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  1. KSI xMinion Member Assistance Award

    I have personally witnessed minion go out of her way to be helpful to members in our squad and specifically myself with gamenights and getting people together to do things.
  2. KSI FadeZ 7 meta self nomination

    Name: KSI FadeZ 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI FadeZ 7 Award-/-Achievement: Three Cheers Reason-/-Evidence: I have over 30 awards on the forums. All Lower Award Tier(s): Legen, Ripple Effect, On Point, Round of Applause, Requested Staff Award(s): I Love RiiOT, That's So Fetch, Meeps Minions, lucis side, winter is coming.
  3. KSI FadeZ 7 DHOF nomination.

    Gamer tag (All FORMER GT USED) - KSI FadeZ 7 , KSI FadeZ Division Applying For -Divine Reign Awards Earned - Roxy Foxy Fall classic 2018 Write right Spirit week 2018 Platinum Donor Wasted life Clip Commander Train the trainer certified Squad Leadership Certified Basic training certified New Member certified Helping hand Squad splitter Spring break 2018 Scotland's Jacobites Lieutenant OTM Divisional Forums addict Gamerscore Collector Committed Merry Christmas 2014 3rd year anniversary Gamerscore master Day spirit 2014 Ice breaker SH socialist Prison Party Lieutenant of the month V Day Bash 2014 Merry Christmas 2013 7s headhunter Co founder of the month Trainer Outstanding Service Level 1 KSI Mentor Member assistance Gamerscore hoarder I came to party 2012 Testimony why they deserve it I was a member of Divine Reign from 2012 to the end of 2013 and also a member of Divine Reign in 2014. In those time frames I was recruited into DR in the squad Sacrifice. I changed my gamertag immediately and was transferred to Rebirth DR due to the squad recent going through a huge hit from J2H. While In that squad I personally recruited and mentored multiple members while assisting KSI VOLTAGE 7 (KSI BabyJesus at the time) build the squad from the ground up. I became first captain and helped split Rebirth. From that split I was promoted to General and given the split off squad named Valkyrie DR. In 3 months time with my staff I built Valkyrie into a power house squad which then split again into Rapture DR. For that second split I was promoted to the rank of Co founder. From those squads many notable leaders and sqaud splits came forth like Elysium DR and Aseir DR. I was awarded Co Founder of The month while holding the rank of Co founder in DR I also attained the awards member assistance , trainer, OS Level 1, KSI Mentor , LT of the month, and Squad Splitter when it became an award for the previous Splits in DR. I also alongside KSI AIRBORNE 7 and KSI EXODUS 7 Helped build an extremely active division with weekely events and meetings and growth. I left the community and returned to DR in 2014 climbing to the rank of 2nd Captain under KSI GreendayFox assisting her as her second in command in running and building Judgement DR into another successful squad. @Airborne @KSI GreendayFoxox @KSI OSIRIS 7 @The Kommandantantan @KSI Paratroop 7 @KSI Officer Pup are the only members still around who could vouche for any of what I have done for that division over the years
  4. Things said while gaming

    @KSI GreendayFoxdox "keep playing that tiny little violin....." "I can't help it my finger is stuck in this motion" "...... I bet your lady friend loves that"
  5. Gamertag: KSI GreendayFox Link to forums: @KSI GreendayFox Award/ Achievement: good Samaritan Reason: this member has bought myself personally a copy of a games season pass so I could enjoy and keep up with other members in the community. I have also witnessed her do the same for multiple other members as well.
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  7. You as a Member

    Question 1: My question is, you as a member, How do you participate within the community and try to make it a better place? Well I try to get on and be helpful to people as much as I can. When I joined here I was looking for friends and something more. I found it in KSI and honestly it's been a life changing experience so what I try to do is be that for other people. I try to bring that to everyone. If it's an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on or advice I can give or even just making someone involved I try my best to do that and I also try to meet the requirements of my positions to the best of my abilities. Question 2: How do you take advantage of the Learning Guides and the Projects/Events in the community? I try to participate in and promote any that I can when I have free time.
  8. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

  9. KSI Speaks Topic Schedule

    KSI Speaks Topic Schedule - 2018 July "Pineapple on pizza?" @KSI FadeZ 7 August "What is your favorite animal?" @KSI FadeZ 7 September "Back to school edition" @KSI FadeZ 7 "Stuck in a video game" @KSI Officer Pup October "Favorite thing about Halloween?" @Warpriest 7 "Best & Worst Purchases Ever" @KSI Hatter 7 "Thanksgiving Edition" @KSI FadeZ 7 "Favorite 3 Course Meal" @KSI Officer Pup "Thanksgiving Traditions" @KSI ApolloBelow November "Favorite Christmas memories?" "Best Christmas song ever?" December
  10. Officer Promotion Guide

    Captain Captains as a whole are responsible for many duties in a squad. While some are very similar to the previous ranks Captains have some very important key aspects they are required to meet. Captains are required to be proficient in mentoring the Lieutenants in all required duties and assisting them in all ways that are needed. Below is the Squad Leadership workshop as a reference point. http://www.ksiforums.org/topic/37407-squad-leadership-workshop-lt-gen-updated-070918/ Captains are in charge of overseeing squad teams such as the Head Hunter team. They are to help schedule practice times and alert teammates when matches have been scheduled. http://www.ksiforums.org/topic/39454-squad-activity-guide-updated-071018/ Captains are responsible for assisting Generals with hosting meetings. They are to help by taking notes, attendance,keeping control of the situation and more. http://www.ksiforums.org/topic/25620-how-to-meeting-notes-and-explanation/ Captains should be knowledgeable on how to create schedules for squads and maintain them and update them as needed. (Create Content as none exists) Basic Training Workshop http://www.ksiforums.org/topic/37406-basic-training-workshop-sgt-ssgt-updated-070918/ Train The Trainer Workshop http://www.ksiforums.org/topic/37404-train-the-trainer-leadership-workshop-updated-070918/ Captains are to be familiar with the base guidelines and requirements of assisting their general in splitting a squad and how to properly and effectively help meet those requirements. How to split a squad: Full officer staff (12 + new ssgts ready) Full Squad (95+ members) Maintain activity Normally splits are 60/40 but can change Keep track of members “preferred” game type and the average player base of set game types in preparation for successful splits.
  11. KSI Nebula 7 OS LVL 2 Nomination

    I will say this. I've been dealing with alot of things in my personal life lately and some of it has effected my experience in KSI but nebbi has been someone who has been reaching out to me when he sees it effecting me and being very supportive with that. He has gone out of his way to try to get me more involved and has been making sure I don't feel left behind or excluding which has been really awesome. Having a co founder go out of their way like that for a member in my opinion is super outstanding and honestly having a member around like that has been some of the motivation iv needed to keep it going here and for that I feel in my opinion he deserves this award. Thanks nebbi
  12. No one is answering me

  13. KSI Officer pup OS 1

    I've known pup since 2012 back in DR. One thing that has never changed is her dedication to this community. She goes out of her way for any member with anything they need help with. Forums help, clan ops help, gamenights, recruiting etc she goes above and beyond for the members even with personal issues she will be there for you in full capacity as long as you need her to be. She is a stellar officer and currently in productions as well as being the newest addition to the news team she is always looking for ways to get involved so she can progress and help. Her dedication is honestly inspiring and it's good to see the spark in a member who has been around or and off aslong as she has. I can't speak for anyone else but in my opinion I find her service outstanding.
  14. What about KSI stands out for you?

    For me it's that we are a huge melting pot essentially. So many people from so many walks of life connecting to enjoy this hobby we all have.i love being part of creating this awesome environment
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