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    KSI Tax Day Challenge

    Announcing KSI Tax Day! Tax Day is right around the corner, but we don’t want you to pay us, we want to pay you! You are reading right, we want to pay you! Since Huckleberry is as old as Uncle Sam himself, he’s decided to have a little fun with tax day and throw down a little challenge to Worstplayer. What’s the deal? Here it is: We have 24 hours to break the community record for most visits on the page. What’s the record? Right now it’s 666, but we intend to smash that number. What’s our goal? To top 750! We have 5,200 people here so it shouldn’t be a problem, right? Get members motivated and logged in on April 15. It’s that simple. Now, we mentioned us paying you, right? We will be giving out prizes to people and all you have to do is visit the site on April 15th from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. That's right, we have a 24-hour period. Let's break the record and see which divisions can organize their members the best – oh, and there may be a prize for the division with the most member involvement. ***If you wish to be entered into the prize pool, you will have to comment in this thread at any time during the 15th to enter your name into the prize lottery.*** What could you win? Prizes include: $120.00 Scuf controller or Turtle Beach Your choice of Titanfall or Destiny A three-month Xbox Live Membership* And some other hidden secrets Follow our Facebook and Twitter for news, event announcements and maybe some special treats and rewards. Share the event listing and let us know how many of you are excited to break the forums record: https://www.facebook.com/events/615143845234725/
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    Nebula 7

    You are Important

    Hello those reading this message, my name is Nebula, some call me Nebby, or Nebs. I'm sorry about the pain you've been through, please understand that things happen, and to not let them get you down or hold you back. When you're having a rough time in life, or in the Community even, Try to remember why you joined or why you're here. If you remember the Why, the How's will become clearer While you're here, I'd like to ask you a favor. Please try to be a Little Kinder than Necessary. You will never understand the amount of impact you have in someone's life, one act of being someone's friend could mean the world to someone who's battling Depression. This may be a odd message, to randomly appear in the community. Please let me to you my Story, please note as of today, I'm 17 Throughout my life, there has been a predominant amount of pain or sadness. I'm not asking for Pity, or saying how my life is terrible. My Father, would get Physical with my and my Siblings, usually resulting to moving in with my mother as they are divorced. My Mother, would drink constantly, and do Drugs, she'd scream at me until the only place that I'd feel safe was on Xbox or in my room. I lived with my uncle, which around a year later, I had Surgery on my leg which was paralysed. I asked my mother if I could see my father again, and the cycle repeated with me ending up Homeless, leaving in a truck with my mother, and my two siblings, and two Dogs. We stayed there for a Year until we found a place to live, the drinking continued until we moved into my Aunts house, where I'm living at now. There is a short story without alot of details. My point in this Topic, is that life is hard. There will be ups and downs within it. We all must learn how to be happy and how to be stronger. Please know that you do not know people's stories, so please be kind as you do not know what Pain they've been through or what pain is currently inside them. You are important to many people in your life. You may forget how important, or the impact you have on them. When life gets hard, don't give up and end it, it's a temporary solution that causes permanent damage in those who love you. But don't let bad things define who you are as a person, don't let them hold you back from things you'd want to do. Those of you who I've hurted, or I've been mean to, I'm sorry. I hope you are well and in a loved surrounding. I want you to know, that I love you. And never change the person you are inside. I hope you have a life filled with Happiness and love, - Neb
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    I am FuzzyMeep™

