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  1. Socialism vs Capitalism

    Yeah. Relies on the people. Their drive. Their determination. Their work ethic. You right, you right.
  2. Where you at?

    Where am I at? Not in TSB.
  3. Your Favorite Band?

    A Skylit Drive.
  4. Favorite Movie?

    Harry Potter movies are the best. For sure.
  5. Type of Image/Size: Global Image (2048x750) Image #1: Image #2: Image #3: Main Text: Community Events Subtext (if any): N/a KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: None Most Recent Past Request: N/a
  6. December 77 - Signature Request (NO 3D text!)

    Updated 12/12
  7. Wild Ghost Fox News Application (On Hold)

    Application is currently on hold.
  8. KSI x Samurai gamerscore hoarder

    Gamerscore Hoarder - Yes

    Division: Dark Legions Team Captain: KSI December 77 Teammate #2: KSI Follow Teammate #3: Teammate #4: Teammate #5:
  10. DISCUSSION OF THE MONTH: Goals For 2019

    Unfortunately, it looks like you’ve copied and submitted Mr Taywick’s exact post. Probably just a misunderstanding. We’d love to hear your own thoughts on goals you have in KSI for the new year. Any special direction you’d like to see your squad Vanquish take in 2019? @KSI NAHFOOL
  11. PUBG Custom Games Date: Thursday, January 3rd Time: 8:30pm EST Gametype: TBD Format: 5-man divisional teams. Best of 5 games. Overall winning division will receive the "Thursday Night Throwdown" Crown! (TNT) Entries: Team Captains, please post with the template below. Message @December 77 with any questions. Division: Team Captain: Teammate #2: Teammate #3: Teammate #4: Teammate #5:
  12. HSI - Global Image Request

    Accepted. It looks freakin awesome. Thank you so much! @Dragons 7
  13. Type of Image/Size: Forums/Division Banner (400x51) Image: Main Text: Performance Operations Subtext (if any): N/a KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: All caps text, white if possible. If we could keep the blue colors in the original picture, that’d be awesome. Thank you! Most Recent Past Request: N/a
  14. News - Forums Banner Update

    Type of Image/Size: Forums/Division Banner (400x51) Image #1: Image #2: Main Text: News Subtext (if any): N/a KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: Would like to keep the black and white theme for the banner. Would love to see what y'all come up with! Most Recent Past Request: N/a