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  1. ▇ Writer's Block ▇

    Well actually I do love apple juice. But that's it I swear lol
  2. ▇ Writer's Block ▇

    Love that story lol
  3. ▇ Writer's Block ▇

    And I gotta say I really connected with this and I also have learned this valuable lesson. Brothers need to learn to take the damage sometimes. The only thing that would make this better was if you were wearing a onesie lol
  4. KSI xMinion OS Level 1

    Minion is a very dedicated member of this community and her squad. She goes above and beyond as a captain always talking to the members and making sure they are all being involved and as happy as possible. She hosts gamenights/workshops constantly and works very hard at them. She is always in parties with people trying to help on any level even personal ones which I can say has been a blessing for many in multiple occasions. She doesn't let the time difference of being a UK member of a predominantly US based squad get in the way. This girl works so hard she legitimately falls asleep in parties from the exhaustion of it as I'm sure anyone can vouch for. She is also an amazing editon to the News Team really showing some awesome creativity and talent. She shows amazing promise for the future of KSI and if anyone of the other up and coming members are half the officer she is then we are in good hands.
  5. BE MY VALENTINE - PUBG Duo's Tournament (2/7/19)

    Team Name: Foxy Friends Teammate #1: KSI FadeZ 7 Teammate #2: KSI Greenday 7
  6. So You Think You Can Write - January 2019

    Who I Gamed With Most In 2018 Who you gamed with most: @KSI Greenday 7 Game(s) you played together most: Call Of Duty, Destiny 2, PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds, Overwatch Best thing about gaming with this person: I can legitimately be myself and be open and just enjoy all of my time and have fun regardless if we win or lose. Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: when she gets all worked up and starts screeching like a fox while we play lol. Most memorable moment gaming: it's a tie between toxically spawn trapping people in Overwatch and giggling at their suffering. And playing squads in PUB and me and her being the last 2 standing against 4 and getting her first chicken dinner On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: 10 because Natalie is a low key Overwatch Goddess and I always have the most fun playing with her. She makes everything so much better. Who you gamed with 2nd most: @Nikki Cola Game(s) you played together most: Rainbow Six Siege, Halo 5 Guardians, PUBG, State Of Decay 2 Best thing about gaming with this person: very talented player Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: very similar sense of humor lead to a lot of the same jokes at the same time. Most memorable moment gaming: beating Halo 5 on Legendary and checking it off the list we had of beating the Halo Games on Legendary together.. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: 9 we always had very similar skill levels and alot of fun playing. She was always my partner in everything we played and we rarely even had to communicate to execute the plans and get the wins. Who you gamed with 3rd most: @KSI Havoc 7 @KSI Rpg900 Game(s) you played together most: Halo 5, Ark Survival Evolved, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG Best thing about gaming with this person: both are super close to me and like family. Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: the Hilarious shenanigans we would have fun doing. Most memorable moment gaming: with RPG it was watching him get these ungodly kills on PUBG at long range with the most basic weapons. For Havoc it would be re connecting on Ark and rebuilding our friendship On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: 10 forsure because these guys are always here for me and always so fun to play with.
  7. what is your go to food at a buffet table?

    Deviled eggs. Always. I love them and have to get them if they are there
  8. General Chat

  9. Which Drink Best Accompanies Your Breakfast?

    pretty much what this lovely guy said ^ . No your an alcoholic not me I'm just drinking it so you can't
  10. KSI Officer Pup- Multi self noms

    I can confirm that this member was recruited 12/16/17 with a Gold KSI tag.
  11. PUBG with Scotland & December (12/13)

    KSI FadeZ 7 ❤️
  12. Airborne Self Nomination for DR HOF

    When I was recruited back in 2012 into DR I met Mr Airborne here. He was my Co founder. He was taking a very hands on role with Rebirth DR that had just lost about 80% of itself to a J2H hit. I came into squad wanting to help and to learn. I explained my recruiter (KSI THOR 7) at the time did not read me the CoC or explain anything to me and that I wanted to help but had no clue how anything worked. So this guy airborne offered to read it to me and explain it and teach me. So he took me under his wing and taught me everything he could. With his guidance we built up Rebirth splitting it into Valkyrie. With his guidance as a leader I was able to become a successful General and eventually a 7 myself. This man went out of his way to guide me whenever I needed help I would confide in him and get his advice because of his dedicaton to the members and knowledge. As founder he completely fixed our recruiting procedures and got our recruit tag actually working and helped guide the Co founders and squads through them. As Co Division Leader he ran the div when our div leader could not be around and kept us on track and constantly moving forward. At the time DR was one of the biggest most active divisions in the community and honestly it would not of been possible without his leadership. This guy guided so many in DR that eventually become leaders throughout the community that without a doubt I owe this man everything and I would not be the member I am today without him and what he did in DR. This is why I feel he deserves this
  13. You are Important

    I love you nebby. I needed this post more then you will ever know.
  14. Tacos or Enchiladas

    Enchiladas easy choice. You just get so much more juicy meaty bites. But everyone is entitled to their opinions. Even when they are wrong lol
  15. DISCUSSION OF THE MONTH: Goals For 2019

    Gamertag: KSI FadeZ 7 Rank: SGT/Join Mod/Senior News Writer/HSI Staff/Court Judge. Date Recruited:10/26/12 Personal goal(s) in KSI: to one day hold a spot on the Board Of Directors, and to really leave a lasting mark in the community and get my name in the official hall of fame. How you plan to achieve it or them: I plain to achieve this by continuing to contribute to the growth of the community in every aspect I am involved in. By helping improve my respective departments and by elevating those members around me that I can to their full potential here. I feel at the end of the day helping a member find their place and passion here is the best way to do that. It starts with one but is finished in the end by many. Goal(s) for your Squad: to assist in it being a safe haven for those who need it. How you plan to achieve it or them: by being friendly, loving and caring. By creating a fun place without toxicity that people can truly be themselves and feel appreciated and wanted. Just being the friend they need and Ally always in their corner. Goals(s) for your Division: for it to be the best Division in the community. How you plan to achieve it or them: by being helpful and hands on throughout the division. Being hands on and getting to know the members and helping them find themselves here. Building each member up is building the division and by proxy the community. Goal(s) for your Department: to really help each one I'm in reach their max potential. How you plan to achieve it or them: by helping and assisting my peers to maximize their potential. By helping revamp and improve anything that can be Improved on and all around just helping in any way possible. Overall growth and refinement are my goal.