    Please Read KSI

    On behalf of the KSI Board of Executives and the KSI Senior Leader Team, we want to apologize for any and all confusion that you have had to endure over the past 72 hours. As leaders in KSI, it is our duty to provide a fun, safe, and structured gaming experience for all members. In order to achieve those ideals, the KSI Board of Executives reached a unanimous decision to remove KSI Darth Sidious 7 as chairman of the Board of Executives due to his recent conduct towards members of the community. What this means for you?: Absolutely NOTHING! As members, this does not effect your day to day operations in KSI. We encourage you to stick with your members, and make sure that they are playing the game and having fun. If they have questions, be honest with them and answer them to the best of your ability. If you do not feel comfortable explaining things to them, ask for help from your leadership staff. Are we still KSI Global?: YES! KSI Global is a community, and what we have done is remove one person from this community. We are still and always will be KSI. Why the new site?: We have had to migrate our members to a new website, because the other site was ran and operated by Darth Sidious. Here, we are at our own discretion, not having to worry about the security and control of our web operations. Is this a split, like United all over again?: When this decision was made, there was no intention of causing a split. You will find over time, that some people are pledging an allegiance to KSI Darth Sidious 7, in turn creating a situation that now feels like a split. The easiest and best way to answer this question is, no this isn't a split. The community is here, if people decide to leave here and go somewhere else, that is their right. What did Darth Sidious do to be removed?: There were several incidents leading up to this decision made by the board. The best way to explain, so all can understand is this. KSI has a code of conduct, that as members we all agree to abide by. When the chairman of the Board of Executives feels that he is above following the Code of Conduct, and starts disrespecting members, the Board must take action. When the chairman then feels like he has done nothing wrong, and proceeds to attempt to remove all leadership because they do not agree with him, again the board must take action. What is in store for the future?: Not being under a dictatorship opens many more avenues for our community. This is the time for our members to have a voice, a time for us to work together to build the community we've all been working so hard to create. This is the new age KSI that we've all been wanting for sometime time now, and the best thing about it is... its ran by its MEMBERS!!! KSI is a community for gamers, by gamers. Let us unite as the family we all know and love, and move from underneath the negative umbrella we've had to hide under for so long! This post has been promoted to an article
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    It is Finally time for our fifth annual KSI Spirit Week! What you Need to Know about the Event KSI's 5th annual Spirit week will take place Wednesday June 22nd - Sunday June 26th Prizes Will be awarded to the Top 3 Division of KSI on the 26th of june and each individual event winners will recieve a prize for securing points towards there division. Points are to be given as followed First place, 3 points Second place 2 points Third place 1 point All participating Division recieve 1 additional point for coming out to represent their peeps! What to prepare for: Wednesday: Opening Ceremony, Forums Challenge (24 hour event) Thursday: Karaoke ( 2 people per division, 45 second time frame, plan on using skype) Thursday: Rocket League 3v3 Friday: Halo Reach (3 person teams, plan for any style of game, final info to be relased a week prior to spirit week Friday: Black ops 2 (4v4, plan for any style of game, final info to be released a week prior to spirit week) Saturday: Halo 5 (4v4, plan for any style of game, final info to be relased a week prior to spirit week Saturday: Black ops 3 (4v4, plan for any style of game, final info to be released a week prior to spirit week) Sunday: Closing Ceremony, Winners TBA at event, Spirit Week MVP TBA at event, Hall of Fame Inductee **OVERALL RULES**: KSI/XBL Code of Conduct applies to ALL KSI related events. Be respectful! No trash talking. All maps have been pre-selected, no requesting maps. This is a week for fun, we are a mature gaming community so the expectation is that everyone whether participating in an event or not, is respectful and on your best behavior. All team captains need to make sure that their service tag/clan tag is set up to read [0x0] which stands for wins and loses All teams (every member that is competing) needs to read and understand these rules as well as the rules for each tournament. Any individual who wins a prize during Spirit Week must follow the directions given to them by event host to claim their prize within 7 days (one week) from the end of Spirit Week. Anyone who does not claim their prize within this time period will forfeit their prize. If a member/team quits during participating in any tournament/event during Spirit Week, it will result in a Handicapped match, The procedure for lobby Lag will be explained in detail before each tournament with Team Captains, Neutral hosts will be utilized. TnE Rules will Apply Highest ranking member of each division is the only person permitted to sign up their representatives for each event. (They can appoint a divisional 7 to post on their behalf in case of emergency.)
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    Basic Training Workshop: Becoming a Leader in KSI Workshop Introduction: Sergeants and Staff Sergeants are the future of KSI. The quote “...today's recruit could be next years director..” means just that. The rank of Sergeant is the first step in moving forward towards that goal of being a career officer within the community. Not just that, it's also the first time where members truly get a taste for what it means to be an active member in just a gaming sense. While before they may have helped recruit, they will now be a part of the squad staff that is responsible for both bringing members in, and making sure they have the best experience possible. As a Sergeant you are responsible for having fun, and helping the squad in any way that you can. This includes hosting/co-hosting recruiting parties, game nights, workshops, and much more. While the position may not be as daunting as others, it is nonetheless important. A good core of sergeants can make or break a squad, which in turn can make or break a division. Because of this it is critical that you make sure the next generation of KSI leaders are as good as, if not better than the current group. Workshop Occurrence: This workshop will be offered on a rotating basis. Specific dates and occurrences will be listed on the monthly workshop calendar created by the Performance Operations Department. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Before we Begin (Pre-Workshop Conversation Starters and Discussion Topics) The following questions may be used as a conversation starter before beginning your workshop. It's important to make sure you begin by getting everyone thinking about the topic at hand. Thinking back, what were your first days in KSI like? What was it like when you were first recruited? Are there any people, or moments that stick out to you? Why? How can you make sure that new members are as welcomed into the squad as possible? What do you think you can bring to the table to help better the squad? What do you think the main duties of a SGT should be/are? What does it mean to be an "effective member" within your squad? What do you hope to achieve during your career in KSI? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Core of the Program (Workshop Topics, Progression, and Key Points) Workshop Curriculum Introduction: Throughout this workshop you will be introduced to a variety of topics, including the daily responsibilities of both sergeants and staff sergeants. As we navigate this information, keep in mind that as a sergeant, you represent one of the most important positions in KSI. You are the link between its members, and its officers. Although you yourself are still relatively new to the community, you have the power to make or break an experience for a member, or potential members. In all of this, remember the following. KSI stands for Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. We all know this. We learned it the day we were recruited, and will remember it even after we have left the community. Those aren't just three words, but also principles that every single leader, member, and trainer must demonstrate in their daily duties. As a Sergeant, you should understand and be able to talk to others about what KSI stands for. Knowledge: Knowledge is essential in every aspect of your membership in this community. Throughout your time here, you should try to gain as much knowledge as possible from those around you. Ask questions, take notes, memorize rank structure, and so much more. The more you know, the more you gain, and the better the leader you will be. Strength: Strength is needed to persevere through tough times and to continue moving forward. You will uncover obstacles throughout your time in KSI. They may take the form of dwindling squad or division numbers, issues with members or officers, or personal problems that become more important than gaming. With each of these, never think they are too big to overcome. They aren't. Approach all problems at their base level. Focus on helping one, two, or three members before trying to tackle the problems of the world. Strong leaders create a strong community. Integrity: Integrity is perhaps the most important trademark of a KSI leader. At the end of the day, it, and your actions are all that you have. If you promise to do something, or are entrusted with greater responsibilities, it is important that you follow through, and not only that, but that you follow through with them to the best of your abilities. Just because you move up in the community doesn't mean your work is over. In fact, it's just beginning. As a leader, and as an officer, members are going to count on you to carry out any number of tasks, from game nights to recruiting parties. It is vital that we don't let them down. Important Workshop Technical Note: This workshop will be interactive, meaning that as you go through the information, participants should follow along on both www.KSIGlobal.org and www.KSIForums.org. You will go over the information as listed below, but also direct them to where they might find it themselves in the future. Because of this, before beginning the workshop please walk your participants through signing up for the forums if they have not already done so. To get credit for completing this curriculum, they must be on the forums throughout the process. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Basics of an Effective SGT Introduction: As has already been mentioned, SGT's and SSGT's make up perhaps the most important part of this community. They are the link between our newer members, and the officers that make the decisions that affecteffect them on a daily basis. As a SGT, you are taking your first steps into the world of leadership. It is a world that can be difficult, frightening, and overwhelming, but also rewarding, fulfilling, and challenging. Below you will find listed several tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you be the best SGT possible for your squad, and for your division. 1. Participation A strong division means a strong and active squad. For this to happen its members need to be actively participating in the events offered. It's only natural to state then that sergeants should always participate in game nights, learn from workshops, attend squad meetings, and be active within their squad. Game nights are a common squad activity that occurs throughout the week. Normally they are hosted by officers, and on a common game known to, and played by a Division or Squad. Co-Hosting a game night as a Sergeant will allow you to interact with members within your squad. Workshops are held to help guide and educate members in the ways of KSI. Additionally, workshops are great for promoting officer interest in a squad by passing vital information to individuals who will then use it when they are promoted. Squad meetings are used to give information of the squad to all squad members. In fact, some of the standard information conveyed in a regular squad meeting may include game nights, workshops, promotions, as well as other squad and divisional information. 2. Recruiting Learning how to recruit is an excellent way to bring your friends into an experience that you enjoy, and that you wish to share with others. Recruiting also provides growth within your squad, which means more people to play with. Finally, as a sergeant it is a standard duty that you should be helping to recruit, either by hosting, or co-hosting recruiting parties, depending on your level of qualifications, which may differ from division to division. While finding new members to join the community may seem daunting, the steps listed below can help to make the process much more simple, and less frightening. Recruiting made easy: Enter a game alone or with a small team/group. Talk in the lobby and meet your fellow team members. Play by the Code of Conduct and represent KSI in a positive manner. During the match, communicate with the non-community gamers with a positive attitude, as well as your fellow community members to encourage interest in KSI. If you enjoy someone's personality and they seem interested, ask some questions, get to know one another and see if they would be a good fit for this community. Remember never recruit someone if you do not wish to be around them. If they decide they would like to just hang around a bit, feel free to invite them to game nights and some more matchmaking. If they then become interested in joining, begin the standard recruitment process which can be found listed below. Another excellent way to find people who you might enjoy gaming with is to create looking for group posts on Xbox Live. Remember though, in those posts you can tag clan recruiting, but more often than not people are just looking for a team. Keep this in mind and try not to be too pushy. Game with them for a while, get to know them, and develop a feel for what they want. If you think that they might be interested in joining the community, begin the standard recruitment process. KSI's Standard Recruitment Process can be found here: http://www.ksiglobal.org/portfolio/handbook/ 3. Understanding the Code of Conduct The KSI Code of Conduct is a set of rules outlining the social norms and responsibilities of an individual or organization. Each person recruited into KSI is expected to follow and uphold all principles and values, while developing their leadership skills, and self-identify as a member. This code of conduct clarifies and outlines our community's mission, and in doing so, defines the overall desired behavior of all current and future members. Failure to uphold the standards of the code of conduct can often times lead to disciplinary actions, including suspension, dnh's, or even blacklistings. As a sergeant it is crucial that you understand these rules, demonstrate them in your duties, and help to translate them to the new members of this community. The C.o.C. can be found here: http://www.ksiforums.org/topic/35279-code-of-conduct/ 4. KSI Rank Structure In order to provide a more organized experience for those who join our community, KSI members are placed in a semi military fashioned rank structure, in which one's rank represents that member's status in this community. For all respective purposes, this rank structure is separated into a multi-tiered system in the following order, from highest rank to the lowest: Multi-Divisional or Community Level Divisional Level Multi-Squad Level Squad Level Each of these tiers are then broken down into several ranks. The full breakdown of rank structure and organization can be found in the quote box below. All you need to do is click the arrow to expand the information inside. Descriptions and duties involved with each rank can be found here: http://www.ksiglobal.org/portfolio/rankstructure/http://www.ksiglobal.org/portfolio/rankstructure/ How to recognize rank: The 7 suffix in gamer-tags refers to KSI Leaders who have attained the rank of Co-Founder or higher in the past, or present. However, we do have some leaders not currently in those leadership positions who hold a 7 in their name. In general, no member should have a 7 in their name unless they currently hold a position equal to Co-Founder or higher, or have previously held such as position. 5. Your Future as a Leader of KSI As we have already discussed, sergeant is a critical rank in KSI. Not only does it help form the glue that keeps a squad together, it also represents a member's first experience with leadership. While the position itself is not time consuming, or difficult, it gives you the first taste of what it is like to be an officer in this community. Some members will decide to stay at the rank of sergeant and just be active gamers within the squad. Others still will decide that they have like the taste of responsibility they've received and wish to continue up the rank structure. In these cases the next rank that awaits for them is Staff Sergeant. It represents the first true officer position within the community, and the starting point for the next generation of KSI's leaders. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Basics of an Effective SSGT Introduction: After successfully fulfilling the requirements of a SGT, you will be given the opportunity to take up your first true position as an officer in KSI. While not yet experienced enough to step into the positions of squad leadership, you will be given the opportunity to begin your training for that eventual change. With this, the hope is that when the time comes you will be able to be as effective as possible for your squad, and for your division. As a Staff Sergeant you will be tasked with a variety of responsibilities that will seem similar to your eventual duties. As a SSGT you will primarily be tasked as acting like a mentor for the newer members and newer SGT's in your squad. They will look up to you for encouragement and knowledge, but also for someone to game with. While you may have more work to do, never lose sightsite of why you joined the community, and why other members did as well. Below you will see several of your duties listed, as well as tips, tricks, and suggestions that can help you be as successful as possible. 1. Hosting game-nights Game nights are essential to a squads success. Not only do game nights unite a squad, but they also promote growth and team development. Game nights are normally hosted by an officer, and can be co-hosted by a Sergeant. Game nights are also played on a game that is well known by a specific squad or division. In an ideal world, game nights are hosted regularly in each squad, and each division. If that doesn't seem to be the case, take the initiative as a SSGT, and seek out an officer who would be willing to co-host with you. The more experience you get with organizing, hosting, and communicating with members you get, the better off you will be in the long run. 2. Hosting workshops Workshops are used for passing knowledge down to lower ranking members. Squad workshops are required to be hosted at least once throughout the week. Specific information regarding their occurrence can be found on the Human Resources calendar for each individual division. It is our job to ensure that lower ranking members are taught correctly in order to perform their jobs effectively. Without effective training, theretheir is no future for our community. Each new generation has to be able to step up and replace the last when the time comes. As a SSGT, you can co-host several workshops, or at the very least, aid your officers in making sure they go off without a hitch. Once again, the more experience you get, the better. 3. Keeping up with members Talking to members is extremely important. In fact, it may be the most important duty of any squad or division officer. If we don't continue to make new members feel like they are welcome in the community, then the possibility, or rather likelihood arises that they feel unwelcome within their squad and then decide to leave the community. We can help make sure this doesn't happen by regularly inviting them to parties, as well as anything squad related. This includes game nights, squad meetings, workshops, or any other KSI event. Out of all of your new duties as a SSGT, the most important will continue to be playing games, and playing games with as many members of the squad as possible. Without a happy squad, theretheir is no squad. Without a squad, theretheir are no officers. 4. Training and Promotions As a Staff Sergeant, you are required to train recruits to the rank of private, and promote individuals to the respective ranks of corporal and sergeant. Clearly, at first you will not do these alone. You will be trained on how to take members under your wing, and give them the necessary information and training needed to move up to their next position. In this role, you will act much more like a mentor than anything else. Remember what it was like for you when you first joined the community and filled those ranks. Relay that experience to them, and help make it as smooth as possible. For the specifics on how to recruit, train, and promote, your general and squad officers will work with you. Be on the lookout for information from them. 5. Forums The forums are KSI's main source of information, stored in one convenient location. All officers, including staff sergeants are required to have a presence on the forums. Your division has its own section, and your squad will have its own topic, and/or topics. You will find that meeting signups, meeting notes, game night sign upssignups, and community events are communicated regularly through the site. Other helpful topics that can be found are: Clan-Ops Information Center, Divisional Transfer Area, Divisional Sections, Community Events, Access to Department Areas, Signups for events, and General Chats. All of these areas are crucial to the smooth operation of the community. As a SSGT it is also a part of your duty to help new members sign up for accounts, and teach them how to use them appropriately, and effectively. KSI's Forums can be found here: http://www.ksiforums.org/ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Debrief (Post-Workshop Conversation Starters and Discussion Topics) The Following questions can be used as a conversation starter following the conclusion of your workshop. You do not have to ask every question. Pick the ones that you believe will have the most impact, and most buy in with your workshop group. What are the initial topics that stood out to you while going through the workshop? Was there anything that surprised you? Was there anything that you didn't agree with? If so, why? What is at least one thing you can take from this workshop that will help you be the best SGT/SSGT possible? What does it mean to be aa a SGT? A SSGT? Why are those positions so important in the overall context of KSI? What can you do as a SSGT and SSGT to help make sure that your squad, and in turn, division run as smoothly, and effectively as possible? Where do you see yourself in a year's time?
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    Name/ Gamertag: KSI Ivy 7 Current Rank/ Title in KSI: Founder Profile link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/33586-ksi-ivy-7/ Reasons I feel this member should recieve this award Ivy is one of the best 7's I have ever met. She can be hardworking and serious one second and funny, happy and playful the next. She doesnt think that her rank puts her above everyone and there needs either. If she sees that im not happy or anyone else isnt happy, she messages them and helps them with there problems. She will listen to what anyone has to say no matter what anyone has to say. Anything that will make them happy she will do. No matter what. Ivy is one of the 7's that goes above and beyond her job. KSI related or not, she makes sure to keep people happy and active as well as keeping us in line. Thank you Ivy!!
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    Category: Senior Leader - (Board members, Senior Directors)- Gamertag; KSI Scotland 7 Forums Account Link / @Scotland Reasons they deserve this award - I meet Scotland shortly after he got Promoted to Head Department Manager, Ever since he's been earned that promotion he has been active in the Department Chats. He answers people's questions and teaches people how to be a Leader within the Department Area of the Community. I've learned how to run a Department and what it should mean to do so, Being a leader within this community is a Privilege, not a right. Scotland lives to the belief of Ideas makes Departments grow, Rather than the common idea of the Heads making all the Ideas in the Department, he tells people that everyone has the chance to grow the Department and the Ideas of the Department are mainly from them. Scotland has given me the tools and mentality of looking into a Department, and seeing the goods with the bads. Scotland is a fantastic example of something who deserves an Award in this Category. Director Gamertag; KSI Trendies Forums Account Link - @KSI Trendies 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Ever since Trendies become a Director over DW, He's been a Active part within the Division. He partakes in Events with the members of each of his Divisions He Actively puts his input when available and gives his advice to the new officers of the Division. Compared with other Directors we've had within the last few Months, Trendies is someone who doesn't stay away until needed. Category: Division Leader Gamertag; KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award - I've been with Gary sense the Beginning. Ever since he first became a Co-Founder, I've seen Gary grow as a Leader and train up new Leaders and Officers within the Community. Gary went through all of his 7 Staff leaving him when he was just a Co-Founder. Then again when he was a Founder, Gary has Persisted through the Worst of his Career. He slowly lead the Division along Havoc and King, and Made DW the Biggest Division within the Community, and with the biggest Participation. Gary is now a Director, and proceeding in his Rein of Kicking butt. Gary has been a big inspiration for me to continue my Career, whenever I was feeling unmotivated, or when I thought I needed something to learn when I just became a General, He was there to help me learn and when the other 7 Staff left, he picked up their Training of myself and the other Generals. After all that Dedication, it's Finally paid off. Gary is a good example of someone who never gives up and someone who will preserve through the toughest situation. Category: Co-Division Leader Gamertag; KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award - I met Havoc around I'd say Maybe Around January, Around the time LW merged with DR, and Made the Division DW Some notible events Havoc has done in the past; Became the Head of T&E, and Chief Performance Officer. Those are probably marked as the Top two without many details I didn't know Havoc then, but from when he joined DW, He has put all he has into the Division. He'd stay up late to make sure people were trained or if they were alright, he'd go into training or Mentoring any Members that asked and then members who didn't. Anyone who needed anything, whether it's someone to talk or game with, or if it's something like a Knowledge Workshop, there are countless examples of Havoc doing things like this. Havoc works on a Day to Day basis for the Division, making sure everyone is getting along as a family, and making sure everyone's having a good time, especially the Officers, He always says that everyone deserves time to Play and have a good time. Officers shouldn't work all the time but to remember to have fun, and to remember that's what the community is about. Havoc is a endless source of Knowledge that he is happy to sure with anyone who asks. While that's just inside of the Division Level, Havoc also runs Performance Operations and is improving the Education of the community, he is one of 3 HR Members. Havoc is active with all the Events within the Community, and is always looking for our Members to partake and participate. If there is anyone who deserves an Of the Year Award, it would Definitely be Havoc. Category: Founder Gamertag; KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award - I first met King last Year when be transferred to Samurai LW to help. He slowly moved up the Ranks again, when he was promoted to Co-Founder Samurai was on the right track to a Spilt. But that's a different Story When King got to Co-Founder, is when I got to know who he was as a Leader. When King makes up his mind it's very hard to steer him off of it, He puts himself to an Outrageous Task out of reach, and Then Completes it! One example of this is Reviving DR and getting it ready to Spilt, which it then Spilt into CD. King makes sure that people are being Trained property and doing their Jobs, As a Quote he likes to use, "I'm not here to be liked, I'm here to get the Job done.", Is a quote a few Leaders Use. King has been in a few Departments, those being Marketing, and now, he is in History. King has been in many Divisons, and Many areas of KSI. He is also a Join Moderator, and now a Senior Moderator, and is in Performance Operations King has influenced my Career and many Others, He is a Fearless Leader and even with all the things I've stated, he still surprises me He helps other Divisons in need of Leadership, even acting as a so called "Acting Co-founder" in another Division that he's over in PO As a Founder, King has many Talents, and has his hand in many Cookie Jars as I've said above. King gives his 110% in each activity he enters, No matter how many tough situations he's put in, he always pulls through! King is the Ideal Founder Category: Co-founder Gamertag; KSI VENUM 7 Forums Account Link: @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Venum is one of the Generals I worked along side with, there is a long list, but Venum sticks out Venum works with each and every member he sees that needs help, He's the kind of guy that needs to pick you up when you feel down. Venum makes sure that Officers are being Trained and people are having a good time in the Community, Venum ran the Headhunters and played with our Team, not in Matches, but in practices and made sure everyone was ready to go Represent our Divisons. Venum I got to know when he got Promoted to Co-founder, which he got After he Spilt Samurai after King got Promoted. He worked with me to fix my Faults and made sure I knew what I was doing, Venum was a type of Leader which I don't see very often. When he sees something that needs to get done he dones it, he doesn't pawn of work to other people. He makes each Opportunity an Educated one for those Willing to Learn. Venum is a great example of a Leader that uses Firsthand Knowledge, I believe he Deserves this Award Category: General Gamertag; KSI Artifice Forums Account Link: @KSI x Artifice Reasons they deserve this award: I've seen Artifice as a Lieutenant, to all the way to a General. Artifice has Struggled in different places, but then excelled when he learned how to properly do it, He was always willing to how to be a better Leader, and how to better himself with those around him. Artifice has had his Ups and Downs when it comes with his Squad, and an Unlucky Hand when it comes to it. He's lost officer staffs, then slowly come back up, then slowly lose them again, But Artifice is someone who hasn't given up. He's determined to Spilt his Squad or make it get to a Healthly Position. Artifice is always available when it comes to the Education of his Squad and to how the others in our Division. Artifice is a fun person to be around, He always brings a light atmosphere when he joins the Party, whenever people play he tries to make it into a Gamenight and get everyone involved. Artifice is Definitely someone i could of Worked better with, or worked harder to understand. But at the end of the Day, He is becoming a great leader within the Community and i hope he continues to have that Learning Mindset! Category: Captain Gamertag; KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Accounts: @King Bane Reasons why they deserve this: Bane, Bane, Bane. What's about this guy? I've worked with Bane while I was a General, then seen him pushing himself in different Squads. His time in Paladin and Samurai have shaped him in the direction of a fantastic Leader. He is a Positive and Motivational Person who is always there for the Officer Staff and his Squad. Bane has been Captain in three Squads the Last year, I do not see this as a Bad thing, but something to be encouraged by. Bane would see Squads that need help and move over to go help them. When he went to Paladin and then Samurai, the Squads Thrived. He would plan and schedule as many things as possible to make sure member Retention was improving. He is always down to do a Workshop or to help members with education. He likes to implement good ideas within his Squad Samurai, where he recently became the General of! All the Officers look up to Bane as a person and someone to learn from,Bane has such a big impact within the Division, whatever party he's in he makes people Laugh but remains Professional and Willing to help. An the Different Hand, he is also the Co-Head of Productions, and a Member of Marketing. Bane is doing an Fantastic Job within the Community and has became a True Leader. I'm excited to see what he does further in the Community. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI xMinion Link to Forums Account: @KSI xMinion Reasons why they Deserve this Award: Minion has had a huge impact on Samurai, Ever since she first joined. He first week she started hosting Gamenights, whenever something needs to be done, she is the first one to drop what shes doing and do it herself. Minion is never Afraid to tell someone what she doesn't know, She is always looking for ways to improve herself and how to be a better leader. Minion is by far, one of the members who put a smile on my Face, and Many Others. Whenever she Joins people just can't help to talk with her, She is very Social and Very Caring. She always has a shoulder for anyone to hold on, even if it holds her down, she doesn't complain. Minion was Recently promoted to Captain, where she is Second in Command of her Squad, and is Constantly Promoting Member Rentention and Motivation. She has Daily Members of the Day, where she picks a member who has been pushing themselves and gives them a Shout! It Raises squad morale, member Rentention, and she pushes people to improve themselves and to do their Bests! Minion is Definitely someone who i look forward to their Future!, I Believe she is a fantastic Example of what a Lieutenant and a Captain should do. Category: SGT/SSGT Gamertag: KSI MrsLOWDOWN Link to forums account: @KSI MrsLOWDOWN Reasons they deserve this award: Ever since Lowdown joined the Community, she has been a positive influence for the Majority of her Squad She constantly has Gamenights for her Squad, constantly plays with members and raises Member Retention Lowdown started as a Positive influence and has continued to do so! She has proven to be a valuable member, even when she isn't a Officer Lowdown is always available to play with anyone who asks, She has been a consistent Motivator inside of the Division. I can't wait to see what she does in her future here. And I hope she becomes an Officer again soon and to work her magic! Lowdown has been a absolute Joy to work with, and I believe she is a fantastic example of what a Member, not only a officer, should be like. Category: Member Gamertag; KSI Greenday 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Greenday 7 Reasons they deserve this: I first met Green when she joined Marketing, and ever since then she's been a positive and Active member within my Eyes. She constantly and continuously posted templates for the Marketing Staff, and has Improved the overall Member activity in FI, and now in SL. I see Greenday constantly in Parties with her members, and having a good time. Greenday in in basically every area of the Community. Whether it's a Co-Head of The HSI Department, an Officer in SL, an Forums Moderator, and a Marketing Representative. I'm probably missing some others as well! She has her hand in many Cookie Jars so to speak, and gives her 110% in all of the Areas! I believe Greenday has been such a Positive Member this Year, and has truly made an Impact within thr community. Category: Department Member Gamertag; KSI FadeZ 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasons they deserve this; Let me tell you about the one and only FadeZ. He is such a positive member in the Department Area, and has made quite the change in News. Im not in the department myself, but I constantly see him asking questions, learning, and posting Articles about the Community, or about Specific People. FadeZ isn't in as many Departments as other people. But he makes more of a impact on News or in a single Department than anybody else. FadeZ has recently been moved to Senior News Writer, and I can't wait to see what else he does and what new ideas come from this phenomenal addition to Department Operations Category: Department Head Gamertag: KSI Dragons 7 Link to forums Profile: @Dragons 7 Reasons they deserve this Award: I met Dragons a little before joining the Graphics department. And even since I've met him, He's done his best to answer all my questions and to improve my Graphic Ability. He has made countless suggestions on how I could improve, He has been a huge inspiration for me to get better. He always makes himself available to give out information and to give out resources. Graphics is a Department Different than all the Others, Nothing Compares to the way it's run, I came into the Department a little confused and intrigued, but He has answered all the questions I've given, I got to experiment my first SoTW when it was Brought back, and I Have yet to win, But ill continue to work with Dragons until I've improved enough. Dragons has made the Department have a Personal feel so to speak. And I'd happily say that I believe Dragons Deserves this.
