. I feel recruiting should always be quality over quantity and personally I feel like some leaders still try to push more of a quantity which understandably we want to grow but it is always different because as leaders we all have our own style and views which play into the recruiting of those around us. I think now that we definitely focus more on member retention and quality which is great. In my opinion I think recruiting could be streamlined a little but honestly I'm not sure how we would go about that and realistically it's not really needed but improving is always a good thing. I don't enjoy recruiting nowhere near as much as I did but I believe at least from my Pov the gaming scene as a whole has grown alot more toxic and chatoic however because of that I think it's that much more important to build a safe haven for people trying to escape that and enjoy this hobby we all love without that negativity
  8. KSI VENUM 7 OS LVL 2 Nomination

    I don't have as much of a personal or long experience with venum but I can say this. Since I've met this gentleman his dedication to KSI has been without question. Everytime I see him he is in parties assisting and involving members to the best of his ability. He goes out of his way to make sure your involved and that you know regardless if your a raw new recruit or someone who has been around for awhile that you matter. He assists his squads and generals aswell as his entire division without question or even an expectation of recognition. He just is KSI and at least in my opinion that is outstanding.
  9. Favorite 7 ?

    My favorite 7s would be the few who are still here I consider as mentors.KSI AIRBORNE 7, KSI HAVOC 7, & KSI Harmony 7. These 3 have impacted my life in such a huge way and iv built such huge personal relationships with them and learned so much from them that I honestly wouldn't be the member I am today or the person I am today without them. Through thick and thin I love these 3 and appreciate every single thing they have ever done for me and helped me achieve and see my full potential. @Airborne 7 @KSI Havoc 7 @Nikki Cola
  10. KSI Speaks and contribution.

    Thank you I appreciate your contribution @Airborne 7
  11. KSI Speaks and contribution.

    Hello everyone I'm Fadez if you don't know me one of the things I do here is write articles for our awesome news team. Now I am going to be doing a monthly KSI Speaks article. a KSI Speaks article is where a writer reaches out to members of the community with a question and simply asks you guys to answer that question. So I'm making this to reach out and ask you guys if you have any questions you'd like to submit to be added to possible options? and also if you would ever like to be included by answering questions?. Let me know thank you everyone We even have a suggestion topic which I'll link in here drop by and check it out !
  12. Thank You!

    Glad to have you here and in samurai!
  13. KSI FadeZ 7 Signature Request.

    Thank you so much !
  14. KSI FadeZ 7 Signature Request.

    Perfect! The top on especially. Could I possibly get a link for the top one as when I try to upload the image into my signature area it says I don't have enough space
  15. KSI FadeZ 7 Signature Request.