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Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

Forums Challenge  

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Welcome to the kick-off event of KSI Spirit Week 2018!


This is the poll for the forums challenge.

- This poll will open 8 EST June 20th,  and end at 6 p.m. EST June 24th.

- Members are only permitted to vote once, on their personal forums account.

-To receive the KSI SPIRIT WEEK AWARD for 2018 you MUST both Post and Vote (If you do not belong to a division please just post)

- Any member found violating forums policy by creating new accounts, or by logging in for others will be banned immediately and disqualified from Spirit Week events.

- You must post in this thread after voting to receive your Spirit Week Participation award.

- The division with the highest amount of votes (not posts) will win the Forums Challenge.


- The Forums Challenge will be worth:

  •  4 points for 1st place.
  •  3 points for 2nd
  •  2 points for 3rd to go toward your Spirit Week total.
  •  All other divisions will receive 1 point for participation as long as the division has received 20+ votes.
  •  If a division fails to meet 20+ Votes, they will receive 0 points towards their Spirit Week total.

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