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    Category: Senior Leader - (Board members, Senior Directors) Gamertag: KSI FuzzyMeep 7 Forums Account Link: @I am FuzzyMeep™ Reasons they deserve this award: KSI FuzzyMeep 7 deserves this award for holding this community together we call KSI. When first coming into KSI I first met him as a Lieutenant in LW in my Game Night I was running and didn't even know he was so high in the ranks. He has never let the 7 and his rank go to his head. When I have had questions in the past he has answered them for me in a timely matter. I'm literality sitting in a party right now and he is going above and beyond to listen to a member and giving his feedback. Member Retention and care like this member of this community is very hard to come by and appreciated. Thank You for also being there for me as well during hard times and joining parties I've invited you too. My hats off to you my friend. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link: @Mr. North Forward Reasons they deserve this award: KSI Ronin 77 has done a lot for KSI from Member Retention to coming up with new ways to make the community better. I will speak for what I know. When I returned to LW in 2017 he was coming up with a plan to merge DR & LW. This Merge went over very well and made one of the strongest divisions in KSI. Even after the merge was complete his great diligence with DW shined through and through. He made sure he was at all the meetings and even made appearances at game nights to find the strong members he believed that could make DW thrive. He did everything in his power, while also juggling work and everyday life to be there for the members of the division. He spent a great deal of time writing up the Ronin Shocklord's Recruiting 101 and Training notes and I for one found these notes a valuable tool. Running Lead 101 classes was one of the best experiences I had with him because he didn't just read from the notes. Thank You for all you do for the community Mr. Conversation Era. Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Gary 7 Forums Link: @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award: I will start this off with the reasons I believe KSI Gary 7 deserves the "Of The Year" award. His consistent positive attitude in this community we call KSI followed by the kind of morale building attitude that anything in this world needs to be successful. I have seen him come up the ranks from Captain all the way to Director where he sits in KSI at the moment. He has never let the 7 in his gamertag go to his head either. He is always hanging out with members trying to instill the ways that have made him so successful. I have claimed this member of KSI as my mentor and for good reasons. I don't believe there has been a situation that he hasn't thought of a great way to handle and always followed to rules with great diligence. My hats off to you for your time and commitment to this community Sir. Keep up the great work. Category: Co-Div Leader Gamertag: KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award: This member of DW is to true definition of member retention. He is always around to answer any questions and always meeting new members of the division in Gamenights/Workshops. KSI Havoc 7 is the reason why I succeeded in the community by always giving me new ways to challenge myself when I thought I couldn't do it any better. There have been many times he has helped me in the community when everything was falling apart and I couldn't balance KSI and my everyday life anymore. Above all he does in KSI I will always admire him for the help he gave me when my Aunt and Mother passed away this year. He was one of the reasons I recovered quickly. Always reminding me the SGT rank is just as important as his and to take care of myself first. Keep up the great work you do for this community Sir. Thank you for always treating everyone equal. Category: Founder Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 Forums Link: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award: KSI xKing77 is the biggest reason why I came back to KSI when it was still LW. King is always around when I needed him in different situations when we needed him the most. It didn't matter if he was at work or not. He would jump into parties on his lunch break and make sure everything in the division he was over was doing ok. Always available to teach to anyone who wanted to know the in and outs of KSI and the grey areas. He helped the squads he was over achieve total greatness and I truly believe without him that DW wouldn't be half as successful as it is now. This member always tried his best to make it to gamenights, meetings, and workshops to the best of his ability. Thank You for all you do for the community in Clan Ops and Web Ops. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7 Forums Link: @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award: When I first really got to know this KSI member I was just coming back into the community. He really knows when its time for business and when its time to joke around. As I moved up the ranks with him I had the pleasure to work with him on a daily basis to the first ever squad split in DW. If I ever needed someone to talk to about what the squad needed, who to promote or mentor next he was there. He worked diligently to make sure the squad was having fun with his great member retention. If the squad ever had a question he didn't know the answer to he made sure to find the answer in a timely matter. Once he mastered being a General he moved on the be a Co-Founder which is his current rank in the community. Keep up the great work that you do for the community and don't let anybody stand in your way. Thank You for the experience. Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI Bane 7 Forums Account Link: @King Bane After transferring over to Paladin from Hannibal this KSI member really showed the me what being a Captain is all about. Anything I ever asked him to do, he did it without even giving me a hard time. He hosted squad meeting when I couldn't and was a all around great addition to the officer staff. Honestly this member doesn't get the credit he deserves and you truly have to work next to him to see. It's the little things. When we went on lock down and we had to follow the rules he was always making sure that everyone was abiding by them to keep the squad safe. Recently this member got promoted in productions to the Co-head spot and General of Samurai. I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve. Keep up the great work Sir. Category: SGT/SSGT Gamertag: KSI xMinion Forums Account Link: @KSI xMinion Reasons they deserve this award : From the first moment KSI xMinion came into the community she has had the drive to do great things in the community. When she was promoted to SSGT she has hosted game nights to get the squad together. She is also always there for the members of the squad to make sure they are having a good day and if not she is willing to go the extra mile to brighten up their day. She has learned a lot by asking questions on how the community works and has never gave up. Now she holds the rank of 4CPT and I for one can't wait to see the things she brings to the table in the coming months. Thank You for your work in Samurai and all the party invites to keep Member Retention in DW. Category: Department Member Gamertag: KSI Harmony 7 Forums Account Link: @Nikki Cola Reasons they deserve this award : KSI Harmony 7 has worked very hard on the News Team coming up with new articles to write. She brings a new light to the department with new innovative ideas and it wouldn't be the same without her. The article she wrote "PubG: A Day In The Life" was one of my favorites and after reading it I knew the department had something great. Then she took on the challenge of doing member spotlights and these articles are more difficult to write because you have to get the exact details correct. She didn't stop there, she blew it out of the water with the articles interviewing our new CEO and going on to representing KSI and its departments. Keep up the great work its always a good read! Category: Department Head Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7 Forums Account Link: @Nebula 7 While I was in the marketing department and working together with this member he came up with great ideas to get participation to a new high in DW. Honestly to department wouldn't have taken off the way it did without him. Hosting workshops within KSI and teaching members how then can participate in these events. With the help of KSI Nebula 7 DW found ways to connect to each other and bought Member Retention to a new high. One of the greatest moments is when I found myself competing with him and it was great because it just benefited the community. Trying to out do each others posts or just trying to get the word out about something first. Thank You for the great experience Sir. Keep up the great work! DW Division of the Year!
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    Gamertag: KSIDntAskImAwfl Division: DM My Dinner Party Guest #1: My son Joseph Why: He is the whole reason I ever picked up a controller to begin with. He started out playing Halo when it first came out and that's what he wanted to do for his special time together with mom. We eventually made it through the Halo series (except Halo 5) all on legendary before he suffered from extreme depression and passed away at age 15. He was my best friend. We watched the Walking Dead together, gamed and were roller coaster fanatics together. I miss our light saber battles and nerf gun wars, 3 story laser tag competitions and paint ball battles. He was a one of a kind. There would definitely be Nirvana in the background at my dinner party since we listened to it a lot together. Guest #2: Victor Wooten Why: As a bass guitarist, this guy is my idol. I put my bass down when I lost my son and haven't played it since. I've had 2 request to play again and I think I'm about ready. Victor is a fantastic motivator. I saw him once at a bar jam and he is so humble and easy to talk to. You would never know he won 5 Grammys. I would love the chance to get to know him better just as a person. Guest #3: My Meditation Coach (his name shall remain anonymous). Why: This guy has helped me through some seriously tough, tough times. He has worked coinciding with my PTSD therapy whether it was out patient or in patient and is , let's just say, mind blowing. We live 1800 miles apart and have never met but this dinner party would be a great chance to. I have been in therapy with the VA for 5 years and I have made huge progress since he was added a year and a half ago. We have become very close friends and he is definitely welcome at my dinner table. Guest #4: Corrie ten Boom Why: A woman of unbelievable strength. I have often looked to her life experiences and struggles of being held in a nazi concentration camp as a "political " for hiding Jewish friends from the Gestapo and the courage she learned, to inspire me to not give up in life. Life sucks, and sometimes it sucks the big one. I believe that we can draw strength from learning about others that have it worse then us and the courage that they display to keep going against all odds. I have often drawn strength from her life story while going through all the crap I go through in life. Guest #5: Tupac Shakur Why: Because its 2Pac. Would love to meet him. Guest #6: The fellow Marine that was a one night stand. (Not what you think) Why: As I was being medivacked back to the states after my trauma, this guy stayed by my side for 16 hours. I was extremely scared and did not trust anyone and this guy was so good at calming me down. There is no way I can describe how awful and messed up everything was but he took care of me the whole flight. When we landed in the states and they where taking me off the medivac he put his Marine Corp ring in my hand and promised me it would get better and I would be ok. Everytime I look at that ring I think about how it has gotten better and even though its been a long long road he was right. He is a true hero to me and I have no clue who he is. I would love to have him at my dinner party so that he could see just how right he was and how great a person he really is. Guest #7: Finally "Lucy", not the comedian but the character of the 2014 movie. Why: I was asked to watch this movie as part of my therapy and it has stayed in my brain every since. Short story, my trauma, I was taken in a foreign country while serving in the military and held captive for 2 weeks. Now, of course, going back and destroying the d*ckw*ds that did what they did to me is not an option but I would love to speak to the character "Lucy" because she did get to do that exact thing. Good therapy lol.
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    Sometimes in life you can’t explain to yourself why something has happened or why you couldn’t control it from happening. Some things are just out of your control no matter what you did to help or what you have been through together. I for one will never forget my roots and where I came from and who was there for me. While one disappears that you never thought would. You have to ask yourself how could one go help something that has done so much damage on something you have built. Hours and weeks of having a open ear and being there for people has taught me that you can’t change everyone. Putting yourself on the back burner until you have your own break down and you have to step away so you don’t hurt the people that mean the world to you. At the end of day the way you look at yourself doesn’t change because you are the one that has to look in the mirror. Karma is a sneaky little thing that will always sneak up on you when you least expect it. I’m by no means perfect on the things I have done in the past but the difference is that I have the guts to say it. Have a Great Night and I will catch all of you soon!! KSI xKamikaze
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    Name: KSI xMrGumpx7 Link to forums account: @KSI xMr Gumpx 7 Award/Achievement: Head Hunter, Silver (Donor), Education 101 Graduate, Gamerscore Hoarder, Fall Classic 2017. Spirit Week ( 2014, 2015, 2017) Reason/Evidence: KSI xMrGumpx 7 Well I guess the best Place to start is when I came over to the xbox 1 and met Gump as a Captain in Death DL squad. I came over from Insane to help him with the squad. We very quickly became friends and there wasn’t a day that went by that we weren’t in a party together. Gump explained that he had a lot of health issues in the past that had kept him from being a General again. He explained that he had been in a coma for 3-3 ½ months fighting for his life due to having blood clots in his intestines and that he had lost both his legs. He was climbing the ranks yet again in DL. Gump really wanted to make it to a 7’s spot, if he could just stay healthy enough to. He had said he had joined KSI back in 2013 and again in 2014. I was his General for awhile and he was an officer that not only cared for his squad but for KSI. If there was anything I was unsure of he would set me straight real quick. Although he was a lower rank then me, Gump had been around a while and he helped me to become a good leader. Gump was there when you needed a friend or if only to game with. I finally moved up and he was able to become a Gen of the Death Squad and He had managed to keep his health in check, for awhile at least. On June 8th of 2017 Gump was hospitalized again for 3 blood clots ( 1 in his lung, 1 in his intestines, & 1 in his bowels). It was the end of June 2017, when he was able to get back home and back to KSI. I had been unable to get an officer to work as hard as he had. So he came back off his Medical LOA and took back his Gen seat and continued on his work with his squad. Finally on Oct 21, 2017 KSI xMrGumpx was able to reach his Goal! I named him as a CO FOUNDER IN DL! Yes, Gump finally got what he had worked so Hard for. He was so Proud when he sent me his new Gamertag: KSI xMrGumpx 7. Gump continued to set goals for himself that he was going to take my Founder spot next. But in Nov 2017 He met with yet another fight with UIT, and Bladder infections. Because this issued had became a continued issue, they told him that he would need a kidney transplant. He went through the testing only to be told that he would not be a candidate for a replacement. So he started having Dialysis 2 to 3 times a week, but even though he was drained from the treatment he continued to be a important influence in his CO FO position. Jan. 10, 2018 Gump was hospitalized get again for the infections and like always Gump’s Mom got in his xbox to let us know what had happened and give us updates about him. By Jan. 17, 2018 he was home and back at it gaming, in parties and working toward his goal. Even though the dialysis and infections were taking their toll on Gump, He did the Hardest thing he had to do. What was best for KSI and DL, Gump Once again stepped down to a SGT in Death Once More. He continued to get in parties with me and just be there when he didn’t feel like playing. He fought the good fight until Feb 21, 2018! Gump’s body had all it could take and we lost him. Gump’s Mother is a Strong woman, She got on his xbox with the help of his brother and told us he was gone. KSI xMrGumpx 7 loved life, KSI and all his friends, and family! Gump’s favorite saying that I can remember “THAT’S RIGHT.” For ALL this I believe he belongs in KSI DL HALL OF FAME!
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    @KSIdontask @KSI Havoc 7 @Nebula 7 @King Bane @KSIxPapi77 @KSIfiremomma7 @KSI FluffyPup 7 @KSI Ace 7 @Mr. North Forward @KSI xKing 77 Category: Sgt/SSGT Gamertag: KSI DntaskimAwfl Reason: Don’t ask I’m a waffle ( ) is one hell of a member. She joined this community and really took to it. She has encompassed what it is to be a community member at first and with in a few months a community leader. Her rank may not represent the highest of positions in this community but the amount of people that seek her out to have a talk or get advice is proof enough, she def does that job before she gets it. Now that she as started to progress the ranks a bit, I look forward to her continued momentum forward and her daily self-improvement Category: Capt. Gamertag: KSI Bane 7 Reason: Bane is one of the strongest leaders amongst the lower ranks of clan ops that we have, his dedication to not only one of the strongest divisions in this community as well as the squad within that, but also his work within the dept realm, he is a clear-cut contender for future senior leadership. He speaks well and knowledgeful of the subject matter at hand and some how deals with nebula, king and havoc on the reg. which isn’t easy Category: Gen Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7 Reason: Nebula is one of the longest reigning generals within the recent history of this community. During his run he started as a young lad, who had a lot to prove and much to improve on. Within the first half of his year long tour he began to “get it”. The squad improved, the officer staff grew, and the team worked as one. During the last final stretch of his tenure Havoc and Gary did quite a bit to get him ready for co-founder, He is a strong willed highly intelligent member who has a bright future for him where ever he goes and whatever he does. Can’t wait to see what he does when he opens Plebs Army Category: Co Fo Gamertag: KSIxPapi77 Reason: Papi is one of those leaders that does not get his name out there enough, he is an extremely well versed and strong leader. His contributions to EO have been next to none and are one of the reasons the div has had so many time periods of success. I don’t always get to talk to him, nor see his day to day activity however I do hear nothing but great things about him. Category: Founder Gamertag: KSI FluffyPup 7 Reason: Fluffy is a wonderful person and a strong leader. DM is one of the longest running highest preforming divisions we have, and it is def in part during the last reign due to fluffy. The level of comradery and friendship within the division is not easy to continue without having the passion level as high as pup Category: Div ldr Gamertag: KSI Fire momma 7 Reason: Momma is one of those “once in a life time” leaders, when I first met her, I was not sure what style leadership she possessed but I knew that what ever it was, it was effective. She has since proven to not only be a strong mentor and effective division but a motherly figure and guiding advice and hand to most in her division…but do not piss her off lol, she is strong willed, scary when angry and as fair as it comes. She has continued to impress me, and I am sure it won’t stop anytime soon Category: Dir Gamertag: KSI Ronin 7 Reason: While his run in this position was towards the beginning of the year and people sometimes forget that, Ronin was one of the break out leaders of that team, he covered several different divisions, all needing a unique amount of attention and leadership and through that proved himself over and over again that despite being a little…… strange (lawl) he has a way with mentoring and leading others, and thus earning himself apart of the senior team and the Bod. What he does is different then others, but it works due to his knowledge and work ethic. Category: Snr Ldr Gamertag: KSI Ace 7 Reason: the fact that ace has not accumulated several of these awards through out the year is….well because he hasn’t been super active throughout his entire run in ksi lol, but in the last couple years he has gone from the person who does the taxes, gives input in the board meetings, chills in streams and admin things to a regular stay and constant help within the community both forums and clan ops related. He has gone above and beyond expectation and has been the front runner of the future of the community’s websites and CMS. His “ground up” approach to redoing and reworking what we must bring us to the next level has been time consuming and a long road, but he has done it none the less. He recently went to COO and it is well deserved, for someone who spent a long time as the man behind the Curtin it is a pleasure to see him interacting with the community, he has been apart of for 11 years. Category: Forum staff Gamertag: KSIxKingx77 Reason: Forum staff is never an easy choice, there are many admin who do a lot of work, as well as mods and senior mods. But King has gone above and beyond during his mod and Join area run. After he left clan ops a while back, he stuck around and was one of the few running the join area, his movement to mod team was well deserved and just another proving ground of his work ethic and love for this community. He can be a pain in the ass, but he is a solid member and hopefully a future senior mod on this community Category: Member Gamertag: KSI Havoc 7 Reason: Jeez, what category to put havoc under…should it be Dept head OTY? For his work and drive to build up what is shaping up to be one of the major areas of the community (Education, Lead, PO, HR just to name a few). Or his work within DW Getting founder or division leader of the year, coming back from death (not really but kind of), being interjected into that div for a “temp” stay, which ended up becoming a second home for him, leading to his spot as the top dog. Or senior leader due to him being placed as an Ambassador to the BoD for his work in education and PO. Well I couldn’t decide and then I occurred to me, that member is the best choice for Member OTY, He is in almost every area of the community, assists any and all members in need, works on depts, divs and with input to the board. I am happy to see havoc back in KSI and proud to see him in all the positions he is in
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    Category: Senior Leader Gamertag; KSI Ace 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Ace 7 Reasons they deserve this award - KSI Ace 7 is someone that I was always aware of, but did not personally know. I knew of his legendary conquests, goals and his tax filing skills. However it was not until earlier this year that I finally met Ace properly and started to learn what this man does for this community. He to my knowledge has not even complained about not receiving recognition or credit for the many things he does for us, to date the most notable of which is the G15 Omega! Ace, while he is one of the most laid back persons on the board is an amazing support structure for me. I know that should I need an ear to listen to me, then have me in stiches after words. Category: Director Gamertag; KSI Badkitty 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI BadKitty 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Myself and kitty don’t see eye to eye a lot of the time, however in her time as a director I always knew that when situations arose – and she was involved it would be handled correctly with dignity and everyone involved would know that the decisions she came to were morally sound. Earlier this year she was placed in a situation no Director wanted to be put in, and had to put her foot down on a divisional leadership team. Long story short she held the moral high ground and never let the abuse get to her. While she is no longer a director, I feel in my years in KSI she is one of the best I have seen. Category: Division leader Gamertag; KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Gary. While I feel this is all that needs to be said of this member, I will of course delve into him some more. Myself and Gary have worked together now for many a year, He was my productions head for a long time, and we learnt together, bled together, perhaps shed a tear or two together – however should you ask, I will deny it – KSI Gary 7 has while he was a division leader set a bar very high on standards for how division leaders should be. He kept his distance from being involved in officer staffs, but kept involved enough to know when he needed to coordinate his divisional staff to intervene and get things back on track. He was a model Division leader and moulded his staff below him to ensure smooth transition should he no longer be around the division, and look, he’s now a Director! Category: Founder Gamertag; KSI Havoc 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award - KSI Havoc 7 has always been someone I have been around during my KSI career. He saw my high points and my lowest points and has always stood by me, and numerous others during it. He is the best support structure I have ever seen both in my professional career and KSI. That aside I have seen Havoc go from strength to strength in DW, Providing an amazing environment in which the entirety of KSI strives to achieve. He continually ensures that everyone is happy, developing and moving themselves and their peers forwards! Category: General Gamertag; KSI hatter 7 Forums Account Link / @Hatter 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Hatter has never had an easy time within this community, however she always fights for her members and doesn’t back down where they are concerned. She is always running workshops and training sessions continually to ensure that whether she is there with her members or not, they will be best placed to move forwards and have ensured success should they want it. Category: Captain Gamertag; KSI Greenday 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Greenday 7 Reasons they deserve this award - KSI Greenday 7 has my nomination for captain of the year, not for the dedication and continual push for progress her squad and division but for the determination and passion showed in the face of adversity. Greenday continually shows how much she cares for this community, she has experienced so much strife and hardship that most normal people would get up and leave over. Earlier this year a group of misfits decided that due to a large donation that Greenday had made to the community that had supported and helped her through a very tough time in her life. She suffered immense abuse however she persevered through it and rose above to be the better person. Category: Member Gamertag; KSI VeriiTas 7 Forums Account Link / @VeRiiTaS 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Veriitas is my choice for Member of the year. He is going to be very upset with me for nominating him however he doesn’t choose my nominations! Veriitas is a Senior Director and one hell of one too! He is always involved within his divisions, gaming with the members and teaching and ensuring that everyone is happy and progressing forwards. However regardless of this, the reason I am nominating Riita is for a much more personal reason. During my current tenure as a Board member I have needed a support structure, for advice, idea brainstorming and having someone be there for me. Riita has filled that role for me. He is always on hand when I want to remove the hair from my head. He has also been there for me with my recent issues that I have encountered away from the xbox which, between him and Fuzzy have kept me sane. From the very bottom of my heart, I appreciate you. Category: Forums Staff (Mods, Senior Mods, Admins) Gamertag; KSI Riiot 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI RiiOT 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Riiot is on it. He is always doing permissions, checking things that are going on and making them right. He never misses a trick and is the up and coming admin! Riiot doesn’t get frustrated at my, and others, silly questions. He pushes past the silly and lets us know in our terms what is going on and how he is going to help. Category: Department Head Gamertag; KSI December 77 Forums Account Link / @December 77 Reasons they deserve this award - December is my up and coming superstar. He has ambition beyond his position and isn’t afraid to show it. When I made December my News & HSI Department head after the removal of the previous department head, he didn’t skip a step. He has quickly and efficiently reorganised the entire department and is currently building it up towards the coveted department split. He rebranded the History team to give it a larger function in the community rather than just gathering old information. He has developed and nurtured multiple department members to prepare them for the next step in Department leadership. While he gives me countless headaches and fills my head with more information than my small brain can handle, he ensures that at all times I am filled in on his activity’s, no matter how large or small. Category: Department Member Gamertag; KSI bane 7 Forums Account Link / @King Bane Reasons they deserve this award - Bane has for some time been an undervalued member of this community. He found his place within the productions team some time ago and had remained very quiet within it. However he quickly started to excel when He was given the Happy hour team. He is now working with Skarzx to progress further and prepare to take the team to the next level.
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    Category: Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link: @Mr. North Forward Reasons they deserve this award: Coming into DW, working underneath Ronin i noticed one thing immediately he talks a lot, I MEAN A LOT, Bringing memories of college and sitting through a lecture the key difference being that a lot of the things that Ronin would say actually had application in my current style of leadership. When Ronin talks there is always something he is trying to explain or get across, even his silly metaphors hold meaning. He is the type of leader who will challenge what you think and flip everything you think you know upside down. While certainly unique when compared to his peers Ronin surly stands out as one of the most thoughtful and forward thinking leaders that the community has to offer. it would be hard to find a leader currently in the community who has not been impacted by Ronin in some way. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI Cherry 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Cherry 7 Reasons they deserve this award: So Cherry i have really gotten to know over the past couple months and she was quickly become one of my closest advisers. Not only do i value her for her knowledge and experience in KSI but also for her many attributes from outside the community, bringing a unique and fresh perspective to any conversation she is a part of. Her words always carry great weight, always ready to jump into any problem and work towards solutions. She is definitely in my opinion one of the most well equipped leaders we have in the community. She will be monumental to the progress made in KSI going forward. Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award: One of the newer leaders within KSI, Gary has certainly made himself a household name. with a positive and upbeat attitude, Gary makes his presence known in everything he is a part of. not only did i get to see DW's growth from one of the smallest divisions in the community to being one of the most successful i also got to witness Gary's transformation as a leader. When i first met Gary i wasn't quite convinced he knew what he was doing, thankfully he was able to change my opinion on this, i soon realized that even Gary was handed a VERY VERY VERY Sh**** situation yet Gary was able to turn it around Not only improving the division but himself as well. If you were to ask him any of this he would probably deny a lot of it but his confidence has grown since iv met him and i am proud to see all that he has accomplished.Divine Warriors would not be the division it is today without the hard work and dedication of the one and only Wild Bill. Category: Founder Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award: who doesn't know who King is? King not only has a strong appearance within DW but in the community as a whole. King and I have not always seen eye to eye and this has nothing to do with the massive height difference between us, but because we have two different ideologies. For most people this would be a bad thing to have two people who have two very different mindsets working together as a team, but against all odds King and I run arguably one of the most Active, energetic, down to earth and enjoyable divisions in the entire history of KSI. The two of us working together because of our different attitudes and approaches make an amazing team. In every regard King is one of the best founders within the community, running the recruiting and training program within DW with a masterful Precision always making sure everything is done up to date and on time. King has had one hell of a 2018 and my one hope for King is that in 2019 that he makes the year his own. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7 Forums Account Link: @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award: No matter how great of a leader we are the is always more to learn, more to experience, and more work to do and no one understands this better then Venum. it takes a lot to surprise me but during Venum's time as an officer within samurai he did just that. iv had few people during my time in KSI that have approached me in the way that Venum did.not just seeking information, but seeking a better version of himself. what started out as a simple question of "How do i become a better leader?" has evolved into an ongoing dialogue between this individual and myself. as many members of DW could tell you Venum is one of the most compassionate leaders around, not simply just reacting to situations but proactively preparing himself and others to handle very eventual outcome of any situation, never fearing to be the bad guy, but always ready to be the good guy. Venum is a man of many talents always able to adapt to any situation. Venum is always able to do anything that is required of him. Venum is one of my most trusted peers and someone i look at to succeed me when i am no longer here. Venum is truly a leader here for his members. This will always be his why. Category: General Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7 Forums Account Link: @Nebula 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Certainly one of the most tenured generals in the history of this community, I have no doubt Nebula could write a book on his time as General. In my time in KSI I have promoted, demoted, trained, and mentored a large variety of generals throughout the community. While they all varied greatly, Nebula is definitely... unique. nebula has a huge heart he genuinely cares for all those around him. and if ever he does make a mistake he will be the first one to try to repair it. welcoming and kind it doesn't matter where your from or who you are nebula will be there as a friend to you. during his time as general nebula struggled hard to rebuild his squad several times. a few times even having to build an entirely new officer staff from scratch. nebula may be many things but one thing he is not is a quitter. he will continue to move forward even if he doesn't want to. because he knows that his true purpose for himself to move forward is not his own needs and wants but those of the members that he is responsible for . his time as a general molded him into the leader that he is today. while future generations of KSI may forget the long reign of KSI xNebula, i know i for one will never forget. Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI xKamikaze Forums Account Link: @KSI xKamikaze Reasons they deserve this award: Kamikaze has been a staple of this division over the coarse of its run, even members who have not met him know who he is. A lot of this is due to the strength of his voice, and presence within the division. When in samurai has a captain he was diligent, hardworking caring, supportive, and overall a kind individual. Along with the General, KSI VENUM 7, Kam helped bring Samurai to a split and soon after took over as a general of Paladin. During his time as Captain is when I truly saw this individual shine. He went above and beyond, always standing out from others in every situation. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI Artifice Forums Account Link: @KSI x Artifice Reasons they deserve this award: When artifice came into this division we did not like each other. Most times we we're in a party it was an argument or a correction of bad behavior. At that time I thought for sure that he would leave KSI within a month, however it's when the unthinkable happens that people surprise you the most. When his home squad of Elysium fell apart and there was a Mass Exodus if the leadership within the squad Artifice was one of the few who stayed behind. He was certainly the underdog and not the one who people expected to take charge, however I think blew away everyone's expectations. Although he was one of the top recruiters in the division at that time he was certainly one of the most blunt people around. For most people this would be seen as artifice not caring about the feelings of others and certainly that is what I could of chosen to believe as well, but the truth is much deeper. Artifice is one of those people who cares deeply for the feelings of others. For his members and his peers artifice is always willing to lend an ear. He is also vocal, if he sees something he doesn't agree with he will be the first to tell you. His members will never realize that even though they may fear him at times he will always be there biggest advocate when they need his support. While he has since moved past the rank of lieutenant I will always remember the time when I saw this leader begin to form and I cannot wait to see where he goes in the future. Category: Sergeant/Staff Sergeant Gamertag: KSI xMinion Forums Account Link: @KSI xMinion Reasons they deserve this award: whenever your feeling down, whenever your having a day when you may not wanna get out of bed, one message from minion will make your day that much brighter. Coming into this community minion would express her dislike for recruiting but no matter how much she disliked it, if a member asked her for help she would be there at a moments notice. Minion has always had this huge capacity for empathy that goes well beyond her years. Being in tune with others emotions in a unparalleled way, with some sort of mystic sixth sense she is able to tell when someone is not having a good day without them even saying a word ,and she will be there to support you. Beyond her skills for empathy she is also an avid seeker of knowledge always looking for a way to increase what she knows. Everything she learns is not only for the benefit of herself but also for the benefit of others as she will always share everything she has learned with those around her. in her days as a Staff Sergeant many could already tell that this individual carried with her a hope for a better tomorrow. i dont know what the future holds for minion but i certainly hope that DW's future is one with minion in it. Category: Member Gamertag: KSI Hellsknight Forums Account Link: @KSI HellsKnight Reasons they deserve this award: Sometimes you get those members in the community who have a true untapped potential, the potential to be one of the best officers in the community, Hellsknight is definitely one of those members. Hellsknight goes above and beyond in everything that is asked of him, even when he is still learning. When he was only just a corporal, he would help the squad in any way he could. For months he sat as a member within Paladin, just going about his day never complaining, always just being there. When I took over as acting general of paladin I saw so much of my former self in this member, he was quiet, shy, and only spoke when spoken too. However this soon all changed. KSI VENUM 7 and myself took HellsKnight under our wings and trained him in the ways of KSI. he is now easily one of the top officers in my Division and I couldn't be more proud. I will always remember the months that HellsKnight spent being a dedicated member of this community, waiting for someone to simply reach out. Category: Forums Staff Gamertag: KSI FadeZ 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Fadez is one of those people who does not place a lot of value in himself. Day to day he goes about his life and throughout his KSI Career believing that he himself does not make much of an impact, however i can strongly and firmly state that he is one of the few individuals that has had a true and lasting impact on not only how i am as a leader but how i am as a person. Being a Join/Rejoin Moderator requires you to take a step back from everything you have experienced and learned throughout your time in KSI to uphold a neutral position in regards to applicants seeking entry into KSI. now many people would approach this position by saying they are objective and claim to have no biases but this mentality as a whole is false and thankfully Fadez is one of the people that understands this. Fadez understands where he has come from in KSI, the things he has experienced, the things he has done, he knows when approaching a situation if he has to much emotional attachment to it and knows when to take a step back. He will always be able to communicate his experience with individuals and do his best to provide both sides of the story not just the one that benefits him. Being a join Moderator requires you to have true self awareness in order to be effective in your position and in this regard Fadez excels. While it may be one of the areas of KSI the decisions he has made through his job silently resonate throughout the foundation of this community. i dont know if he will ever get the appreciation that he deserves but i truly hope that all will come to realize the time and effort that Fadez puts into this community every single day. Category: Department Member Gamertag: KSI December 77 Forums Account Link: @December 77 Reasons they deserve this award: Ive been around KSI for quite a few years and for better or for worse many of those years i had no clue who the hell December was but thankfully 2018 was the year i finally got to meet December and realize just how much of a powerhouse he is, i dont know if he has a limit on how much he can do but i am certainly gonna find out what that limit is. As a leader in KSI iv always had a hard time sharing my responsibilities with others but December has more then earned my trust in the short time ive known him. I know i can depend on him no matter what the situation is and just like i will always have his back i know he will always have mine. While it may not be commonly known December is the one who created the current performance officer guidelines in use as well as being instrumental in the creation of a new program coming to KSI in 2019. On the human Resources side of my department December has become a huge resource he is Kind, Compassionate, diligent and empathetic, always being sensitive to the needs of others. No matter how much he currently has on his plate, no matter how much stress he is under, even when you think how could he possibly handle more he does, he will always be there in any way he can to to take even just a little bit of the weight off your shoulders, Captain Neck Beard is a leader i will happily follow across the sea.
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    Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI Scotland 7 Forums: @Scotland Reasons they deserve this award: Being in departments is hard. Having a leadership role in a department is slightly tougher. Becoming a Co-Head or Department Head is even more challenging. Multiply the stress and workload of all those by 7 or 8 and you get the position of Chief Department Manager. This gentleman is one of couple people I could ever claim as a mentor in KSI. He manages a multitude of tasks every week, puts out fires left and right, is a voice of reason for upwards of 15 Department Heads and Co-Heads. And he still makes time to make sure people know they're important. Scotland is a super-soldier in KSI. It's hard to think of another Senior Leader who has been as involved and integrated in the community this past year. Director Gamertag: KSI BadKitty 7 Forums: @KSI BadKitty 7 Reasons they deserve this award: I only started to get to know BadKitty earlier this year. I'm hoping the trend continues. As far as Directors go, she definitely had to make a lot of tough calls this past fall. Her perseverance and commitment to doing the right thing is well apparent to all who were affected by the FI/CD merge. She continues to be instrumental in the community as a Senior Moderator, Department Head, AAP staff member and T&E Ambassador to the Board. She's one of the most upbeat, exciting people I've met. He contributions to KSI only barely outshine her ability to make people laugh. I'm totally stoked to work with her in 2019. Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Eyonia 7 Forums Link: @KSI Eyonia 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Eyonia could easily be nominated for Division Leader OR Co-Division Leader of the year. She's held the reins in Eternal Souls while in both positions. Eyonia has shown amazing perseverance in 2018 - giving her utmost to protect her squads and support them through many tribulations. She is a determined force wrapped in a kind spirit. I honestly doubt there has been another 7 that has been put through as much hardship and struggle as Eyonia has this past year. But... She's emerged stronger than ever. This is one Leader that should definitely be added to the Hall of Fame. Co-Division Leader Gamertag: KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Link: @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Havoc and I met this past summer. If you can call it meeting. It consisted of me spamming him with messages over the course of 5 days, finally getting an invite, only to sit in a part for 47 minutes listening to him type frantically on a keyboard. At last he stopped long enough to ask me what I wanted to talk about. I told him I wanted to know more about this thing called "Performance Operations". He kinda laughed and said a long, drawn out "Well......." I think that's where it all started. When I think of Havoc, I think of innovation. Clarity. And purpose. He makes plans, he follows through, and he impacts members left and right. If you want an abridged version of what he's done in 2018, look at Performance Operations - KSI's "4th Branch" - and how much it's grown over the past months. Current and ex-Leaders in the community, working together to assist the divisions as they evolve. If you want to see the bigger picture of what Havoc has accomplished, look at Divine Warriors. Look at the entirety of Divine Warriors. The activity, the passion, the legacy they've created this year. His leadership has been an obvious and driving force behind DW's growth. And Havoc has been more than just a leader in his division. He's been a rock FOR his division. The security of knowing he's there and that he cares, in my opinion, is the main reason he's earned the trust of so many. It takes a special kind of person to remain humble and true when their success is so inescapably seen by a community of two thousand members. Havoc is that person. Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI M3NTALIST 7 Forums Link: @KSI M3NTALIST 7 Reasons they deserve this award: The past year I've watched this dude progress through his KSI career with awesome strides. He's risen from Lieutenant to Captain to General to Co-Founder. There's almost no one in his division who hasn't been affected by him in a positive way. M3NTALIST has taken the skills he developed as a successful General and continued to apply them as he mentors and oversees his squads as LS's current Founder. He's made a name for himself as one who isn't swayed by friendships or favoritism. Fairness, dedication and humility are some of the many qualities that have earned M3NTALIST respect in his division, as well as the respect of many members in the community as a whole. I'm very excited to see where this gentleman's path in KSI takes him. General Gamertag: KSI Hatter 7 Forums Link: @Hatter 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Hatter was one of the best 2 Generals Last Strike saw in 2018. (The other would be the gentleman in the previous nomination.) She brings immense passion and dedication to whatever she does. Hatter isn't the epitome of what a General should be. She IS what Generals, Captains and Lieutenants dream about being while they're asleep. On top of that, she's an awesome recruiter, an experienced trainer and a cornerstone of wisdom and loyalty all rolled into one. "Hatter is a multi-squad splitter, a Grifball junkie, a Warlock by trade and a rockstar Mom of 3." Any division that has Hatter as one of it's Generals is guaranteed to have at least one squad that grows, develops and unites as a family. I'm very thankful she's continuing her work in the community as an officer in Eternal Souls. Member Gamertag: KSI FadeZ 7 Forums: @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Member of the Year is a big deal. I'm not nominating FadeZ because he's an awesome member of our community. I'm not nominating him because he's the most dependable and ambitious writer the News Team has had all year. I'm not nominating him because of his kind spirit or his charismatic personality. I'm not nominating him because he'll talk to anyone about their problems, no matter how bad they are or how late it is. I'm not nominating him because he works his a** off to improve himself, his squad, his division and his departments. And I'm not nominating him because he strives to better this community every single day he's a part of it. I'm nominating him because he is and does all of these things. Forums Staff Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 Forums: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award: This dude keeps the forums safe. He's like the big guy in the Thor movies who has the sword that controls the time-warp thing that lets people into Asgard. I forget his name. Anyway. Ever since King became a Forums mod, he's been one of, if not THE most vigilant forums mod we have. He catches issues almost instantly. He keeps the members of our community safe. And his punctuality and dedication as a Join/Rejoin mod is second to none. King is hands down, the "forums guy". #chatboxbanner Department Member Gamertag: KSI Greenday 7 Forums: @KSI Greenday 7 Reasons they deserve this award: This young lady has grown more in 2018 than I have ever seen anyone in KSI grow. Ever. She's transformed from a quiet, reserved department member to a fully developed, insanely driven and intensely dedicated Co-Head. She manages staff, mentors new department hires and continually inspires those around her. Her great love of KSI history has given her a passion for work that is evident to anyone in the community. HSI has steadily grown into an almost brand new department, mainly due to her contributions and work ethic. When I think of the best, most persevering department member I've known this year, it's without a doubt KSI Greenday 7.
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    Director Gamertag; KSI Trendies 7 Forums Account Link / @ @KSI Trendies 7 Reasons they deserve this award - We've had three directors this year in DW. An ever since Trendies came into DW as our director. He has been a definite leader to the members. He attends an participates in many of our events such as meetings, workshops, an game nights. Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Gary 7 Account Link @KSI Gary 7 Reason why they deserve this award- So for a long time it was only Gary who was the only 7 in LW before it became DW. But he never gave up on getting the division back on its feet. An eventually it happened under Gary's leadership we started to thrive an in his absence we are still thriving. But the success we found as a division wouldn't be possible if it wasnt for Gary laying the foundation. Co - Division Leader Gamertag KSI HAVOC 7 Account Link @KSI Havoc 7 Reason why they deserve the award Havoc has been to the top he has seen it all. But he is now here with us now. An ever since he's been here he has been one of the driving forces of the division. Although he does have his hand in a lot of cookie jars his first priority is DW an the members. He definitely does go above an beyond for the division. Founder Gamertag KSI xKing 77 Link @KSI xKing 77 Reason why they deserve I met king in 2014 in ES as the General of Wicked. An he eventually became my cofounder. But King is one of those special kind of leaders that can get you motivated take me for example when I joined LW last year I was definitely forgotten about but on his first day here he reached out to me an told me we we are going to get the ball rolling an we took over Samurai an the rest is history. But he has done the same thing for many squads an divisions an I definitely see him being a greater leader than he already is. Co - Founder Gamertag KSI Nebula 7 Link @Nebula 7 Reason why they deserve the award For the longest Nebula was one of my biggest competitors in DW to get the elusive CF spot. And I really didn't associate with him when I was Gen. But whenever I was his CF I had the opportunity to actually get to know him. An I was thoroughly surprised he was dedicated to his squad an the division as a whole. So when the day came for him to be promoted to CF it was definitely well deserved. An during his time as a CF he has the same drive he had as a Gen if not more. An I look forward to the day when its gonna be me an him running DW. General Gamertag KSI xKamikaze Link @KSI xKamikaze Reason why they deserve the award Kamikaze is the definition of KSI I have met many people in 4 years of KSI life but I havent met one like Kam. What can I say about my right hand man Kam that hasn't been said before. He took Paladin after the Samurai split an under his leadership its numbers rose tremendously. But growing squads isn't the only Kam does hes a excellent mentor to anybody who needs advice or guidance. I truly can see him being a 7 one day. Captain Gamertag KSI Bane 7 Link @King Bane Reason why they deserve the award Bane Bane Bane what can you say about Bane well is definitely one of the hardest working captains I have seen in a long time could have been Gen twice but in all seriousness he busts his ass everyday to make sure everyone is doing what there supposed to be doing an having fun all while managing his productions duties. Definitely a true leader in the Division an I feel he can do anything he sets his mind to. Lieutenant Gamertag KSI Majesty Link @KSI Majesty Reason why they deserve the award Majesty a fairly new person to KSI but not a newbie when it comes to Gaming Communities. But ever since she joined she has worked her butt off to get to where she is. An she makes sure everyone is treated as a member an not a number. I look forward to what she can do in 2019. SGT/SSGT Gamertag KSI xMinion Link @KSI xMinion Reason why they deserve the award Hmm she is definitely not a Minion but rather a leader. A very dedicated member to the community an division. Gets on host workshops gamenights an just hangs out with anybody. Now mind you she lives on the other side of the world an she still is able to get this done effectively. Has all the potential to be leading her own squad one day an I can it in the near future. Member Gamertag KSI DarkQueen7 Link @KSI DarkQueen 7 Reason why they deserve the award DQ as I like to call her transferred over here from CD an the moment she got here she immediately got to work an with her help we got Paladin back up an running within a few weeks. A powerhouse recruiter a fantastic leader an most of all a great member One More Thing Do You Even KSI Bro?
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    Just wanted to drop a thank You to everyone that has supported me through the recent losses in my family. The road has definitely worn me out and had negative consequences for my continued success in KSI. All of you have stood by my side through it all. Huge shout out to DW and KSI as a whole! Just a few mentions to members that made my days a little better by putting a smile on my face. @KSI Havoc 7 @VENUM 7 @King Bane @Nebula 7 @Nikki Cola @KSI xMinion @KSI DarkQueen 7 @KSI DarkAngeI 7 @KSI MrsLOWDOWN @KSI D3Kr1pt3d The 10 of you have gone out of your way and made the journey a lot better for me with your kind words.
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    Recruiting: Please remember KSI standard is 5 recruits a week per squad. Make sure a KSI member hosts the party chat. Don't let the possible recruit be the party host in case things go south, so they can control the party. If someone seeks you out to join KSI, don't be afraid to send them to the forums (www.ksiforums.org) to fill out an Join application. Rejoining members MUST go to the Rejoin section for assessment and fill out an application. Weekend Warfare: Saturday (11/11/17) Forza 5 S class race. Saturday (11/18/17) Halo 3 Slayer doubles. Remember: Divisional Tournaments (In general) Mainly FFA's for the next month. Hype for the tournament is up to the Division. Turkey Bowl (11/24/17 - 11/26/17): 11/24 - Halo 5 SWAT 2v2/Karaoke Top 100 songs theme (Skype). 11/25 - Rocket League 2v2/Overwatch Mystery Heroes. 11/26 - CoD WW2 FFA/Prominence Poker 1000 Chip Buy-in. All of these events will be starting at 8pm EST. There will be a total of $140 Dollars that will be given out in prizes for this event so please get word out to your members! Happy Hour: Host- KSI Skarzx 77. Game type- WW2. Message KSI Skarzx 77 for an invite. Of The Year: Open until the 18th of December. Spread the news during all KSI events and Meetings. Better to post now rather than later. The largest awards nomination for 2017. Co-Founders and Higher: Division Leaders (or other top dog positions) please make sure all of the following are added or are present on any co-founders or highers friends list. Clan Ops esk Board of Directors: KSI FuzzyMeep 7, KSI Ragnaroks 7, KSI ImPyyy 7, KSI Greg 7 Senior Directors: KSI Ashhh 7, KSI True 7, KSI Pantsir 7 Directors: KSI Trendies 7, KSI W1CKED 7, KSI VeRiiTaS 7, KSI Metatron 7, KSI Ronin 77 Division Transfer and Area: Reminder- 7 day hold on Division Transfers posted up instead of 14 days. Each Director who posts for their approval will then moderate the transfer. Accesses: Divisional 7's staff, please make sure the Leaders List Access and Section Moderator topics are updated for your divisions. Make sure that changes are being posted within on Access Denieds within 48 hours of the actual changes happening on Xbox. 7's staff member should not be making changes to peoples squads except for examples like: Division transfers, Blacklistings and Security Risks and very few other scenario's. Let the Gens do their Jobs! Forums: KSI's future hope is that signing up people on the forums can become a formal standard as part of the recruiting process. It's easier to get it done in the recruiting/training process. Hirings: News still looking for members from CD, FI, LS. Marketing still looking for members from DL, DR, LS. Need reps soon for Turkey Bowl and future events hype. Please remember that ALL of these departments are hiring- T&E, News, Graphics, History, Productions, Marketing. Dating: You need to let your leadership know every time you enter a relationship as soon as you start dating. This will help the division prepare for scenarios, so less surprises can occur which will hurt the divisions. Drop a thumbs up if you like the notes!
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    My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
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    Gamertag: KSI WHISKEY82 @KSI WHISKEY Division: Demonic Mayhem My Dinner Party Guest #1: Terry Goodkind Why: Terry is my absolute favorite author. His "Sword of Truth series absolutely inspired me as a child and continues to do so as an adult. His characters are deep and rich and feature the humanistic flaws so often left out of character development in sci-fi tales. I'd love the opportunity to sit with this man and discuss if his character models were based off real life people or completely imagined. As a story teller I believe this man to be the best, a hard sell in the face of the greats such as Shakespeare and Jules Verne and the likes. Also i need to convince this man personally to make a rated R movie that sees his vision to fruition on the big screen, as I dont believe many take the time to read anymore and would have missed his greatness in lieu of screen time. My youngest daughters middle name, is Kahlan, after a character in his book. As a daily reminder to raise her to be the kind of woman portrayed by Kahlan Amnell, a honest, hardworking, loving women, and a protector of all. Guest #2: Gordon Ramsay Why: Believe it or not, I'm not picking Ramasay to feed the party but rather to keep everyone at the table honest. This man came from a less than ideal home with an aspiring, however often failing, abusive, womanizing, alcoholic father who moved the family a lot due to failed career attempts. Despite the odds, Ramsay, is a true success story "pulling himself up by the bootstraps" so to speak and is one of the most successful people in his choice of career. I absolutely believe ol' Gordon would not accept a single iota of bullsh** from anyone sitting at my table, and watching him stand tall to my guests would be a thrilling thing to see. Guest #3: @KSI AWOL Why: Mr. Awol and myself have become fast friends here in KSI after many long nights on Destiny 2 and what we refer to as "The Homescreen Crew." Awol, when not working his full time job here as the General of Discord squad, works as a lawyer helping military veterans. Now you tell me what table isn't more fun with a Lawyer on Board? And who better than a friend with a great sense of humor and a willingness to fact check every statement made at this table ? My other guests may be famous or even from different times and eras, but I believe between Ramsay and Awol, the only thing my guests will be telling are absolute truths. Guest #4: Marie Curie Why: Marie Curie was a scientist and an inventor. She played a huge roll in developing the first X-ray machine. She was also the first woman to ever receive a Nobel Peace Prize. Her life span was from 1867-1934 and I'd be absolutely fascinated to hear of both her scientific ventures and gain a glimpse into the true genius of an inventor. A strong and notable character, it'd be interesting to ask her what she thinks of women's movements today. I am curious whether she would be a proponent of modern day feminism and what her thoughts are on how we spend our money regarding scientific queries of this time. What field would she choose to work in, if any, and how she believes she can help. Guest #5: Jesus Why: I mean c'mon, it's Jesus. So many questions! I'm not a religious man at all, however, there's been so many wars fought and lives lost in the name of this man and his Fathers, that I'd love to have a detailed accounting as to this mans history. Who knows, maybe he is a Jets fan like me! Guest #6: Robert Johnson Why: The man, myth, and stuff of lore, Robert Johnson was a blues man. Often referred to as the "father of the blues," Youve all likely heard the phrase "He, or she, has been to the crossroads" in reference to blues musicians. This is in direct reference to the theory that Robert went to the crossroads and met with the Devil himself and traded his soul at the crossroads to become the best guitarist known to man at the time. Hell of a story! (Pun intended), and I'd like to hear a firsthand accounting about what Mr. Robert Johnson himself has to say about that while listening to todays music as he likely grumbles about its apparent lack of soul. Guest #7: George Washington Why: The founding father of these United States of America. Who better to discuss a hefty course of modern day politics with. No doubt he would be disgusted and outraged about our current system of democracy and I, for one, want to hear all about it. What changes would he make? Would he himself run for president again? How does he feel about foreign diplomacy, NATO, and the course of this great nation? What does he think about the way our veterans are treated? Women's rights? The LGBTQ community? Would he adapt to modern day changes? Does he like Starbucks coffee? Can he drive a stick? Okay okay I admit I am a getting a bit of course here, but c'mon , imagine such a great man trying to learn a smartphone for the first time. Comical to say the least!
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    VENUM 7

    May 2019 Of the Month Awards

    Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI xKing 77 ES Division Leader Link to forums account - @KSI xKing 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - King goes above and beyond for his division an being his Performance Officer I can witness first hand the effort time an dedication he puts in to running his division. Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Hatter 77 Founder ES Link to forums account - @Hatter 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - Hatter is one of the most hardworking leaders in the community. Although sometimes she comes off as scary but at the end of the day she means well. She has been a driving force in the resurgence of ES an the future is Bright for her. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Bane 7 DW Link to forums account - @Bane 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Bane Mr Bane is a relatively new CoFounder but one of the hardest working ones I've seen always there to lend a hand to the members even the squads hes not over. So with him I can see him going far in the division an community as well. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Majesty Gen DW Samurai Link to forums account - @KSI Majesty Reasoning why the deserve this - Majesty goes above an beyond for her squad. She is constantly hosting game nights, recruiting new members, trying to get everyone involved. Her drive is what got her to the Gen position an it's her drive that'll get her past Gen. Definitely looking an waiting to see where she goes in the future. Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI HellsKnight 2CPT DW Paladin Link to forums account @KSI HellsKnight Reasoning why they deserve this - With HellsKnight it's a long road to get to where hes at these days through countless struggles as a officer he is still a officer doing what needs to be done. An one day I know he will go far places. LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI ragingone86 Hannibal DW Link to forums account - @KSI RAGINGONE86 Reasoning why they deserve this - When you look for a member that truly cares about the members then look no further than ragingone86. Strong leadership qualities in this member definitely can see leading a squad an potentially a division one day. Forum Staff (ADMIN/MODS/DEPARTMENT HEADS) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI December 77 Head of News Link to forums account - @December 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - So December is the head of the wonderful news department. An I must say he runs a tight ship. The news articles that are put out are definitely great reads. I know it's not at all him but his staff as well so I must say his staff are top notch. Department Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Jynxie General ES Banshee Link to forums account - @KSI Jynxie Reasoning why they deserve this - Jynxie is definitely one of the best AAP members I've seen in a while. Always one of the first ones to post on awards for the members of the community. Definitely has big aspirations for herself in AAP an I definitely can see her leading the department as the head or cohead in the future. Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Starset 7 SSGT DW Elysium Link to forums account @KSI Starset 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Since rejoining a few months ago I've got to witness his work effort an work first hand. An all the things I've heard about his work ethic hes definitely lived up to it. The future is bright for him an I know he will go far in his time here.
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    Hello you beautiful people Welcome to the 2018 Of The Year Awards! This is a yearly event which is designed to have members from all over the community come together to tell us, and everyone else how AMAZING your peers have been this year! To Nominate someone for one of these awards they need to have held a rank prior to today. Before you nominate think back throughout this entire year, From January till now, and find the best person you can think of that filled each rank & Position in this community, from Sgt/SSGT all the way to the Senior leaders! Rules are below; 1) No Favouritism i.e - This person is my friend, as such he should get this award 2) You cannot self Nominate! 3) Be as descriptive as you possibly can be! Tell us absolutely everything you know your nominated person has done! 4) Fill as many categories as possible! - Dont be shy! 5) You can only nominate one person per category, and you can only nominate one category per person 6) Please only post once and if you are going to add in nominations, please edit your topic Please fill in the below template for your nominations to be elgiable; Category: Gamertag; Forums Account Link / @ Reasons they deserve this award - Categories For nominating; Senior Leader - (Board members, Senior Directors) Director Division Leader Co - Division Leader Founder Co - Founder General Captain Lieutenant SGT/SSGT Member Forums Staff (Mods, Senior Mods, Admins) Department Head Department Member So to sum up, when you are doing your nominations, select a category from the list above. Then fill in the template. For example: Category - Department Head Gamertag - KSI RiiOT 7 / @KSI RiiOT 7 Forums Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/46-ksi-riiot-7/ Reasons they deserve this award -Reasoning with lots of facts, as descriptive as you can be as to why this member deserves this award! And lastly this will close on the 16th of December! Good luck and happy voting all! KSI RiiOT 7, KSI Kalakoi 77 and the AAP Department
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    Division Leader Gamertag;KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this - Gary has been a staple of DW since its creation. He helped it rise to glory and always had a way of being everyone's biggest motivator. At the Gens meetings he liked to make them fun and interactive and to issue his Gary's(a challenge he sent out to one member of each squad every week.)and really inspired every individual to work hard. Best of all if an individual didn't meet a goal they were met with encouragement that they can still make it happen. Gary has been a motivation and an inspiration to never give up. Co-Division Leader: Gamertag;KSI Havoc 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award- Havoc has always been there for every member possible. I have only recently got to work closely with him on a squad level. Havoc has the ability to harness and notice the natural talent and leadership in a person. He will work with them one on one and help them realize their fullest potential. Through this talent many leaders have risen in our division and he has become a well respected individual throughout each squad and the entire community as a whole. Category:Founder Gamertag;KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link / @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award King has been a Founder in DW for quite some time. He has always been available to answer questions. He has acted as General over many squads and always brings a fun presence to any party. King will pick up slack in any place neccesary and he is always available to offer advice, share experiences and does his best to improve each squad individually. He has always offered support to me and been a mediator when I have had a misunderstanding or disagreement with others. King is dependable and caring and a great leader of this beloved community. Category: General Gamertag;KSI Hatter 7 Forums Account Link / @Hatter 7 Reason they deserve this - Hatter held the General position for quite some time while I was a Performance officer over LS. In that time I gained a tremendous amount of respect for her. She not only ran the squad with a great sense of leadership but, also constantly strived to learn more herself. There are few people who come along in this community that put as much of their own heart and soul into their work as she does. She cares about people as individuals and is always a mother figure to anyone she can reach. She takes KSI seriously and she always makes sure people know they are a person and they matter. Category: Captain Gamertag;KSI xKamikaze Forums Account Link / @KSI xKamikaze Reasons they deserve this award - Kamikaze is what I would call a household name. When I was looking to rejoin KSI he was an inspiration to me that this was still a community of good people and there is still a difference to be made. Throughout my duration in KSI he has always been a rock in this division. If you mention his name in a party everyone automatically recognizes it because he puts a personal interest in meeting with each member and letting them know they matter and that he is there for them. Kamikaze has held many ranks throughout the year yet no matter the rank he always has the motto "Once KSI, always KSI."This is a testiment to how he treats members and how he continuously dedicates himself to retaining members and being a staple in this community. He is the guy you can turn to if you need anything. A friend, information, or otherwise. Category:Lieutenant Gamertag;KSI xMinion Forums Account Link / @KSI xMinion Reasons they deserve this award - I have had the absolute pleasure and privilege to watch Minion grow into a substantial and notable leader in KSI. At first she was unsure if she really wanted to be an officer but, she has always been gifted in the way of speaking to people. She is a person of integrity and you can always depend on her to speak her mind. Minion has a talent for recognizing her peers and absorbing all of the information given to her and using it to inspire others. She is selfless and kind and in spite of how hard her year has been she never lost site of why we are here and what her purpose is in this community. She sticks to her word and is a reliable ally in KSI. Category:Department Head Gamertag;KSI December 77 Forums Account Link / @December 77 Reasons they deserve this award December is the Head of News and HSI. I have been working with him since he joined and he has always been a hard worker in this department. When he was promoted to Editor he hit the ground running on innovating and elevating each section and program to its highest potential. As he became Co-head then eventually the Head of the department he began to implement his ideas and created HSI. Not only did he want to encompass History but, also the Information and statistics to have a counting record of what's happening in our community so years later we can look back and see where we have come on a community level. December continues to be available to each member of News and HSI and always keeps an open to new and innovative ideas. He is always bringing them to the table himself. Category:Department Member Gamertag;KSI Greenday 7 @KSI Greenday 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Greenday has been a constant in HSI. At times she was one of the only members still pushing for this Department to succeed. She went through and completely revamped the History and eventually the HSI sections on the forums. Once the department changed over she got to work and has earned herself the position of Co-head. She is always available to help answer questions for members of the department and has helped it reach its full potential. Senior Leadership- KSI Scotland 7 @Scotland Reason they deserve this: Scotland has always been very involved News and HSI and has been an important part of this community for quite some time. He is always actively engaging and answering any questions members may have and always open to change and innovation throughout KSI.
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    Category: Division Leader Gamertag; KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award: When i joined KSI, Gary was the division leader of DW. I believe he deserves this without a shadow of a doubt as when he was div leader he made sure that he made time for all his members both professionally and socially, he’s always positive and is forever making light of bad situations and even though he is no longer of DW anymore he still makes himself available for advice and guidance. He handles all issues tactfully and respectfully and is very approachable. He has great leadership qualities and i believe that because of that he is where he is today. Category: Co-Division Leader Gamertag; KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Where do i start? Havoc is the definition of KSI. He is always sharing his fountain of knowledge with everyone whenever he can, and will take the time to make sure you understand things no matter what he’s doing. He really is the true definition of caring and compassionate. He handles issues immediately and always looks at the bigger picture exploring all outlooks rather than taking the easy option. He is a born leader and mentor, treating everyone as equals rather than numbers. Havoc is full of nothing but positivity giving you the assurance and motivation you need when you’re full of self doubt. Category: Founder Gamertag; KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award: King is the reason i am where i am today. Back when i first joined i had absolutely no interest in being an officer as i had severe self esteem issues but it was through his guidance and mentoring that i found my courage and motivation to start recruiting and found my feet as an officer. It’s through Kings encouragement that i found my voice within KSI and his leadership skills are those that i aspire to portray myself. He always has the communities best interest at heart and always brings positivity and entertainment to the table. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag; KSI VENUM 7 Forums Account Link: @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Venum is a fierce leader. He is always positive and cares deeply for everybody. One of his best qualities is his compassion and the care he shows everybody individually. Whenever i have doubted my ability to succeed as an officer he has always been at hand to encourage and listen. He is fair and just and when you are wrong he will tell you and help find a resolution to your problem. Venum has helped to remind me of my Why on countless occasions. He treats everybody as equals showing preferential treatment to nobody. He is honest, loyal and trusting, all great attributes of a great leader. Category: Captain Gamertag; KSI Bane 7 Forums Account Link: @King Bane Reasons they deserve this award: Anybody that knows Bane knows that he’s all about fun. Whether he is promoting community events, streaming or just hanging with members in general everybody knows him as light hearted and upbeat. He is entertaining, funny and free spirited. These are all qualities that make him the great leader that he is, because despite all of this, he is a team player. he is all about equal opportunities and working together to achieve together. Recently becoming General of Samurai, Bane has shown great leadership skills by communicating effectively with our squad. He takes the time to listen to the needs and ideas of the members giving everybody equal opportunities to voice their opinions and suggestions. He’s not afraid to act a little silly and joke around but he always steps up and takes his role seriously handling issues in a professional manner. He is always positive and fair and that is why i believe he deserves this OTY nomination. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag; KSI Majesty Forums Account Link: @KSI Majesty Reasons they deserve this award: Since joining, Majesty has always strived to achieve greatness for both our squad and division. She always has the best interest of the community at heart and is headstrong and fearless. she isn’t afraid to call you out when she believes there is room for improvement. She is honest and fiercely loyal. She is a both great partner and an admirable officer. She is fair and makes time for all members of the squad. Majesty is approachable and sweet natured and it is because of this that all members feel they can go to her with any issue they have, whether it be KSI related or otherwise. Although we have had our fair share of clashes we always come through stronger and better than before. Majesty motivates me to be better and do better and we each compliment each other’s weaknesses. With her integrity i can see her having a bright future in KSI Leadership. Category: Member Gamertag; KSI FadeZ 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasons they deserve this award: it’s no huge secret that when i met FadeZ i wasn’t his greatest fan and kinda held him at arms length but boy did he prove me wrong. he has proven himself to be a great trustworthy ally and a strong support system, he is honest and true and always willing to share his insight and wisdom. FadeZ is all about honesty and is very easy to communicate and talk to. Though he is not overly huge on talking he is always there to listen and advise. His wit and light humour are admirable qualities and he is respected throughout the community. I truly appreciate him for his loyalty and people skills.
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    Category: Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI Scotland 7 Forums Account Link / @Scotland Reasons they deserve this award - As a newer BOD, Scotland has been amazing. As the DEPT leader, Scotland is ALWAYS jumping in to make sure there’s nothing anyone doesn’t know or understand. He’s always around to lend a helping hand, sometimes even when you don’t ask. Also, side note, he’s an awesome stalker, keeping tabs on his dept members making sure everything is ok! Category: Director Gamertag: KSI TexAngel 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI TexAngel 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Tex has been the go to person when needs arise. She’s gone above and beyond when the time calls for it. Always willing to diffuse an issue, no matter the outcome, she looks out for her members. She always keeps it real, and wants what’s best for everyone making sure answers are always had. With her attention to detail, Tex will always make an amazing Director and always care about everyone’s well being. Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Eyonia 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Eyonia 7 Reasons they deserve this award - During the past year, Eyo has been through hell and back with her division, ES. They have been hit by other communities, having SEVERAL members leave on that bandwagon. With 7’s stepping down, and not much help in sight, Eyo has given it her all and has started turning her div around. She’s gotten ES up and running again, and I dare say it will be a powerhouse not to be forgotten. She cares deeply for her members, is always online to help, and never leaves her guys stranded. As a Div leader, she is an outstanding role model for any member to lookup to. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI M3NTALIST 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI M3NTALIST 7 Reasons they deserve this award - As the only CoFounder in LS, M3ntalist has had his hands full overseeing several of the squads and never had his job cut out for him.. He goes above his job description, making sure that even the squads he isn't over has the right info, and answers that they could ever need. M3ntalist likes to make sure that no matter who you are, you feel welcome. He will do anything in his power to keep you informed of upcoming events, and always looks out for the best way to not only make our division flourish, but the community as well. He is always offering up knowledge (even if you feel you don't need it!!!), and even in his worst angry British times, is full of laughter and love for his people. Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI Pritch Forums Account Link / @KSI Pritch Reasons they deserve this award - As a Captain in Banshee ES, Pritch has been through it all. The leaving of members over the summer, the closing of squads, and officers stepping down. But no matter what happened, Pritch stood like a pillar leading his squad as a 4th CPT. He took the reins as best as he could, trying to be the glue. Willing and ready, he was on at all times, whether discord of xbox, answering questions and keeping Banshee afloat. Not being an egotistical person, he has kept his workload hush hush and his head down. Thank you Pritch, for all the work you have put in! Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI Jynxie Forums Account Link / @KSI Jynxie Reasons they deserve this award - As Jynxie's previous General, I have had the luxury of watching this young lady grow within our squad. From the very start she yearned for knowledge about our community. Learning everything she could, and questioning what she didn't know, she put all of her findings into making our squad a better, more family like place. As a single mom to an amazing little girl, Jynx always finds the time to take out of her busy schedule to get with people, whether it be via discord, the app, or online. She's always blowing people up with party invites, getting people active, and making sure no one feels left out. She downloads games to make sure everyone is included, and sometimes even goes the extra mile to gift games to others when she knows that they can't get them themselves. She's always willing to help out our members, whether it be to listen to them vent, answer questions, or to host anything I ask of her. I feel that Jynx is a pillar to her squad, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her. Category: Forums Staff (Mods, Senior Mods, Admins) Gamertag: KSI Greenday 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Greenday 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Greenday is a forums junkie, plain and simple. She’s ALWAYS on the forums. When it comes to any question that I have, she is my go to. As a mod, she’s always looking to keep our site safe with hard work and dedication. Greenday never hesitates to explain what she’s doing and why, and goes out of her way to help her fellow staff members when they need it. She truly goes above and beyond as a mod in every aspect and doesn't let it affect her in any negative kind of way. She is just happy to be able to keep the community safe and uphold the standards to help everyone. She truly is the epitome of the standard and those members we all strive to be. Category: Department Head Gamertag: KSI December 77 Forums Account Link / @It’s December, baby! Reasons they deserve this award - Geez, where do I start here? As a member of several depts, December has a plate full. Taking over as the Head of News and HSI was a big milestone for him, and the staff that he presides over. He has completely revamped the way things are done, making everything run smoother. Everything that goes on in these departments are organized now, which makes it easier for staff to know exactly what to expect through the months. I really feel that without his helping hand and guidance to the depts, they wouldn’t be near as great as they are now. Category: Department Member Gamertag: KSI FadeZ 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Fadez has been a dept member for some time now. During this time, he’s been a part of News and HSI. For the News side, he’s been very instrumental in helping make the change for the better. He’s revamped the KSI Speaks side of article writing. He’s exceptionally reliable, active, and communicates greatly within his departments, which landed him the Senior Writer position. In HSI he has thrown his weight around too. He’s always super active with updating his div histories, and doing everything that is asked of him and more. He will always be a great asset to any department he’s a part of.
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    Category: LT Gamertag; KSI Kratos18 Forums Account Link / @KSI Kratos18 Reasons they deserve this award - The past few weeks Kratos and I have gotten to know each other and the way we run as officers, I have never met someone so willing to help out the squad and go out of their way for the members other then Kratos. On a daily basis Kratos plays with the members and keeps a calm cool head even when they make him loose his rank in Ranked. The past few weeks I have seen Kratos grow more and more with the squad learning who needs what and how to deal with little problems that may occur in the squad. The past weekend the Americans had their Thanksgiving and KSI had their Turkey bowl, even though our general gave us the week off Kratos seen some non-American members playing alone and invited them to the games and parties to hang out so they wouldn't feel alone. We recently had a member in our squad that was approached by some former members of KSI now threatening to DDOS him and the other members on his friends list, even tho it was Thanksgiving Kratos went and did a security check for the whole squad with the assistance of two other members to make sure that no one's holiday would be effected by immature children. Kratos is an amazing officer and I can't wait but grow with him and the squad and learn more from. Category: Member Gamertag: KSI BadKitty 7 Forums Account Link/ @KSI BadKitty 7 Reasons they deserve this award: So lets be honest, Kitty and I haven't always gotten along in fact there was a time where Kitty and I hated each other and for no good reason. (Our personalities are too close in my opinion) The past year Kitty and I have worked together in T&E and that was the only place we were "forced" to work together in, honestly I am so happy we did! In the past year Kitty has been my go to cat when I need anything, my questions in T&E were always straight to her, questions on awards I would go to her, damn even questions on being a better member or officer I went to kitty, she had every right to blow me off due to our past. Kitty never did though she was ALWAYS professional. Kitty has always been a member that any member can go to about anything. In T&E I do all I can to make things easier for her because she bends over backwards for us, there is no place in KSI where I don't see Kittys name pop up, there is no doubt in my mind that Kitty deserve this award, in fact she deserves more then this! I am so happy I met Kitty and to call her not only a friend but a mentor I hope to continue to learn form Kitty as the days go on. Category: General Gamertag: KSI YAMAT0 Forums Account Link/ @KSI God Zeus Reasons they deserve this award: First lets go back about a year, Bryan (YAMAT0 aka God Zeus) had two BEAUTIFUL babes! With the task of new born twins, Bryan never gave up on KSI let alone a squad who hasn't always been at the top of the charts. Since returning to DM and joining DISCORD I have been under YAMAT0's command, and I am a little too suborn to admit I have learned a lot from him, and more then anything patience, Bryan has done more then keep a squad that isn't always doing the best, together but keeps his members active, when Bryan and I met I wasn't his biggest fan but after a year of getting to know him and what he does as a gen I have so much respect for this man!
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    Category: Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link / @Mr. North Forward Reason they deserve this award - Ronin deserves this award because of all the hard work he has done for KSI. One of his biggest success stories has to be DW. While working closely with Gary, Ronin assisted and mentored most of DW’s leaders. He has encouraged a lot of new officers to move up as well as former ones to move back up. He helped us increase our activity as well as helping us grow. This guy deserves to be recognized for all the stuff he has done. He has been a big mentor for me and a lot of others this year. Category: Div Leader Gamertag; KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Gary has been in DW since the beginning and has accomplished so much as leader of it. Even though there were times when Gary wanted to give up he kept on pushing himself. During Gary’s reign over DW, it has won many months for Participation, and has been in the lead for Div cup since it started. Gary was one of the original 7s for DW, when DR and LW merged their wasn’t that much activity but over the next few months DW was one of the best divisions in KSI. It was all possible with Gary’s guidance and his strength to persevere through tough times. Now Gary is a director and he has definitely earned that promotion. Category: Co Division Leader Gamertag; KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Havoc started in KSI back in 2012, made it up the ranks in DM, then from there he made it to the board. This year he is back and he is moving back up the ranks. Havoc is who mentored almost all of DW’s officers. I’m happy that this year I got to expand my leadership through Havoc, this year me and havoc have had many conversations about what I can do to better myself as a leader and every time I left those parties I felt like a stronger leader. He is a big mentor for me in KSI. For almost every week since being in DW, he has hosted workshops to better the knowledge of all members in the division. On top of his responsibilities in clan ops Havoc has a lot in web ops, he’s Performance Ops & HR Head, as well as Performance Ops Ambassador. Even though havoc has all these responsibilities he has always found time for his members who wanna kick back and play games, learn more about KSI, or just need someone to talk to. Havoc is a great leader in all aspects. He defines what a leader in KSI should be. Category: Founder Gamertag; KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link / @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award - King has accomplished so much in 2018. Let’s run through the facts. King helped Samurai get to the best place it could be then was promoted to Co-founder, and a few months later Samurai split, him and the help of many of the members of that squad made that possible. After a few months of being Co founder King was promoted to Founder and since then has been helping squads, inspiring many to stand up and recruit, become officers, and keep members active. As founder king is acting gen over Hannibal and is helping the squad get to where it needs to be. Where king goes, great things happen. Him being inducted into DW’s Hall of Fame shows for all his accomplishments this year. Category: Co Founder Gamertag; KSI VENUM 7 Forums Account Link / @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Venum has been grinding this year. When king was promoted to co founder, Venum picked up Samurai and after months, he split the squad, which was the first split in DW, and Paladin was made. Being one of the most successful generals in DW to this date. After the split Venum was made co founder. As co founder he made so many things possible in DW. When Elysium didn’t have a general he took over, and helped train and mentor the officers and gave that whole squad great opportunities. Venum has helped mentor many of the newer officers that are in DW, and made them into great leaders. Venum was also made acting gen of Paladin, when it needed a lot of help. That squad saw some bad days, but when Venum took over the squad was starting to rebuild, he trained up new leaders, and helped Paladin get to around 80 members and has helped them get a new general. Venum deserves to be recognized for his hard work and commitment as a leader. He shows us all that all ranks are equal, and that we all started in the same spot. How we go from there is what we need to work for, and that’s what he has done he has worked hard to get to where he is. Category: General Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7 Forums Account Link / @Nebula 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Nebula had a long road ahead of him when he became General. There were a lot of obstacles in the way. During his time he has seen his officers come and go. He has said there were times where he wanted to quit but he continued to fight through the obstacles with all his strength. I got the privilege to work with Neb as his right hand man, and it was great. I learned a lot of different things from neb. Even though your in this community for longer than someone you can still learn new things everyday from them, Nebby showed me that. As a year of nebby being a gen went by he got Hannibal to a great spot and he was promoted to Co founder. An achievement this guy deserved. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag; KSI xMinion Forums Account Link / @KSI xMinion Reasons they deserve this award - Minion never shies away from doing anything. Always doing whatever she can to help better the squad. Minion is a big assistance to all lower ranking members. She’s very easy to talk to about anything. Minion’s schedule is not so good during weekdays, plus living on a different time zone than most of Samurai it’s makes it hard for her to complete any tasks, but she gets through it and completes what’s required. Especially during the weekend she is amazing. Hosting game nights and workshops, and tries to recruit and train new members. She is an amazing leader and proved herself as a LT, and is now a CPT. I know she will continue to do great things. Category: SGT/SSGT Gamertag; KSI MrsLOWDOWN Forums Account Link / @KSI MrsLOWDOWN Reasons they deserve this award - MrsLOWDOWN is who everyone in Samurai should know. She came into KSI with high hopes. She works day in and day out for the members underneath her. Let’s take it back to before she became an officer, I transferred to Samurai and when I came here I was wondering why she wasn’t already an officer, my first week in I got a message from her, that she sent to everyone in the squad, (She was a SGT at this point) asking what my favorite game is so we can find more people from Samurai to play with, also trying to get more members in discord. Her doing little things like that showed me she cares about every single person in her squad. Showing all that no matter what rank you are, YOU can make a difference. After hard work and dedication she is now a LT, a position she’s deserved for a long time. Keep it up Lowdown. Category: Member Gamertag; KSI Majesty Forums Account Link / @KSI Majesty Reasons they deserve this award - KSI Majesty has so much free time in her personal life that she uses a lot of to help out KSI. Before being in KSI she spent a lot of time in other communities gaining leadership skills, so when she came into KSI she came in speeding. She has definitely showed off her amazing leadership and membership in KSI. Always coming up with new ideas to benefit Security and Member Retention in Samurai. Majesty is a natural born leader always trying to take charge, and she does great. Category: Department Head Gamertag; KSI Skarzx 77 Forums Account Link / @Scarface 77 Reasons they deserve this award - When it comes to departments Skarzx has been a big influence to me this year. Around the time I joined Productions Skarzx was recently promoted to Co head. I didn’t know much of him but I knew he was a great leader. I never really streamed as much before joining Productions. So I watched some of his content and it helped me a lot with streaming. Seeing him as a leader of Productions made me want to be one as well. When Gary stepped down from Head of Productions, Skarzx took over and has been doing great things for the department. Making sure everyone is putting in streams, and doing their duties as members of the department. I’m happy I get to work with him now as his Co Head. Category: Department Member Gamertag; KSI FireHeart 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI FireHeart 7 Reasons they deserve this award - FireHeart has been in Productions longer than a lot of the current members including me. He’s a very reliable guy when it comes to streaming any events. When I was put over Happy Hour, I was able to pick 2 people to be with me on the panel. Immediately I knew I wanted to pick Fireheart, due to his activity and commitment to the department. This guy is an awesome member of Productions. Always good to have someone like Fireheart in a department.
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    Senior Leader/ Board of Directors Gamertag: KSI Scotland 7 Forums Account Link / @Scotland Reasons they deserve this award - Scotland became BOD earlier this year now I know Scotland works his butt off for people he has been a huge inspiration to me in departments because we used to be going up the ranks back in 2014-2015 and I have seen how he grew and I just hope to do as well as him one day! Director Gamertag: KSI BadKitty 7, AKA Queen of Tacos Forums Account Link / @KSI BadKitty 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Um. Kitty delt with FI and all its shannanagins. Nuff said. But seriously this woman pours her heart and soul into T&E as its head and into the Forums Join area she has been the same consistent leader since she did my Rejoin App! She has stayed kind and true to everyone and anyone who needs her. I MISS HER AS DIRECTOR!!! Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Eyonia 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Eyonia 7 Reasons they deserve this award - So being a Co department head to start off, Eyonia has been one of the most compliant and understanding 7s to the HSI Team. When my staff need information from her she gives it to us she understands how important these things are and I really hope she knows how appreciative I am of her continued support to the HSI team. The other point is Eyonia is the back bone of ES this woman is so sweet and funny and shes been through so much in the last year I only recently learned of all the hardships but she has a strong support from myself and many other members in the community. She puts her division first she doesnt take anything from anyone and she survived a butt hurt ex KSI 7 throwing TSB at her and trying to destroy her home but she keeps standing her ground and proving then that they were wrong to try and ome after her! Co Division Leader Gamertag: KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Havoc 7 Reason they deserve this award: Much like Eyonia it only was recently I learned a lot about Havoc hes one of the many old people in KSI just from how much time he has put in and I can tell with how DW has grown and changed and from meeting him many times he is there for his people like any 7 should. But he goes out of his way to help people hes also trained his 7s staff very well to follow the same foot. DW is one of the shining stars of our community and havoc played a big part in this, in addition to running both Performance Officers and being the man in charge of HR which is something amazing! General Gamertag: KSI Hatter 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Hatter 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Hatter has proven herself time and again of being a phenomenal General being General over Terocity she brought the squad back from DEATH and she is a mentor to myself and many other people who have had the honor to learn from her! Captain Gamertag: KSI Ch4ttyK4thy Forums Account Link / @KSI Ch4ttyK4thy Reasons they deserve this award - Kathy has been my partner in crime for a long time since she basically met me because we think just alike on things and I cant think of anyone better since she has been in our squad shes a natural leader and I look up to her now as my General but I still feel like we are equals. Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI GamerJohn Forums Account Link / @KSI GamerJohn Reasons they deserve this award - John has been another person I met who can be a prime example of Dedication he has had personal life issues bad enough anyone would just leave but he lost his xbox and that didnt stop him! He managed to use the app to still recruit with his General and help out and just chill with his fellow members I cant think of anyone better than John for Lieutenant! Sergeant / Staff Sergeant Gamertag: KSI Cable Forums Account Link / @KSI Cable Reasons they deserve this award - Cable has been a person I have always been comfortable around and being a good friend to me when we were moving up the ranks together he was my right hand he helped me get all the stuff done that needed to he also didn't shy away from letting his voice be heard. When the FI Shinnanagins happened I took the brunt of the hit and it was because he got so much abuse from the past leadership that I couldn't stand it I didnt like seeing my friends get hurt or belittled at and even through it all he still remains a member he still cares even if he works alot. Member Gamertag: Forums Account Link / Reasons they deserve this award - Forum Staff Gamertag: Forums Account Link / Reasons they deserve this award - Department Head Gamertag: KSI December 77 Forums Account Link / @December 77 Reasons they deserve this award - December has from what I've seen the biggest change to News and the best thing that has happened to it in a long time News has never been better and with his guidance he helps me make the History area so much better than it used to be it actually serves a purpose now! Department Member Gamertag: KSI FadeZ 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasons they deserve this award - The main reason I think Fadez deserves this is because when he joined News he made such a impact especially with the KSI Speaks articles, he loves News and his efforts are why hes one of the people who most impacted turning it around.
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    Name: KSI Gambit 7/KSi Veriitas 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Gambit 7/ @VeRiiTaS 7 Award-/-Achievement: Drama Queen Reason-/-Evidence: There was a misunderstanding within the community and neither of these two handled it with out a level of drama warranting this award. They went from speaking daily to not communicating for over a week and not intermingling in each others cliques This is a story of depression, sadness, gang warfare tears tobacco and a whole lot of drama. These two young lads recently had a little tiff which resulted in both of them going to their own corners and writing mean entries in their journals. after detailing what each other did they threw them away. What they didnt understand or even foresee was @go away was living in the trashcan (long story for a different time). Luci then made paper airplanes out of them and launched them into the world where @Raggard T. Bear found them in the parking lot of IHOP., he proceeded had an interesting read. Fast forward to the following weekend Rags had to come out of retirement as Dr Phill and talk to each of the youts separately. Rita discussed the sorrows and feels he had sitting next to an empty seat at a baseball game which had a piece of paper on it stating "Reserved for Gambit". Rita took a picture with his two seats, and a shirt that just said "Best". with Mascara running he boycotted the community while trying to "Find himself", Raggard stated he was to old for this Poop, and that rita needed to talk it out and end the drama, or Rags hypertension would be the death of him. In the end rita knew that maybe things gone blown out of proportions, and Beta to beta needed to have a talk with his pal. He took a photo with a Bobble head mascot, consumed some uber eats and stopped spamming the world with negativity meanwhile Gambit was found smoking Cigarettes in the girls room writing graffiti on the wall and burning his arm just to feel something. He didnt want to talk at first, rags tried stroking his ears to calm him but the only words gambit could muster were "PLEASE". Once rags convinced him to put down the Marley Smoke, gambit began to confess the truths. He didnt want to be petty, he just couldnt make it to the game, he had to be with family but rita just didnt understand. rags convinced him to talk it out. When gambit felt better he reached in the trashcan, which concerned Raggard, and he pulled out a shirt that read "Friends", Put it on despite the stains of garbage and began flapping his majestic ears on his way to find his fwiend. Gambit and Rita Met at a mutual location, shared some hugs some tears and a little bit of giggling, things were back to normal. They took a photo and it now read "Best Friends". In the end it was learned that talking it out and not talking it up was the best way to resolve issues and keep friends. Both came back to KSI activity and got their String/Cup set up going again so they could gossip once more.
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    Revision of Graphic Design Rules

    To be Honest i didn't expect to see this topic here..... but okay. Technically speaking Tavie is the Co-head, I am the Head of Graphics. But she's more active so w.e. The original post count was at 35 before Me and a select few agreed to lower the count as we had more time on our hands back then, I'm assuming it was about a year ago probably more. I am going to tell you right now, the rules are not changing. They are subject to the Department heads and how they want to lay out their sections. Not to mention that these rules have in fact been 'dumbed down' over the course of time. since i've been lingering in the Graphics department for a long time i can tell you that there are occasional complaints about these rules, all by people who have less than 30 or so posts. Kind of like right now. I will not make my team work on signatures for people under the required post count due to the high chance these requesters will not return or stay very long on the forums. - So to recap on your suggestions. 1) Within the rules stated above, add a definition for what constitutes a"spam" post; Dropshot explained this - anywhere besides the spam section hence "non-spam" , you can't get really more specific about that. As long as it's not in the spam area it counts towards your recorded posts. (2) consider slightly lowering the requisite post count for the rules stated above; and Was already lowered and i will not consider lowering it again. (3) consider using department discretion for members who make a request on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the member's history and/or time with KSI. This is kind of an absurd suggestion? if i understand this right it basically implies the more time you have in KSI and what you've done the less the rules apply to you??? so no? everyone will be put on the same set standards of post count and all of the other requirements. - The Graphics Department
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    Gamertag: KSI KiLLER KiNG Current Rank: Co-Founder Category Nominated For: General of the Year Profile Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/35003-ksi-killer-king/ The Reason I Believe He Deserves This Reward: I'm definitely backing this for killer king to get general of the year. He's bloody good at what he does as my first general he's someone who I've always respected and looked up to. he works amazingly well under pressure and has always come out on top of any difficult situation our squad has faced. he's a true inspiration a friend and Co worker. I couldn't recommend a better gen suited for this award but king! he going to make an amazing mark as a new co-founder and I shall continue to look up to him as he motivates me to do better and climb higher..... LONG LIVE THE KING Gamertag: KSI Seraphim 7 Link to forums account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/11519-ksi-seraphim-7/ Rank- Co founder Reasons for award- What can I say about this guy other than its been an absolute pleasure in meeting someone as dedicated, genuine and humble. He constantly works his butt off and it's about time he got shown some recognition. for the moment I joined KSI he's always been an active co-founder getting involved and making sure squads are doing whats expected from them. He's a pleasure to game with as a friend and co-founder. He has gained the trust and respect from our entire squad through being himself as suppose to getting it becauses he's a co-founder. I think more people should look up to him and follow in his footsteps. I can't praise him enough. so believe me when I say if anyone deserves an award it's this guy.
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    Name/ Gamertag: KSI Mpliers 7 Current Rank/ Title in KSI: Senior Director Category Nominating for: Director of the year Forums Profile Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/20715-ksi-mpliers-7/ Reasons I feel this member should receive this award: What is there not to say about this guy? This dude came into our division in which barely anyone knew him. Unlike most directors who are barely involved in their divisions, mpliers came in and immediately started helping out our division. He came to gens meetings and gave us great tips to help improve our div (which we followed through with and they improved us greatly!). mpliers was always there for me if I ever needed help or I had questions. I always could count on him if I ever needed him. He is simply a great guy and whenever you're around him. You automatically can feel the mood lift. He simply brings positivity wherever he goes. And he is one of my highest respected leader in this community Name/ Gamertag: KSI VeRiiTaS 7 Current Rank/ Title in KSI: Founder Category Nominating for: Co-Founder Forums Profile Link: Name/ Gamertag: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/35485-veriitas-7/ Reasons I feel this member should receive this award: VeRiiTaS in the short time that he has been a 7 has greatly improved his division tenfold. He took failing squads and worked his butt off and got the right leaders in place over that squad and set the squad on the right track for success. He is always willing to help fellow members with anything and everything they bring to him, and he always makes sure his members are in a happy positive environment. I respect this leader more than any leader I've ever been around. This guy makes me proud to rep FI in my profile, and makes me proud to say I serve under him. This young man has made waves in the short time he's been here, and he if anyone deserves this award for co-founder of the year.
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    KSI ApBlis 7

    KSI Mentor-KiLLER KiNG

    KSI KiLER KiNG http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/35003-ksi-killer-king/ KSI Mentor Reason? Pfft, I shouldn't need to provide a reason for this amazing and knowledged General and his assistance to more members than I can count for! Just kidding KiLLER KiNG deserves this award because it is exactly what he has been to me as well as many others. For me, he is the reason I am standing as a General today. This man has been there to fill my tiny head with everything there is to know about KSI. Oh, he was the biggest help there was when it came to the forums Cx he spent at least an hour helping me figure out how to post meeting notes to the appropriate section on the forums my first day as a Staff Sergeant! He has helped teach me small techniques within recruiting, teaching others, and being a great leader! This man right here should receive this reward because I have seen him inform, help, teach, and be there for any and all members since before he was even a Gen to the highest ability he could give. No one I know would testify against this nomination. I really do hope you receive this award KiLLER! <3
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    Senior Leader(Senior Directors/BoD Members) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI QueenJess 7 Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/39-lilith/ Reasoning why they deserve this – Jess has been like a rock this past year for KSI and for myself, in training she has took us to new heights in LEAD, in leadership she has made so many sacrifices in her personal life, as we all have I know, but with Jess it's more like KSI is more than just a community. It is also more than just a few friends. KSI is her passion, she makes you feel like, well, that this is her “baby†and she is the Mother that takes care of it all. I feel blessed that she is here, but more than anything I am blessed that she is a great mentor to me and all of KSI and the community. Jess I look forward to the future with you and the gang, I thank God every day for what KSI and this family has done, I could never repay it. Director Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Greg 7 Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/109-ksi-greg-7/ Reasoning why they deserve this – Greg has been a great person to work with, and to help teach me some of the things that I didn't know about being a director. He always has the time to give to you if you are in need and want to get a few games in, he will lend a ear when you need that too. Outstanding work ethic, along with making sure that each of his divisions come first when he is online. Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI DoCNeSS 7 Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/2253-ksidocness7/ Reasoning why they deserve this – KSIdocness7 gets my vote on this one due to the fact he is a Motivator, Planner, Precise, Inspiring, Honest, and he is Goal Oriented. Docness lets people know what is to be expected of them, then he helps them reach that by having himself or his staff available. He is very upbeat and makes sure that everyone around him are keeping it upbeat. He and his staff meet weekly to discuss the plans for the next two weeks and the past week, if anything when wrong he picks them up and inspires them to do better. All of this is done with the Divisional Goals being set and discussed, he and his staff are a dream to work with. Carry on Sir. Co-Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Jezrien 7 Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/1291-jezrien/ Reasoning why they deserve this – I meet Jezrien a while back and have been keeping up with his progress in the ranks and while I must say, I keep getting more and more impressed, at each rank he keeps adding more to his plate that he does. This young man is dedicated to doing so many jobs right now and we are extremely proud of you. Your work ethic is second to none. The work that you do is not easy and you should be commended so I thank you, holding down that many jobs within webops and clanops is truly a hard task... Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI ORACLEx 7 Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/6610-ksi-oraclex-7 Reasoning why they deserve this – As founders go I had a hard time making my choice between Oracle and The Light. The deciding factor came down to time in position and projects, while The Light is just getting started with his career here in KSI, he has all the right tools and is well on his way to becoming one of the best we have seen in a while. Keep up the great work brother! Anyway this is about Oracle, she has shown me that nothing slows her down, not even me. She is always online in some form or fashion. Oracle organizes the weekly FI meeting and usually keeps the guys on the right path. She is accessible to her staff and the squads, and she utilizes her time very well to stay on top of everything inside the division from security to just someone quitting. Oracle is going to be a great divisional leader and its not going to be very long down the road. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI ViTuL 7 Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/7265-ksi-vitul-7/ Reasoning why they deserve this – Vitul has had a rough go of it for the last few months but I have to give credit to him, he has marched on and tried to make the best of it. He has been with me since day one in KSI and has worked hard for me, never asking why or ever saying we cant do it. Vitul has always been an “OK I'll get right on it†type of guy. He's dedicated to the cause, and he is loyal to KSI. He is now a cofo again and I'm sure he is going to be one of the hardest working cofo's in KSI, one of the best trainers, one of the best mentors, one of the best recruiters, most of all to all of us a best friend, go get'em bud. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSIxTommieLee 7 Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/14091-ksixtommielee-7/ Reasoning why they deserve this – I know Tommie is a 7 now but he made his mark with me as a general, you ask why well here is why....Tommie is the first General since ME that I couldn't ever find problems with his G14, squad tag, you pull him into a party, and try to mention a problem, and he has it already taken care of. He is one of the most caring people you will be around, but just wait, he's just starting out in his career. Tommie, keep up the good work brother, it never gets easier, but we can always make it a lot more fun. Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI SweetTea Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/15204-pillow-tea/ Reasoning why they deserve this – Well I had several to choose from here, and this young lady won out because every time I get online to check out the squad tags, or check out the forums, she is pasted all over it. She has made a name for herself as a gamer and also a problem solver, with her squad and division. Keep up the good work. Forum Staff (AAP/GFX/MODS/ADMINS) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Doctor 7 Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/4993-dark-samus/ Reasoning why they deserve this – Doctor is in, what a great guy, and a great person to have as a teacher and friend. Nine times out of ten you are going to find this young man online or on the forums. He is dedicated to his job and is very happy doing it. He never turns down a request to join a party when we have a question about the forums or just want to chat. Keep up the great work. Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI The Light 7 /FOUNDER EO Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/14042-lightinshadows/ Reasoning why they deserve this – The Light 7 is my choice for member of the year because he is well deserving of being recognized for the contribution that he is putting forth in EO, and also for all of the other divisions. This young man ask questions, then takes the answers and implements them with authority into his division so that they can grow, and prosper. He has the greatest respect for all of the 7â€s staff, he is always trying to learn more and I feel he will shortly be the Div Leader of one of the largest divisions KSI has...thanks for your work here in KSI Light and thank you for your Service to Our Country.
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    Gamer Tag: KSI EzeD24 Division: Demonic Mayhem My dinner party: Guest #1: Terry Goodkind Why: This man is, in my humble opinion, one of the best authors of our time. His book series "The Sword of Truth" is rich with compelling story telling that draws you into the tale, truly making you feel like you are a part of the world he has created. His characters have a depth of relatability that is severely lacking in so many stories these days, each one having real and human strengths and flaws. To have a chance to pick his brain about where he drew his inspiration for the characters he developed and the story he told would be amazing. I named my youngest daughter after one of his characters, Kahlan, from Kahlan Amnell in the books. Her character is strong of will, hardworking, and honest. Qualities I hope my daughter will uphold in her own life. Guest #2: Jesus Why: The simplest answer is, the proverbial horses mouth. I am not a religious person by any means. An oportunity to hear this man tell the stories himself would be incredible, none the less. To hear how things really went down, what actually happened in his life, what he did during those missing years the bible has left out, would be nothing short of awesome. Who among us does not have at least some questions for a man of Jesus fame?! Guest #3: Mel Brookes Why: The man who made some of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Movies that have withstood the test of time, challenging stereo-types, and politics while remaining hilarious. His movies brought laughter to so many while still having a depth of undertone that made you think. Chatting with such a man would no doubt be a riot of a good time, rife with quick witted humor while still being richly intelligent. He would bring a levity to the table that would keep the conversations rolling and the smiles on faces of all who attended. Guest #4: Nikola Tesla Why: A brilliant inventor, a futurist, and the man behind AC (alternating current) power generation and transmission technology. His most well know invention is the Tesla Coil, seen in so many mad scientist labs. Not many realize he did so much more for the world we live in today. Wireless transmission of power and radio signals was just a couple of the things he had a huge part in. Conversations with a man such as this would be the best. As someone who has always loved tinkering with electronics, I would love to pick his brain even for a few minutes. I would also love to see what he thinks about modern tech and the strides it has taken largely in thanks to his work. Guest #5: Johnny Depp Why: He is one of the most diverse actors to grace the screen. His range of characters and his ability to play anything from Serious drama, to deranged sociopath, to goofy oddball has always peaked my interest. I have thoroughly enjoyed following his screen career. On top of being such an amazing actor he is a bit mysterious in real life which just feeds my desire to know more about the man behind the characters he portrays. The added bonus fact that he is a generally nice person, going so far as to randomly visit childrens hospitals dressed as Jack Sparrow, without ever seeking the attention from the media about it, fuels the intrigue. Hanging out with him just seems like it would be a stellar time, laid back sipping some bourbon and hearing tales of his life. Guest #6: Dan Harmon Why: He is co-creator and primary idea source behind one of my all time favorite animated shows, Rick and Morty. He was also a main stay in the comedy troupe, The Dead Alewives, which was a favorite lesser known group of mine. The show Rick and Morty on the surface seems simple and laudable at best but the underlying tone of existentialism is compelling. I would love to hear his creative drive behind the show as well as his own thoughts on existentialism. He just generally seems like the kind of guy who would have a quirky life view and that interests me. Guest #7: KSI AWOL Why: As someone who I have had the pleasure of getting to know throughout my time in KSI, someone I now consider amongst my truest and closest friends, I would assuredly enjoy breaking bread with him. His consistent drive to fact check and seek out the truth is always inspiring. Also as a fellow Rick and Morty fan I believe he too would enjoy meeting Dan Harmon. I also believe he would be an asset to any conversation with the fellows I have listed above as he brings a lot to any table in the form of good solid chat.
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    Category: Div Leader Gamertag: KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Down to earth guy. Gary is a wonderful leader. He has a ton of knowledge that he is willing to share to help anyone and everyone. Category: CO Div Leader Gamertag: KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Havoc is an amazing person and leader. He is unbelievably helpful and understanding. He makes you feel like part of his family. Category: Founder Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link / @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award: King is the best. He is very patient and understanding. He is always here for all of KSI. Category: CO Founder Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Nebula Reasons they deserve this award: Nebula is cool as all get out. Even tho he is young you couldnt tell when it comes to his leadership skills. He is there for all of KSI all the time. Category: CO Founder Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI VENUM Reasons they deserve this award: Venum is the go to guy for everything. He is there for you at anytime of the day. He listens to personal stuff and KSI stuff. Any chance he gets he trys to give his KSI wisdom. Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI Bane 7 Forums Account Link / @King Bane Reasons for this award: Bane is the man. He has stepped up and done such good things for our squad. We are lucky to have him. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI xMinion Forums Account Link / @KSI xMinion Reasons for this award: Mini is the sweetest most positive person in DW. She makes being in KSI super fun. She is there for you whenever you need her to help.
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    Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Gruntier 7 Forums Account Link / @ @KSI Gruntier 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Grunt is the most respectable man in KSI I have ever met. He always has a light attitude about everything, but when something needs done, he knows how to speak softly and carry a big stick. Through out this division you will never hear a bad word spoken about him and thats not because hes never had to piss someone off, but because everyone knows when its time for business, he gets it done. Ive witnessed several accounts of him going day after day of gettting on, but staying at the home screen just so he can hear out situations, even the ones that he doesnt even need to bother himself with. This man always has an ideal to make a bad situation, into something the members can agree on. He is the kind of leader who will listen and hear out everything before taking any kind of action. He has had the back of every one of us fellow 7s in DM and has helped us all understand what it means to be a respected leader. Category: General Gamertag: KSIxRomeo 7 Forums Account Link / @ @KSIxROMEO 7 Reasons they deserve this award - I had a hard choice trying to decide if I should put him for co-fo or gen, mainly because he is/has been great at both. I chose to put him for gen because while he was general this year, he really took off with being the kind of leader he is today. Throughout all of DM, you will never find a person as loved by his squad as Romeo. He has a family and works 50+ hrs a week, but always found time to get with every member of his squad and organize all of the squad activities. The squad, VENOM, has really taken the helm of DM and become the "rock squad" of this division. This was all because of the dedication Romeo put to it and has instilled in the officers of that squad. Romeo is not just the best gen i have seen this year, but the best gen I have ever seen. Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI AWOL Forums Account Link / @ @KSI AWOL Reasons they deserve this award - Awol has helped run the squad DISCORD for going on 6+ months now, as a captain. I have never seen a more professional mannered member throughout my time in KSI. He may not be the biggest recruiter, nor the best shooter, but it will be hard to find another member who cares about the "little people" as much as he does. Everything he has done, has not been for himself, but for the betterment of his squad and division. Infact, I remember earlier this year how hard it was to even get him to want to be an officer, but when he saw his fellow squad mates struggling, that was what made the decision to step up and be an officer. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI Oddba11 Forums Account Link / @ @KSI OddBa11 Reasons they deserve this award - I could not of done the resurrection of Hellborn earlier this year, without this man. Oddball had transferred over to hellborn looking to help out and boy, i tell you what, he did. Everyday he was on, he was gettin in contact with members that where on the verge of leaving. If not for him, I may not be where I am today. He was always postive and always down for what ever idea we cooked up to get activity going. Category: Member Gamertag: KSI Joe 7 Forums Account Link /@ @KSI Joe 7 Reasons they deserve this award - It would be an understatement to try and pin any one rank that he has done well. Joe has been apart of DM for awhile and really, he is the perfect example of what KSI and DM stands for. Joe has really shown all of us in DM what it means to be apart of this online family and stick up for the ones we care about. Even when he stepped down earlier this year, members still knew/know, if you go to joe, it will be fixed. It can be irritating at times how people will go to joe before they even go to an officer, but that is just to show the level of commitment to DM he has and how loved by his peers he truly is. Category: Dept Head Gamertag; KSI December 7 Forums Account Link / @ @December 77 Reasons they deserve this award - I may not be apart of any of the depts he is over, but i can tell you from the outside, I have never seen the news team flourish and grow, as it has under him. I always see him pushing his depts activities and he is always on the hunt for the next thing he can get going. I really appreciate him always reaching out to other depts for help such as pushing articles or requesting news images. He really shows what it takes to run a Dept and I can only hope to get the gfx team in shape as he has the News Team. **i may edit more in, just figured id post this before i loose it to procrastination**
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    Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Eyonia 7 Forum: @KSI Eyonia 7 Reasoning - I’ve known Eyonia or Eyo as myself and many others know her since 1st captain and not long after promoted to General of Banshee, from day one to present she has always been welcoming, there to help in any situation and her training advice and wisdom has helped make me be who I am to this day as she was and still is a great mentor too me. As she has gone up through the ranks she has continually learned more and improved to become a personal inspiration, she continues to advise every day. She may not forgive people all the time but she is also willing to give them a chance depending on circumstances. Category: General Gamertag: KSI Hatter 7 Forum: @Hatter 7 Reasoning - I've only known Hatter a short time but it feels like I've known her longer, she's a fantastic people person and has brought members together and stronger with each other as a squad, her organization and leadership is an inspiration to many people and she knows how to handle problems and situation while showing a positive atmosphere and attitude for helping anyone no matter what she’s doing herself, I can see her being an even better leader down the line the more I work with her and I look forward to it. Category: 4th Captain Gamertag: KSI Pritch Forum: @KSI Pritch Reasoning - He’s has held the squad together and given me advice on multiple occasions on how to better handle matters if he were in my shoe as well as helping advise other members in the squad with personal and squad decision in their best interest to help them. He’s stepped up to the mark and anyways been open to improvement going up the ranks, since being a Lt and now Cpt he take more time to understand peoples matters and apply them where they are needed if helpful. Category: 1st Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI LegateShade Forum: @KSI LegateShade Reasoning - Legate and I started working more closely from my Promotion of Ssgt but better at Lt but he has always taken time out to chat generally or KSI wise whether it be gaming or just wanting someone to talk and get an opinion from a different perspective to you can count on him to be there if there's a situation you need a second person to check over or get advice on, see what they would do in the situation themselves. his advice being through what he has learned over the time in the Div and more specifically the Squad he's in is always helpful. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI BadKitty 7 Forum: @KSI BadKitty 7 Reasoning - when it comes problem-solving of situations whatever it is, her communication with all parties and what's happening is great and she has the knowledge which many have learned from to take correct but yet effective steps to detail with it. She is also willing to give second chance depending on who you are and the situation as long as your willing to work with her and prove yourself too, which usually leads to improvement from the lesson.
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    Category: Senior Leader Gamertag; KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link / @Mr. North Forward Reasons they deserve this award – This guy has been instrumental in my KSI career since day 1. Especially coming through the ranks and recently during the merge and creation of Sovereign Legacy along with Bad Kitty. This dude is always trying to change KSI for the better and when he sets his eyes on an objective, he gives it everything he got. Not many people can list off the achievements and tasks this man has accomplished in his career and very few have done as much even recently. The force behind the DW growth with Gary, Lead class Revamps, along with the rest of his Senior duties are just various examples of how good this guy is and shows no signs of slowing down. Category: Divisional Leader Gamertag; KSI Grimshot 77 Forums Account Link / @KSI GrimShot 77 Reasons they deserve this award – This man has done a lot for EO in his time. From Recruit to Divisional Leader he has done nothing short of establish himself as a leader and a driving force behind EO. A lot has happened in that time both good and bad, but this man perseveres and continues looking for ways to grow the division and make it better. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag; KSIxPapi 77 Forums Account Link / @KSIxPapi77 Reasons they deserve this award – This guy is another one of those members that if your lucky to know him, KSI is that much better of a place. No one is stricter and more carefree at the same time than Papi, respected and loved by all EO. When I left to take on SL, he inherited a lot more responsibility and from what I know he hasn’t lost a step. From training and mentoring this man is nothing short of a beast and I look forward to the day he makes Divisional Leader. Category: General Gamertag; KSI Rock Dogg Forums Account Link / @KSI ROCKDOGG Reasons they deserve this award – Since coming to SL, this dude has been nothing short of an amazing officer and general over Enforcer (now Knights). Runs the biggest squad in the division and is very well respected amongst the members and for good reason. He is always available to speak with his members on issues and helping them out. One of the most active recruiters I have seen in KSI since being in it and mentors some good officers below him to consistently be better, one of which is my OTY for LT OTY. We didn’t get off on the right foot initially as we were taught two different ways, but he has impressed me, and I think we are in an excellent spot now in terms of communicating about how to continue to improve Knights. Category: Captain Gamertag; KSI Sinikon Forums Account Link / @Sinikon Reasons they deserve this award - Very well spoken, great head on his shoulders and one amazing Captain. For Imperial he brings a great work ethic, respect amongst his officer staff and his members, knowledge about KSI and the never-ending desire to improve and grow as a member and a leader. I see a lot of General qualities in this man and have seen him complete tasks that normally a General would be the only one doing. Always ensuring promotions are done and keeps his officers up to date with everything they need to get done. Also, a solid recruiter and active member! Category: Lieutenant Gamertag; KSI Gamer John Forums Account Link / @KSI GamerJohn Reasons they deserve this award - This guy is probably the best officer I have seen in KSI since …… well myself lol. But seriously this guy defines what it means to making your time worth it and you always see john out there either with members or recruiting/promoting. Winner of October top recruiter for SL and is a threat to get that every month. Very solid head on his shoulders like sinikon and I see a future general in this man more and more. Category: Department Member Gamertag; KSI Bane 7 Forums Account Link / @King Bane Reasons they deserve this award – This guy is my new co-head in Productions and there is a very good reason why. Bane has been a productions member for even longer than me and has always been reliable when it comes to streaming events or just making content for the KSI YouTube. Started out with some Let’s Plays and then just became a leader within productions initially with running the happy hour team for 5-6 months. He is the most active and I know if I ever were to remove myself from Productions, I couldn’t think of anyone to hand the keys off to then this man. Also, he is the Spirit Week king…. So yeah, he’s the man! Department Head - KSI Riiot 7 @KSI RiiOT 7 This man has always tried to revolutionize his department. While others tend to change things on the backs of others , this man sets the example himself. Always there to respond if u have questions or any issues and when you have an idea he will give you his undivided attention and help guide it. One of the biggest people involved in making Divisional Hall of Fame a reality which i cannot thank him enough for. Thanks to Riiot we see people being honored for all their hard work and enshrined in the Division history forever. On top of revamping how Outstanding Service works and the several different awards he created saw the most activity in AAP than i ever saw. This guy is a game changer and i am glad he is the one to lead AAP.
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    Category: Director Gamertag: KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link: @Mr. North Forward Reasons they deserve this award - As a director Ronin made a plan to merge DR & LW and he did everything to make sure that the merge went smooth, he mentored Gary on what it took to be a great leader & he was a big part of all the divisions success. Without Ronin the div merge wouldn't have been executed as smoothly or as successful. Here we are again Ronin is putting in lots of time and effort to another successful divisional merge. Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Gary has been through alot in 2017/2018. It all started when he was Co-Founder & he got left with a div that needed alot of work to be done. After the divisional merge Gary led DW greatness by getting members motivated & creating great leaders. Gary's dedication to the community and his hard work is what made him stay and earn his way to Director. Category: Co-Div Leader Gamertag: KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Havoc came back into KSI with alot of knowledge under his belt. Working his way back up the ranks havoc has put in alot of hours on xbox training people on officer duties, handling issues, hosting and attending meetings and taking squad tags to be acting Gen. Honestly if you name it he probably did it. He's very determined to make DW a great place for the members while helping create better leaders squad based and within the divisonal 7 staff. I couldn't be more proud of the work that havoc has put into the divison. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7 Forums Account Link: @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award: To start, Venum got promoted to Co-Founder after he had split Samurai to create Paladin, He did alot to bring that squad to a split, From there he had opened another cofo spot that he earned. Starting off I worked very closely with Venum trying to get him prepared and he flourished from there. He is a huge motivator and a great problem solver for any member In the division no matter what squad you're in. Venum has been acting gen of every squad within the divison some multiple times. Right now venum is taking on the task of Paladin AG, when he got the squad they weren't very motivated and they were very stagnant, with some of his magic they are now pulling in recruits, hosting gamenights and there activity is at an all time high! Someday I will run my own div and I can wait to see what venum brings to the table. Category: General Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7 Forums Account Link: @Nebula 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Nebby is a special kinda something.. when I got to LW nebula was still a general, I didnt even know him very well & I didn't know the history of his squad. When we first talked he told me he had been a Gen for an entire year and that alone showed me alot nebby, showed me he had a never give up attitude. It took him alittle over a year to get Cofo and in that time he showed alot of people why deserved that position. Nebby had gotten Hannibal to a point that it wasn't at in sometime where things were finally picking up and people were finally stepping up to the plate. Nebby is a born leader. Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI xKamikaze Forums Account Link: @KSI xKamikaze Reasons they deserve this award: Theres so many things I could say for this guy.. Kam had a rough time his first time in KSI. When I reached out to him be was quick to come back and give KSI a second chance. Kam wasn't even in a month and he became a recruiting machine. He started quickly rising back through the ranks and helped mentor multiple officers on the way up. As a captain Kam helped lead samurai to the squad split communicating with venum on any and all issues, assisting running the squad meetings and implementing member retention like never been before. I've always said it and I will say it now, Kam was and always will be the heart and soul of Samurai & maybe even DW all together. His level of dedication is unreachable and his work that he does is through the roof. This guy is a mentor to many and I can't wait to see him rise through the ranks again. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI Majesty Forums Account Link: @KSI Majesty Reasons they deserve this award: Majesty came in during my stint as acting gen so I got to work pretty close with her. She has alot of experience in leadership areas from past communites and she has brought that knowledge here with her. She trys her best to make as much time for KSI as she can and to be available for any members that need her while still being a great mother. Majesty is always trying to learn new things and implement new and effective ways to do things. She is determined to some day become General and I think that if she continues doing what she can she will get there in no time. Keep up the great work! Category: SGT/SSGT Gamertag: KSI xMinion Forums Account Link: @KSI xMinion Reasons they deserve this award - Minion did some great things when she first started coming up the ranks. She was highly against recruiting but after being taught and getting comfortable with it she started rolling. When samurai was still in the rebuilding faze minion was one of the first people to step up to the table. Shes always one to listen to the members and shes always trys to bring people together. She is now captain in Samurai and she has some pretty big goals to some day achieve. Category: Member Gamertag: KSI DarkQueen 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI DarkQueen 7 Reasons they deserve this award - During her time in CD she was in multiple squads. Her success came in Empire CD where she had worked her way up to Co-Founder. When she had gotten promoted I was the PO over her div and I got to see what she really could do. Sadly her personal life at that time was kinda hectic so she was limited. Sadly CD had been announced for a divisonal merge with FI.. DarkQueen had made the jump to DW joining over in Paladin as there 2CPT. Within her first 2 hours in the division she had already pulled In 2 recruits for the squad. Dark plays a big part in what Paladin has been doing teaching all these new officers and trying to get them all on the same page. She has turned into one of the best recruiters in the div and she is always bringing members within the whole division together during her Midnight gamenights and just in general. She is on a mission for Gen and I really hope she stays on that path of destruction. Category: Forums Staff Gamertag: KSI BadKitty 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI BadKitty 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Kitty is currently a Senior Forums Mod and shes the biggest reason why I'm a hard working mod. When I first got hired on kitty ran me through everything that I needed to know step by step instead of just throwing me to the wolves and expecting me to figure it out on my own. Anytime I make a mistake or over look something kitty is always the one to message me and explain to me what had happened and way to either fix it or prevent it in the future. One of my favorite things is that no matter how busy she is at that moment kitty will always make time to answer any questions I might have. I give her alot of credit for any of the success I might have as a Forums mod. Category: Department Member Gamertag: KSI Bane Forums Account Link: @King Bane Reasons they deserve this award - Bane has had a rocky road in clan ops, but he has more then excelled in department ops. Currently Co-Head of productions bane has brought many ideas to the table. He also was a big part of the success of Happy hour. Bane had helped skarz turn productions into something different. He definitely earned his promotion and i can't see what else he may bring to the table with his new position.
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    Senior Leader - (Board members, Senior Directors) KSI VeRiiTaS 7 (Senior Director) Link: @VeRiiTaS 7 Reasoning: Tyler has been a dedicated member of KSI for a few years now. I remember back when he was my general in FI and my division leader. This guy when he made senior director has been working his butt off from day one. I always see him online in parties with new people and in meetings. He’s always putting in work and motivating everyone around him to do better in KSI. He always gives me advice when I need it and is always willing to help me no matter what I need. He is the perfect example of what a senior LEADER should be. He doesn’t slack around, he’s not comfortable with his rank. He’s always working harder and is always aspiring to be more than what he already is. And what he already is? Well he’s the best damn leader this community has right now and it would be an insult for him to not win senior leader of the year. Director KSI Badkitty 7 (Director) Link: @KSI BadKitty 7 Reasoning: I haven’t truly met badkitty. But just from an outsiders point of view I see how much this member truly does in her position. I see her everywhere. Always posting and getting members hyped for whatever. Rather that be TnE or Weekend Warfare, or whatever else she’s pushing. She’s always positive, down to earth, and very intelligent. Three things a leader needs. Division Leader KSI Akame 7 (Division Leader of LS) Link: @KSI Akame 7 Reasoning: Honestly I love akame to death. He is one of the most fun guys to just hang out with. But when he’s putting in work. You know. He’s always sending out messages reminding us of everything that’s going on in KSI. He keeps our division safe with his take no crap attitude and love for LS. He’s truly going to go places in this community. And I’m PROUD to serve under a DL that loves and cares for his members. Co - Division Leader KSI ODIN 7 (Co-Division Leader of LS) Link: @KSI ODINN 7 Reasoning: If you have never heard of this guy, than you haven’t been here long. This guy is EVERYWHERE. He’s always sending out messages and hyping his members up. When you’re around this guy, you’re hyped for not only LS, but all of KSI. He is a gem of a leader and I am proud to serve under his guidance. Odin loves this community and we love him. He’s one of the best leaders I have ever had the pleasure of serving under. Co - Founder KSI M3NTALIST 7 (Co-Founder of LS) Link: @KSI M3NTALIST 7 Reasoning: Mentalist hasn’t been a 7 long. But oh boy has he been putting in work. He’s always helping out members me included with anything you could bring at him. I could message him at 3 am and he’d be positive and tell me what I need to know. He is enthusiastic about KSI and that is one of the most important traits in a leader. General KSI MFLSwagg 7 (General of Legend LS) Link: @KSI MFLSwagg 7 Reasoning: Oh boy. If there was ever a member to deserve an of the year award, I’d think it’d be the guy who has a KSI tattoo. If you think you’ve ever seen anyone enthusiast about KSI, and swagg doesn’t come to mind, then you never met him. This dude is always positive and hyping up his members. He puts in more work than anyone in his squad and he’s a contender for most work put in for the division. This veteran has been through so much in KSI. And I would not like to be lead by anyone else. This guy is my brother. And no that’s not why I’m nominating him. I’m nominating him because he has busted his butt for 5 years in this community and I think he needs the recognition he deserves. I love this guy like family and I’d do anything for him. And I know for a fact he’d do anything for not only me. But for anyone in this community. That’s just simply how much me loves this community. Member KSI Impyyy 7 (Chief Executive Officer) Link: @impyyy Reasoning: Impyyy has risen to such high ranks in KSI simply because no one puts in work like he does. He is always striving to make this community a better place for its members. And he always has the members of this community in mind when he makes any decision. He is a great role model and someone who I look up to. Some day I hope I can be where he is. Or at least leave a fraction of the mark he’s left on this community. Forums Staff (Mods, Senior Mods, Admins) KSI Scotland 7 (Chief Department Manager / Admin) Link: @Scotland Reasoning: Scotland is always busting his butt for the departments of this community. Making sure they’re doing what they need to do and so on. But he is also a fantastic admin for our website. Always making sure his mods are on top of their job and making sure our website is a great and safe place for our members to converse with one another. We are lucky to have him. Simple as that. Department Head KSI December 77 (Head of News & HSI) Link: @December 77 Reasoning: I’m so happy and proud to be in this guys department. I’ve been in news a lot and I haven’t seen this guys level of enthusiasm for it since impyy ran it. He’s always putting in work for the department and making sure everyone knows their assignments and he’s always there if we need help. He’s a great guy and an even better leader. Department Member KSI GreenDayFox (Member of HSI & News) Link: @KSI GreendayFox Reasoning: This Member is always making sure she does everything she can for her departments. Rather that be writing articles or helping out members who need help with theirs. She’s always constantly putting in work for everything she’s in. Rather that be clan ops, her job as a forums mod, or he job as a member of news and HSI. She’s always putting in the most work and getting the most done. I hope when it comes to news and HSI that I can follow her example and make a name for myself.
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    Greenday 7

    June 2018 OTM nominations!

    Co-Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Silence 7, (Co Division Leader, Forced Induction) Link to forums account - @KSI Silence 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Silence has been helping us out in this Division more than what is required of him to do. He helped me get information about people for the FI history and he has been working with two squads who had been needing help and keeping them alive with spirits high. He also doesn't feel like he's too good to play with us and he plays with everyone. He's been a huge help for me to keep my morale high and to never give up! Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI NEGAN 7, (Founder, Forced Induction) Link to forums account - @KSI NEGAN 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - NEGAN has been helpful when we have game nights because he like to push those and our meetings, he's always looking through everyone we recruit and even just us members because he knows security is important and he wants to keep his members safe. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI BLICKY 7, (Co Founder, Hellcat/Enforcer, Forced Induction) Link to forums account - @KSI BLICKY 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Since becoming a new Co Founder BLICKY has gone above and beyond for us even squads he isn't over he offers a hand if they need it and he comes to our meetings and he even helps me push events participating himself so we have teams for Weekend Warfare and this spirit week he doesn't think there is anything he can't do and I love seeing him work and make us all proud he is our 7! General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Kerfuffle, (General, Hellcat, Forced Induction) Link to forums account - @Isnana ISK Reasoning why the deserve this - Kerfuffle has been helping in everything he can and he can be called a ninja general because when you think he isn't watching you in a open party he is and he strikes lol. But seriously he is one of the people in FI with all the security issues has been helping and trying to keep members safe. Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI MetalBarbie, (3rd Captain, Velocity, Forced Induction) Link to forums account - @KSI MetalBarbie Reasoning why they deserve this - oh boy barbie is a special lady because her squad is not only the oldest in FI but she has been the glue holding that squad together through security issues and members leaving over 10 people in one week but she never gives up she always serches for the truth in any problem and will do anything for her KSI family. LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Ch4ttyK4thy, (Enforcer, 4the Lieutenant, Forced Induction) Link to forums account - @KSI Ch4ttyK4thy Reasoning why they deserve this - Kathy has done a lot for us in this division and for Enforcer when she was finally let off a leash so to speak, and has been wanting everyone to participate and have fun and socialize the best they can so they get involved more and see all the nice things that are in Ksi and try to avoid all the rumors and negativity. Forum Staff (ADMIN/MODS/DEPARTMENT HEADS) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Widow 77, (History Co Head, Defiant, Staff Sergeant, Explosive Outlaws) Link to forums account - @KSI Widow 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Since joining the History team Widow has made me feel welcome and was so understanding of every problem I ran into and she is just a ray of sunshine that I appreciate so much and I hope I can be like her as a department Co head one day. Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI SadieJ (Staff Sergeant, Hellcat, Forced Induction) Link to forums account - @MersadezJ Reasoning why they deserve this - Sadie has been a super sergeant as I would say because with XDG and TSB around she has helped us find information and realize who they are targeting and what could happen. She also has been trying to help with acivity in our division.
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    Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI FuzzyMeep 7 CEO Link to forums account - @I am FuzzyMeep™ Reasoning why they deserve this - Ever since I transferred to DR from LW Fuzzy has always been there for me. He makes himself available as soon as he can& he always has my back no matter what. During my time leading DR it was a stressful point for me taking a divison that was near merging conditions & bringing it back to a divison split, but fuzzy was there to listen to me vent & to help me come up with ideas & keep my motivation alive. Fuzzy has always seen the best in me & has always pushed me for more & has always made sure I set myself up for success. When I left clan ops after all my hard work in DR fuzzy personally messaged me thanking me for everything that I've done for DR & setting the bar in the community & that mean't more to me then anything. Even to this day fuzzy answers my questions, puts up with my venting & has my back no matter. Thank you fuzzy for everything! Director Gamertag - KSI Ronin 77 Director DW & FI Link to forums account - @Mr. Conversation Era Reasoning why they deserve this - Ronin has always been a strong leader in all aspects of KSI. Back when I was div leader of DR ronin was div leader in EO & we didn't really know each other, we came other through different paths & we had different past history's in KSI. When I made my return to LW not long after we merged with DR & ronin was our director. He show'd me new ways to lead & has built me up to be a stronger person. We chill literally everyday & just recently opened my Group on the forums up to him & made a few adjustments. Ronin strives for greatness no matter where he is & he is very much looked up to. He definitely deserves this award. Divison Leader: Gamertag: KSIfiremomma7 DL Div Leader Link to forums: @KSIfiremomma7 Reasoning why they deserve this: I've honestly only met firemomma once & we had a long talk about ksi, our divisions & our members. Just from that one talk I realized that firemomma is an amazing div leader who has big goals set for herself as well as goals set for her members. She cares about every member in DL & she has a super kind heart. She's very welcoming to new people that she meets as well as new members that come into her division. The members in DL look up to her & she really is a momma to most of them. She has earned all of my respect & I hope to work with her someday in the future Co-Division Leader Gamertag -KSI Gary 7 DW Co-Div Link to forums account - @KSI Gary 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Since I've met Gary he has always been a dedicated member of the community. When I first met Gary he was a Founder leading the division rolling solo with none above or below him. In a situation where just about anyone else woulda left & gave up Gary stuck it out with his members & he gave it his all. Even with Gary being in a completely different timezone he makes it his mission to be online as much as possible for as long as possible to talk to & assist members. Gary might be the Div leader but he makes himself known as a friend & family to everyone. Founder Gamertag - KSI HAVOC 7 DW Founder Link to forums account - @KSI Havoc 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Havoc & myself didn't exactly start off on a good path. There was tension & havoc understood that, but he did what anyone else would do & he continued to be himself & try to do whatever he could do earn my respect & to squash whatever tension there was. Havoc also makes sure he available throughout the day making sure that if anyone hits him up he can be online or respond as quick as possible to make sure the member gets there question answered or even assisted with whatever they need. Havoc's past history in the community is good, but I think what he has done here in DW has started a new era in havoc's career & he has big things coming for him, keep up the great work! General Gamertag KSIxNebula Hannibal DW GEN- Link to forums account - @Nebula~ Reasoning why the deserve this - When I first met nebbi his squad was just as in the dumps as mine was & he was looking to revamp it & take it to new hights. Nebbi has been the only officer in his squad, has had officers but they were completely inactive & has been under 20 members & has still came back from of all those issues. He has been gen for almost an entire year & his goal is co-founder & he's super determined to get there. Don't get me wrong he's not perfect & he knows that but he has brought his squad up from 20 to about 50+ & he has been slowly grinding with his officer staff. When nebbi actually sits down takes a breathe & thinks things out he's an amazing leader & he's gonna go super far in the community. Captain Gamertag -KSI xKamikaze Samurai DW 2CPT Link to forums account - @KSI xKamikaze Reasoning why they deserve this - Kam is an all around officer, he has an open schedule to make sure he's there for his squad. He's one of the most knowledge officers that we have here in DW. Kam not only assists Samurai but he also helps out hannibal & elysium when needed. He's always pumping up the members for divisional activities & community activities getting people signed up for weekend warfare's. The guy is all about KSI & I'm proud to have him in my div. Keep up the amazing work bro LT Gamertag - KSI WaviestSnow Elysium DW 4CPT Link to forums account - @KSI WaviestSnow Reasoning why they deserve this - Wavvy has had one hell of a run here in KSI quickly rising through the ranks by devoting hard work & dedication to his squad and the community as a whole. When I first met Waviest he was a sgt that got pulled into the Gens meeting & ripped apart (jokingly) before he was promoted to Staff Sargent. Waviest is always in a happy mood & is always willing to help & assist wherever he's needed. Speaking of that, waviest along side another DW officer transferred to Hannibal to help a brother squad out in it's time of need. Even tho he was only there for a small amount of time he held build a base for hannibal to build on & for that I'm forever grateful. Wavitest has a bright future ahead of him & I can't wait to see what he does with it. Member Gamertag - KSI x Artifice Elysium DW 4LT Link to forums account - @KSI x Artifice Reasoning why they deserve this - Artifice much like waviest has had an amazing start here. Every step of the way he has proved that he deserves his position. He is constantly recruiting, promoting, hosting gamenights, mentoring, & getting with his general to learn & further his career. Yes he had some rough patches & some things that he had to & still does need to work on but he accepts that & trys his hardest to better himself. He's taking any advice he can get & making any and all attempts to achieve the goals he has set for himself. I have no doubt in my mind that if he keeps going the way he is that he will be a future leader in KSI. Keep up all you're hard work!
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    Awoken Lucifer

    Returning the rank of Major

    problems i have while reading this....i have highlighted in red. A: the numbering of the captains denotes their seniority......YES while they are equal the number is SUPPOSED to be used to display who's been in that roll longer or is performing their duties above and beyond basic level. Its the Rank thirsty mentality that has caused issues from people who are rank hungry and want power only right up until they find out how much work they have to do then they are happy to slam everybody else when they come crashing and burning. B: If having a major "doesnt garantee" that person getting the general spot as intended.....why on earth would we bring it back to once again become missused and fluff forming? would you as a major spend 3 months in that roll waiting for a squad split or the general to be promoted to then have a captain be skipped up and over you??? would you stay answer: No you would want to flip the bird at the leadership of the division and walk. C: IF as a general you cannot train FOUR people how to do simple Squad level duties that they will have been doing since being a LT.....then that "failing" on training is pure lazyness or Refusal to demote UNQUALIFIED people from their spots....meaning the general should ALSO be getting pulled off to the side and either retrained by their cofounder or flat out Demoted back down in rank, adding another rank back into ANYTHING will Not change that, if a squad isnt training people then that squad is doomed to fail no matter how many ranks you throw at it. D: PROMOTIONS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BASED OFF WHO IS WORKING HARDER AND GOING THE EXTRA MILE.....NOT "LOOK AT ME I GOT ^900000000 recruits last year!!!....2 are still here in a squad of 40".
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    Gamertag: KSI KiLLER KiNG Current Rank: Co-Founder Category Nominated For: General of the Year Profile Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/35003-ksi-killer-king/ The Reason I Believe He Deserves This Reward: Ever since I joined KSI, KiLLER KiNG has always been around, first as my Gen and as the split to PARAGON he just became someone I would look up to. When I was inside TROCITY he would always come around and talk to the lower ranking members, and wasn't afraid to answer our questions. Whenever something had happened he wouldn't hesitate to come help with the situation. And after the split, he would help my current Gen and me and anyone else who needs/needed help with dealing with a situation. He is always keeping people on their toes, but keeping everyone in high spirits. He is definitely someone who will get his job done. And I believe, he deserves this reward.
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    Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI JeffLPs 3CPT HYNOS LW Link to forums account -http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/35111-ksi-jefflps/ Reasoning why they deserve this - When it comes to Hypnos guys he is always there for them. He go not of the way to help anyone. He is a great Captain and awesome person . In hypnos we are greatful to have him in our stuff LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI PieBoy45 3LT HYPNOS LW Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/34855-ksi-pieboy45/ Reasoning why they deserve this - This person deserve it because they are ways helping his Captain and gen out. He is always ask question about something. Before he was a Lt he was a SSGT for hypnos and he was doing the duties of a Lt he step up has a stuff. SSGT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Shopzna Link to forums account -http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/34023-ksi-shopzna/ Reasoning why they deserve this - This person deserve it because he has help in any way he can. He has a lot of knowledge about KSI. He takes time out of his personal life to just be there. In hypnos we are greatful to have him in our stuff. Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Bluescythe SGT HYPNOS LW Link to forums account -http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/33409-ksi-bluescythe/ Reasoning why they deserve this - He is one of the Sgt for hypnos. He always asking me if he can help out in any way. To me that is awesome. I can see him going up in the ranks.
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    Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI FithAce73 Co-Founder FILink to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/30221-ksi-fithace-7/Reasoning why they deserve this - I think that KSI FithAce73 (both Mr and Mrs) deserve this award because of how much time and effort they put into this community which we call family! He worked so hard and are so responsible and professional. He is helpful and willing to do anything to help their family out, which could even mean losing rank. I have only known both of them for about three months, I think, but it feels like they are some of my closest friends/family. So close that I have brought up that we should meet up sometime as a group and have like a BBQ and LAN type of deal. Again, these two are amazing people who I feel work way harder than most, and deserve this award. Please read all of these carefully because I want them to have the best chance! Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI AtomicKwon Gen FI OctaneLink to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/34202-ksi-atomickwon1/Reasoning why they deserve this - This one should be a given for Atomic because of how hard he also works. I know some of his personal life and he deals with a lot, and now that he is already Gen should tell you something. Him and I have been so close since he recruited me. I am so glad I chose to play reinforce that day to make it into this amazing community/family. I appreciate all and any efforts he puts into this team. I want to say soooo much more about him, but I dont have the time nor space for the amount I could say about this wonderful person. I really hope he gets this because he over deserves it! Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI ChiefZay25 2 Captain(i think now) FI OctaneLink to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/33114-ksi-chiefzay25/Reasoning why they deserve this - I think that Chief deserves this award because once again he definitely earned it. He puts a lot of time and effort into this family and even though he doesn't have a phone to kik with us, he still communicates very well. Chief was another one of my closest friends from when I started KSI. He was there for me then, and still is now. He is such a great guy and again definitely puts in the effort to deserve this award! Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Warrior Ace FI Octane 4CPTLink to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/32596-ksi-warrior-ace/Reasoning why they deserve this - I think Warrior deserves this award because he puts more effort towards the recruitment and orientating part than most people I have seen in KSI so far. He is recruiting and training left and right and definitely added a bunch of new family members to this community. I wish and hope I can get that good at recruiting and orientating in my future! Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI NIGHTMARE21 FI Octane MemberLink to forums account -http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/32807-ksi-nightmare21/Reasoning why they deserve this - I think NIGHTMARE deserves this award because he is one of the most caring people I have met who is also not afraid of saying whats on his mind, but also keeps it professional. He works hard to help everyone, including me when I can't always be checking the KIK channels. He has become a great friend and he is definitely a great member in this community! I really hope he gets this award because I feel like I will have given some of the crazy amount of thanks I could give him. He is a true friend, great member, awesome problem solver, and a fun guy to be around.
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    Observations, with regret

    My fellow gamers, I was told by my General the other day that Officers who do not post in the forums will be rank suspended, and I figured I might as well take the time to do that and clear the air about some things. I wish that it didn’t have to come to this, and it pains me deeply, but I fear that if I said these words anywhere else, they would just be buried and there would be no hope of change. The KSI I was recruited into and the KSI that I am now part of are not the same. I was brought into a gaming community that I was told was occupied by the good guys in the online world – a place where gamers could go and feel welcome, and a place where they could give back to their fellow players both inside and outside of the organization so that they could help create a truly positive online experience. What I have come to realize is that KSI cares only about KSI, and the Code of Conduct that should bind us together is only enforced when it is convenient for the 7’s. There are, of course, some honest people left among the 7 Staff of DM, the division in which I currently reside, but others have caused no small amount of problems. What I now understand about KSI, and specifically officer staff, is that while most officers truly care about KSI’s mission statement, these are not the officers who are rewarded the responsibilities and tools provided by higher ranks. The higher ranks are more often than not occupied by officers who backstabbed fellow members and kissed-up to the 7’s, and now spend their days making life miserable for their fellow members. The higher ranks are, in short, occupied by people who use their positions in KSI as a way of making themselves feel big and important. For example, in DM there is a General who demoted her 1st Captain, and proceeded to justify that decision by basically telling the Captain that it was her decision as General and therefore could not be challenged. So, following the article of the Code of Conduct that deals with the Open Door Policy, this Captain pleaded her case to the 7’s. And as a result, she has been demoted again by her General. This General is violating Code of Conduct and attempting to make an example of her former 1st Captain – a way of showing the other officers what happens when they disagree with their General. And the Cofounder, CoDiv, and Div Leader have done nothing. In short, it is an embarrassing failure of leadership. Similarly, in other squads, disagreements have arisen between Officers and their Generals, and each time the 7’s come in to force the Officers to accept their General’s points of view, and only by giving the reason that the General’s “word is law.†KSI Members do not become Officers to subjugate themselves, and they shouldn’t have to fear consequences should they decide to speak up about an idea. It is apparent that Article 5 of the Code of Conduct was written specifically to prevent this fear, and yet this fear persists. KSI brands itself as a solution to the problem of online bullying and oppression, but more and more lately it appears to be a growing part of that same problem. Unmotivated and aggressive Generals and 7’s talk down to their Officer Staffs, recruits who don’t want to wait to be security-checked before being recruited are considered “bad recruits,†and blacklistings and security-riskings are taking place almost on a daily basis. These are all things that make people not want to stay in KSI, but if they leave, they chance getting security-risked at a mild best and blacklisted at the absolute worst, thus causing them to lose all the friends they made during their time in KSI. KSI should be keeping its members by giving them an honest, quality online experience. The members should WANT to stay instead of fearing what might happen if they leave. I cannot understand how KSI has survived as long as it has if this has been the state of affairs for longer than the past couple of months. We should be working with everyone regardless of membership status, we should be communicating with all gaming communities (yes, including the ones that are currently blacklisted) to see how we can all work together to make the online experience friendly. We’re playing video games, for God’s sake. Video games are supposed to be fun. The KSI experience should be filled with enjoyment, cooperation, and collaboration. That’s how KSI brands itself and that’s how KSI can alleviate fear of people leaving and being poached. People wouldn’t leave if they felt respected and welcomed, people couldn’t be poached if they felt like they were part of something that was truly making the online world better, and people wouldn’t leave KSI and then poach if they felt that KSI was living up to its own expectations of Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. That’s the cold, easy truth. As I draft this and as I post it, I hope and pray that someone who reads it will see the sense in what I say, and will understand that I am not saying these things to bring KSI down. Instead, I want KSI to live up to its own expectations. I want to see it improve towards what it could be, and what it should be. And I understand that my posting this may make things difficult for me, and it may even cause me to get forced out of this community. But I cannot continue to sit idly by while the status quo makes things so miserable, especially when KSI’s stated goal is to provide everyone with a quality experience. Thank you all for taking the time to read what I have written. God bless, and may you have a wonderful day. Sincerely. KSI EpicVandy, Menace DM 3CPT
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    Hey Guys! This is your chance to Rep your Div for being apart of The 2013 Awards Night!!!!! This topic will be opened at some point during the First hour of the awards show 8est - 9est (So you got to pay attention) and will Remain Open until 10est. Vote for your Div, Rep its status in a comment and The one with the most votes Will win! Prize- Two 3 Month Cards to Hold Anything from a Doubles tourny, to a recruit Tourny (one member + New Recruit play in a tourny) Or anything Yall would like